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Latest sales and financing news

Happy Thursday! Tonight's CEO Briefing is ALL HOT NEWS, so be sure to click here to register. and if you can't attend live, you'll get the replay!

Crypto — Moving Fast

Good afternoon! How's it going with our crypto initiative? What's the status of the rollout of our planned water coin? How could this coin help us disrupt this huge world market*? What's the...

CEO Update: OriginClear's Four Stages

Good Afternoon! This week on Money Show, we launched our new and exciting slide deck... featuring the FOUR STAGES OF SYNERGY. Hmmm sounds kinda like Indiana Jones to me ;-)

Tonight — Dan Early!

Good afternoon! Last week we showed you the AMAZING transformation of a mucky trailer park "poop lagoon" into... something much better. Tonight, the designer of this amazing tech tells us: w...

Sudden transformation of a waste lagoon

Good Evening! What happened? On the left, a mucky, nasty waste lagoon at a trailer park in Troy, Alabama. Eight days later... whoa! That is rapid change.

OriginClear a Unicorn?

Good Afternoon! Ken Berenger and team killed it at The Money Show. But wow, we'd forgotten how much TIME it takes out of your life to go to a real-life conference... Glad you're back, guys. ...

The Money Show!

Good Afternoon! I'd almost forgotten there could be a real-world physical conference. But this weekend, our own Ken Berenger will head out with a small team to present at The Money Show. And...

Meet Our new PR Agency!

Good Evening! Tonight, meet the brilliant Lais Pontes Greene, who heads our new PR Agency! And Lais will be interviewing me so her team knows how to pitch the company. She has some pretty to...

Join me at World Water Week

Good Evening! You know, we've lived through some tough times together─some would say we still are. But there is a new threat on the horizon, and it affects our water infrastructure. It could...

Are we getting blasé about sales?

Good Afternoon! Last week, our new CFO, Prasad Tare, told us how he's working fast to improve our processes and cope with company expansion.

Now - hear from our CFO

Good Morning! Last week, VP Ken Berenger showed us how we could place a Micro-Utility anywhere it's needed… If you missed it, just click here for last week's replay. Join me at 5pm Pacific, ...

Water's Shocking Trend

Good afternoon! The close-knit team that makes up OriginClear, our international partner Philanthroinvestors®, and our own amazing  investors, is dedicated to one thing: Reversing water's do...

The crypto project evolves

Good morning! It's all coming together. We sold more projects last month than in a typical quarter! And I just learned that we scored a multi-system deal that blows even that away*. Join me ...

Discover Water Philanthroinvesting!

Good afternoon! It's my great pleasure to invite my good friends, and major strategic partner,  PhilanthroInvestors®! Join me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TONIGHT click here to register for t...

The Second Water Revolution

Good morning! Beginning in 1837, New York built what is probably the world's greatest water system. And the work continues, with the vital City Tunnel No. 3 nearing completion after 50 years...

How can crypto help water?

Good evening! Just the 6,000 kids who die each day somewhere in the world from water illnesses should be enough to do something about the state of water. So, what do we do? Join me at 5pm Pa...

Victory Lap for MWS

Good morning! That was a cool live demonstration of how to make a coin, huh? If you missed it, just click here for last week's replay. Join me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TOMORROW THURSDAY c...

Modular Water Blows Up

Good afternoon! What's happening? Nothing much... just a jump in new orders! Join me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TOMORROW, THURSDAY Just click here to register! Yesterday, COO Tom Marchesell...

Deep Dive: 2020 Annual Report

Good evening! Join me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TOMORROW THURSDAY Just click here to register! Last Friday, we filed our annual report. As I have been updating you in each briefing, it was...

Broken Water - How Can We Help?

Good afternoon! Join me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TOMORROW THURSDAY Just click here to register! (you will get Our breakthrough report "Broken Water - How Can we Help?" is so new... it's n...

My Most Important Briefing Yet

Good afternoon! Join me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TOMORROW THURSDAY Just click here to register! Washington is frantically allocating billions to Water. Last Friday, the Senate overwhelmin...

The Infrastructure Bill - Will It Help?

Happy Earth Day! As part of its $2 Trillion infrastructure bill, the Biden Administration has proposed the largest-ever water budget: $111 Billion. Is this enough? Tonight I'll be reviewing ...

The Scandal at Piney Point

Happy Thursday! On March 26, 2021, a retention pond at Tampa Bay's Piney Point was breached and cordoned off. By then, roughly 173 million gallons of untreated wastewater had been discharged...

