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As the economy cools, water...

Why is Elon fixing his own car window?

What does this have to do with OriginClear?

Can we get rid of "forever toxins"?

Why Trailerized Water Systems Are Vital

As Sewers Break, Businesses Cope

Blue Gold: this century’s investment frontier

Spain's Violation Problem

A Major Win in Animal Farming

Spain's Manure Treatment Breakthrough

The Permian's Desperate Need for Water

Investors Find Shortage of Water Companies

Privatizing Big Water

Shazaam!! From Manure to Clear Water

Do Tap Water Contaminants Cause Cancer?

Cities, Acquisitions, Latin America

Next up: OriginClear Home

Aspen Success, Quarterly Results

Corporate Sales Take Off!

A Basketball Legend Joins Us

What's Going On In Compton?

Our Hottest Product? You'd be surprised.

The Water System In A Box™

Today: the Modular Way

Meet Tom Marchesello

Taxing Our Drinking Water?  Let the Rates Do The Work Instead

Water Independence is For Real

News from India and the Sales Team

A Pearl Of An Acquisition

Mike's Big Mojo


Last Briefing of the Year

Beer and That Other Thing

Herding Cats and Dirty Water

Replacing 26 Million Septic Systems

Now, Modular In The Single Family Home

Find Out Now Why Elon Musk Was Right

The Next Big Water Company

Now I Interview Dan Early

Now, A New Company Emerges

Now We Really Are a Group

The First Water Conference

Insiders and a Water Coin

Too Late To The Crypto Party?

WaterChain in the News

Presenting WaterChain in Silicon Valley

What's This WaterChain?

Raw manure... to clear water?

Technology Rock Stars

What's your Roundup level?

Roundup and Breast Cancer

A New iPhone Moment?

We've hit a nerve - talk to me!

In Memoriam: Avis Hope Eckelberry

The toxic water we all drink

The ten-year overnight success

A fast-filling schedule

Malaysia: breaking down the numbers

The Supermajor Pilot Project

What Drought?

The United States of Water

LA Times: OriginClear and China

President Trump and Clean Water

Mayor launches clean tech campus

How We're Like a Major Beer Company

I've never seen my brother so happy!

Commercial Breakthrough in Bakersfield

Malaysia Takes Off!

The New Energy Innovation Pioneer

Revenue Takes Off

A New Era Begins

The One Water Network

Owning The Water Customer

Learning from Solar3D’s Success

Water Skyrockets As a Commodity

The Perfect Storm for Water

The Family of OriginClear Companies

A Cool New Animation

Nominated - Technology Company of the Year!

OriginClear on Bloomberg News

An Unexpected Award

We've Changed Our Name!

A Gallon of Water for One Almond?

The Internet of Industrial Things

What's Up With Gas Prices?

Bakersfield Site Slammed!

The Top 100 Poll!

The Produced Water Tsunami

As Oil Falls, Biofuels Take Off?

Our California Research Center

Show 'n Tell on Al Jazeera America

FLASH! OriginOil on Al Jazeera

The Week Everything Changed

GEN 2... DONE!

Blue Gold in West Texas!

Trinidad's Waste Oil Problem

When Is Natural Gas Good?

The Horrendous California Drought

On Stage With T. Boone Pickens

GEN 2 Lands in LA

GEN 2 Leaked!

Processing California's Frack Water


The President Votes for Fracking

A Roadshow Video Worth Watching

What's This About Acquisitions?

You Did It!

How One Award Could Become Two

Welcome TransTech Alert Investors!

The Money Matrix

Fracking Banned in LA?

Now Open for Business in Houston!

"No Oil Shortage: Get Over It"

Fracking and California's Historic Drought

Frack Water Cleanup Showcase!

He Gets Revenue Done

Fracking Goes Global

Algae To Crude in 30 Minutes

Showcase Success!

Our Ribbon-Cutting This Week

An Over-Performing Algae Harvester

Forbes Interviews OriginOil on Water Shortages

Can We Help Make Sour Crude Sweet?

French President Visits OriginOil Joint Venture

Report From The Algae Summit

A FIVE TRILLION Dollar Investment?

University Research... and the Algae Biomass Summit!

Ray Dolby, 1933-2013


Aquaculture Showcase Update, New Analyst Coverage

Report From AREDAY: Climate Change and Water

Major Revenue for our Paris Joint Venture

Meet Me at AREDAY in Aspen

How We Process Liquid Sewage - in Paris

Volume Manufacturing Launches!

Massive Shrimp Die-Offs, and our Latest Animation

Wild Fish or Farmed?

Yes, Even Cleaning Sewage

Meet Synergy: Our Latest Customer and Partner

Watch our Inventor's First TV Show

We Did It!

They're Off!

Merriman Capital Goes to Work for OriginOil

The Photo That Will Shock You

Warp Speed For New Apps

OriginOil at the Department of Energy

Pressure Grows on Fracking

Algae benefits from the "Oprah Effect"

Fracking's Big Problem - and the Solution

New Coverage Targets Improper Trading

OriginOil in the Bakken Formation

A Frack Water Tax, and the Drama of Contamination

Commercial success makes for a crazy schedule

We're back from Texas!