Our Big New Fund Investment

Good evening! I'm honored to be presenting at the Emerging Growth Conference tomorrow. Join me! It's at 11:15am Eastern, March 3rd. Just use this link to register. Yes, it's the middle of th...

Make water work fast... like solar!

Happy Thursday! I've been telling you about how we plan to fund a Finance Company to get water deals done. This is the latest "hot trend" in water: give it to the customer without any capita...

Why are water rates skyrocketing?

Happy Thursday! Join me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TONIGHT Just click here to register! Wow, water and sewer rates just continue to rise much faster than inflation─never mind the price of f...

Tonight: when will the world run out of water?

Happy Thursday! Join me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TONIGHT Just click here to register! There’s a counter on The World Counts. Yep, less than 19 years to do something about fresh water.

Tonight: solving a tough water problem

Happy Thursday! Tonight's briefing will launch our AMAZING breakthrough year. There's a lot to cover, so be there! Join me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TONIGHT Just click here to register! Wh...

Trading on Water Scarcity - Scary?

Happy Thursday! Last week, you told us what you care about. That Zoom post-briefing survey is extremely valuable to us. Here are some of your concerns from last week:

Vital Update Tonight

Happy Thursday! Our Financial Performance As you know, we reported this week on our financial performance so far this year. Tonight, I will be commenting further on the results. Don't miss i...

Giving Thanks On This Day

Happy Thursday! Why I'm thankful We all agree this is an astonishing year, and apparently it's not over. The economic and human cost is appalling. And yet, with your amazing support, OriginC...

How Digital Marketing Changed OriginClear

Happy Thursday! Reminder: My CEO Briefing at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TONIGHT. Just click here to register! When the Facebook Ninja Joined Us It was late December and I realized that our CEO...

Building a "GM FInance"

Happy Thursday! Reminder: My CEO Briefing at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TONIGHT. Just click here to register! Time to Get Real Capital! OK so you know that we have a successful pilot program w...

Safety is the New Luxury - Tonight

Happy Thursday! Reminder: My CEO Briefing at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TONIGHT. Just click here to register! The Big Hotel Problem. Right now, hotels are in a tough place. Yep, Endless COVID....

Meet our first Water Ambassador

Happy Thursday! Reminder: My CEO Briefing at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TONIGHT. Just click here to register! Invest With A Purpose... What does that mean?

So...are we in an inflation?

Happy Thursday! Reminder: My CEO Briefing at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TONIGHT. Just click here to register! Deflation? Inflation? What's Happening?

Why do people invest in water?

Happy Thursday! Reminder: My CEO Briefing at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TONIGHT. Just click here to register! The true reasons people invest in water As you may know, we have a strategic partn...

4th Quarter Our Greatest Ever?

Happy Thursday! Reminder: My CEO Briefing at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TONIGHT. Just click here to register! SCOOP - 4th Quarter off to a roaring start...

How did we do last quarter?

Happy Thursday! Reminder: My CEO Briefing at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TONIGHT. Just click here to register! FLASH - discussing our Q3 results (informally) How are you? We are SO busy. So... ...

Today’s Paycheck Will Never Buy You More Than Now

This graph says it all. In just 20 years, we've lost nearly half of the value of the dollar. It's sad, really. And given the trillions being airlifted into the economy, I don't think we will...

Trillions in stimulation, but no inflation?

Happy Thursday! The United States has printed at least $3 Trillion this year due to the Pandemic. Huge Zoom CEO Briefing at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TONIGHT. Just click here to register... A...

That Great Big Sucking Sound...

Happy Thursday! Meet me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TONIGHT. Just click here to register... Foreclosures? We don't see no stinkin' foreclosures! My good friend, attorney Ron Flate, reports t...

They're Hanging Phones From The Trees..

Happy Thursday! Meet me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TONIGHT. Just click here to register... It's a very, very tough time  We have worked flat-out over the past six months to transform our co...

Making money on money

  Happy Thursday! "A bank that happened to sell cars" That's what they used to call GMAC*, now known as GM Finance. GMAC was always incredibly profitable: making money on money is so much ea...

Quarterly and Half-Year Numbers!

Happy Thursday! FLASH! We filed our 10-Q (Quarterly Report) for the 2nd Quarter yesterday. You can read it here... better yet, I will go over the key numbers for both the 2nd Quarter and the...

When 80K Businesses Fail

Good morning... "Small Businesses Are Dying by the Thousands — And No One Is Tracking the Carnage." That was the Bloomberg headline yesterday.

Why We Like E-commerce

Happy Wednesday! Wow. I just came from the Weekly Corporate meeting with Chief Operating Officer Tom Marchesello and Chief Engineer Dan Early, and... you should have been a fly on the wall.