Algae Appliance Sales Take Off!

FLASH - Results in From Lost Hills Testing

First Oil Field Test a Success!

Interesting Developments in the Weeks to Come

OriginOil on E & E TV: solving the fracking challenge

Cleaning Up Frack Water, a National Strategic Priority

The Validation of OriginOil Technology

Fiscal Cliff Solved - Algae Gets Parity

The Shelf Life Breakthrough, and We Settle with MBD Energy

Vote Now in Top 100 People in Bioenergy!

Ennesys Launches “Green Building” Demo in France

Giving Thanks, the Seismic Shift away from Ethanol

Fifth Year in the Biofuels Hot 50!

We're in the licensing business!

Australia Grants Earliest Patent, More Media News

"50 Hottest Companies", Protecting our Technology

Algae in France, US Supports Fracking Cleanup

OriginOil’s Algae Harvesting Systems Heading to Japan

OriginOil, Now a Top Ten Brand Worldwide

Oil Industry Confronts U.S. Drought

Algae, the recession-proof industry

Fracking in a Drought Zone

The Toxic Boom, Photos on Facebook

Fox News Live, MBD Energy Expands into Thailand

Low-Cost Algae Production—Is It Finally With Us?

New York Media Tour Features Bloomberg TV

How Is Oil Cleanup Like Baking Soda?

Engineering Excellence for Australia

Our First "President Algae" Was Ronald Reagan

OriginOil LIVE on Fox Business News Wednesday AM

Real Road Fuel From Algae: Download Our Report

Clean Defense Summit, Fox 11 News, and More

First Look: industry audience views our Algae Appliance

"When will I see algae gasoline in my gas tank?"

Algae: The Cornerstone Feedstock

What does algae have to do with the Keystone XL Pipeline?

2012: The Year of Algae

Can AB32 Help Save the Amazon?

The US Navy's Amazing Biofuels Program

Now, "the algae growers starter kit"

EU Aviation Standards: Algae Oil’s Threshold Market

Flash - We Made Hot 50 for the Fourth Year!

Biofuels heat up at the global scale

Is Occupy Wall St. Occupying the Wrong Street?

Algae Biomass Summit, Last Week for 50 Hottest Companies!

Now, the 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy

Hydrotreating Algae for Jet Fuel

OriginOil Ships First Production System

Report: OriginOil Innovation Could Help Oil Industry

OriginOil Venture Wins European Competition

Algae and the Elevance IPO

It’s Time to Set Uniform Algae Feedstock Standards

Watch The Rodman Conference Video

Report from New York

Presentation to the Rodman & Renshaw Global Investment Conference, New York, 13 August, 2011

This week, it's SOLAZYME!

This week, it's SOLAZYME!

Zacks Initiates with OUTPERFORM, and Another Tournament Win

Tournament News: we did it! And an Australia preview

Can we beat Genencor? It's in your hands...

Can we beat Genencor? It's in your hands...

Vote! in the Hot 30 Tournament

Asia-Pacific's Algae Boom

Asia-Pacific's Algae Boom

Algae Oil in China

Oil climbs more than $1 as US reaches debt agreement

Another Step toward a Major Exchange... DONE!

OriginOil in Fast Company, Bill Gates on Algae

What Will $150 Oil Bring?

The Economics of Power Plant CO2 Capture

Game-Changing Technology and Biofuels 2.0

Double-Barrelled News, Algae World Australia

Small Scale Algae—An Alternate Vision

Algae's Latest IPO Goes Big

Algae's Latest IPO Goes Big

High Action in Algae Extraction

Algae—Food or Chemical Grade?

The Global Algae Oil Services Business

Our Government Puts a Valuation on Algae

A Radio Visit to OriginOil

OriginOil on Bloomberg TV

Watch Paul Reep on MoneyTV

Forbes: Carbon to Drive Algae Investment

Algstralia - Because Aussies Get It

More "Dirty" Fuels

More "Dirty" Fuels

Oil's Perfect Storm

Oil's Perfect Storm

Brown-Washing with Algae?

The Amazing Insanity of Burying CO2

Algae Enables Clean Coal

OriginOil in Algae's Top Ten

OriginOil in Algae's Top Ten

The Neck of the Hourglass

Algae 2011 - What's In Store

Algae 2011 - What's In Store

FLASH - Algae's First Billion Dollar Deal

Algae is the New New Thing

Success in Australia!

Time Magazine, and Hot 50 Results Are In!

The Advanced Algae Center

The Hottest Trends for 2011

Top Ten Now, and the New Mexico Video

MoneyTV Interview, Hot 50 Voting Begins

What Happens After November 2nd?

Results - The Top 100 People in Bioenergy

OriginOil in the LA Times

Algae's Bipartisan Support

Fresh Analyst Coverage, and Vote for "Top 100"

Carbon Storage - Algae's Big Driver

Message to Big Oil: Stop Killing Clean Tech!

OriginOil Makes the LA Times

The Algae Manhattan Project

CNN Coverage and our First Customer

OriginOil Commercial News

The Week That Changed Us

Looking Ahead to 2010

The Green Chip Review "Gets" OriginOil

The New York Times Spotlights OriginOil

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