Interview with a Shark?

Happy Wednesday! Alert: We have made a major design advance to integrate water equipment financing with our normal activities.  I'm excited... You MUST join me for the coming briefing. I wan...

An Inc. 500 Leader Joins Us

Good morning! This week, a cryptic video showed up on the Facebook page of the founder of a company listed on the Inc. 500. Here it is. (click on the image to see the post)

A chance encounter leads to an alliance

Good morning! A few weeks ago, the founder of a fast-growing company was watching my Thursday CEO Briefing. This company is hugely successful with a unique mission in real estate (its growth...

The five things you must do in this economy

Good afternoon! Listed with the global water industry leaders... Priceless! It's a milestone, don't you think?

Florida is...complicated

Good afternoon! This evening, Chief Operating Officer Tom Marchesello joins me as my co-host on our weekly Zoom briefing. Join us at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern... click here to register. This ...

Mergers and Acquisitions?

Good Morning! M&A News We just got some amazing press in a publication that reports on mergers and acquisitions. This publication reports circulation of 43,000 and you can't get their re...

A whole missing investment category?

Good morning! Today, our COO Tom Marchesello will give us a full update on how he is moving fast in Texas! Join us at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TODAY. Just click here to register. Our ah-hah!...

Why are alternative investments growing?

Good morning!  I hope you and your family are well. Are you tired of trying to beat the stock market? If yes, then you are one of the growing number of investors who are looking for alternat...

Can Water Help Lockdown Losses?

Good morning! Tonight, a quick video in which I interview someone who is personally knowledgeable on the massive animal farm situation...

Why isn't this the Spanish Flu?

Flash! The amazing Ken Berenger joins me on tonight's briefing! Sign up now (5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern) Good morning! I hope you are safe and well. Here's a "virus" question. The Spanish Flu ...

A New Water Marketplace?

Good morning! Tonight, watch a video that won't appear anywhere else.  It's about how we're working to scale up Investor Water™ deals into the millions.  How? By helping the HUGE animal farm...

What's China Doing NOW?

Good morning! Our own Dan Early never fails to amaze. He is always fascinating. That's why you need to join Dan and me LIVE on a very special webinar: 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern.  We will revi...

What happened in Phoenix?

Whew! I'm getting ready for my briefing this afternooon. Join me TODAY at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern because I will be telling you all about what happened in Phoenix Saturday...With a video pr...

About $100K? Not Bad :-)

Good morning! I hope you and yours are keeping well. Tick-tock, tick-tock... $95,800 subscribed in eight days!! Can't be sure, but that has to be a record... when you can invest as little as...

Ten Percent: You Get Paid To Wait...

Wow! Yesterday we announced that our new offering for unaccredited investors (meaning, almost everyone in America) was live. And, wait for it... $27,500 subscribed on our first day!! So I gu...

Bringing Water Into the Digital Age

Good Morning! Water In The Digital Age How do we make digital marketing VASTLY EXPAND industrial water? Manuel Suarez will show us how it's DONE! Join us Thursday (tomorrow) on my monthly we...

Great Timing! A New City Contract

Good Morning! How are you holding up? "Safer At Home" seems to be the new rule. But we're hard at work─while staying safe! And we hope you are too.

What's the new safe haven from virus fallout?

Hello! First of all, I hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe. I’m not going to add to everyone else talking about COVID-19! Instead, I’m going to cover what you can do as...

Stocks Fly To Safety - What Now?

Flight to safety: that's the new phase of the market. The trigger was the tumbling price of oil. But when you think of it, that's actually good for the consumer.  So over time, this will ben...

Stocks snap back. Now what?

Good morning! Global stocks snapped back yesterday after central banks pledged to intervene sharply. So the economic situation may well work itself out. But there will be winners and losers,...

Coronavirus and the New Age of Water Autonomy

Weekly Briefing on Thursday First things first, don't forget my weekly briefing on Thursday! Save this email, which has the dial-in info, below. (Or click here for reminders.) Here’s an exce...

As the economy cools, water...

Make sure you're signed up for my weekly Insider Briefing tomorrow Thursday! 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern, Sign up now!  Good evening! I'm sending you this quick flash on a fast-moving situation...

Why is Elon fixing his own car window?

Happy Thursday! It was 1995, and thieves had broken into Elon Musk's car.  "Could not afford to pay for repairs, so I fixed almost everything on that car from parts in the junkyard. Ironical...

What does this have to do with OriginClear?

Good morning! This slide stunned me this morning.

Can we get rid of "forever toxins"?


Why Trailerized Water Systems Are Vital

Good morning! And welcome to our first update of 2020.   The Weekly CEO Briefing Goes BIG! The weekly briefings have been such a success that we are promoting them as full webinars! Yes, sta...

As Sewers Break, Businesses Cope

Good morning! Timing can be an amazing thing. In my last CEO Briefing of the year, I said, "The big centralized water systems, which are paid for by citizens, should be growing to meet the p...

Blue Gold: this century’s investment frontier

Flash! Catch my CEO Briefing today at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern. We'll cover planning for the new year, including potential acquisitions, and driving sales both here and abroad. Good morning...

Spain's Violation Problem

Good morning!  In the US, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. As I promised, we're preparing a full commercial rollout of the animal farming application that our friends in Spain pioneered....

A Major Win in Animal Farming

Good morning! I'm writing this on a brilliantly sunny afternoon in Barcelona, on the way back from many tours of pig farms over two days, and an historic meeting in which we agreed to build ...

Spain's Manure Treatment Breakthrough

Good morning! We are on our way to Barcelona, where our Spanish partner, Depuporc, will showcase its manure treatment pilot system, which fully integrates our Electro Water Separation™ and A...

The Permian's Desperate Need for Water

IRAN DISCOVERS NEW OIL FIELD WITH OVER 50 BILLION BARRELS That was the report on AP yesterday. My friend Alex Lightman commented: "Iran just found 50 billion barrels of proven reserves just ...

From $1 Trillion to $5 Trillion

OriginClear CEO, Riggs Eckelberry Aims to Take Water Treatment from $1 Trillion to $5 Trillion. That was last Friday's headline in Grit Daily, and the story went viral over the next few days...

Investors Find Shortage of Water Companies

Good morning! This was last week's headline on CNBC: MONEY FROM SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE INVESTORS FLOWS INTO US WATER STOCKS  Yes, it seems there's a shortage of publicly traded water companies...

Privatizing Big Water

Happy Wednesday! This photo is... well, exactly what it looks like. Yep, a toilet! This had been "black water" (flush water) just a few moments before. And not just in a home, but in a big c...

Shazaam!! From Manure to Clear Water

Happy Thursday! Back in December 2017, we announced that our licensee in Spain had turned manure water into clear water. Here's the video, from nearly two years ago:

Do Tap Water Contaminants Cause Cancer?

Happy Thursday! Even water that meets drinking water standards... could be bad for you. That's the conclusion of a study published in the research journal Heliyon. The headline on Fox News a...

Cities, Acquisitions, Latin America

Happy Thursday! OK so we know that water quality is a problem in many US cities. But how can we be most effective in helping? The answer: do what you already do best. You can watch my MoneyT...

Next up: OriginClear Home

Good morning! Today, our own Dan Early advised me that a major site installation has been completed and the client is extremely happy. I'm extremely happy with the performance of our team un...

Aspen Success, Quarterly Results

Good morning! We did it! Cedric Ceballos and Fred Martin joined me on stage at the famous AREDAY 2019 conference to present the Enough is Enough™ campaign to an enthusiastic audience! Cedric...

Corporate Sales Take Off!

Good morning! This past week has brought a TON of great news about our sales activities through the new CORPORATE SALES DIVISION. To report on that, I have asked our Chief Operating Officer,...

A Basketball Legend Joins Us

Game on! Tuesday we announced that we will present the Enough is Enough™ campaign at the 16th AREDAY Summit, August 15-17 in Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado. Great conference—you might remember tha...

Our Hottest Product? You'd be surprised.

  Good morning! As you know, our Modular Water Systems™ brand features a line of patented, prepackaged, prefabricated systems. But you might not know what has turned into our hottest package...

Major Shipment in Asia

  Sign up here for my weekly CEO Briefing this Thursday at 5pm Pacific Good morning! Our Chinese manufacturer just built and shipped one of the largest Electro Water Separation™ (EWS) system...

The Water System In A Box™

 Good morning! Today, we are in an all-day meeting near Dallas, to launch our unified brand effort behind Modular Water Treatment.

Today: the Modular Way

Good morning! In his 1990 book, The Macintosh Way, Guy Kawasaki wrote: “The Macintosh Way of doing business means doing the right thing and doing things right…. It is a way of doing business...

Meet Tom Marchesello

Hi again! Tom Marchesello will be with me on the 9 May briefing, and he will also join me on MoneyTV earlier in the day.  Tom is an absolute rock star executive and he is now helping Dan Ear...

Water Independence is For Real

Good morning! On TV last week, I discussed a major problem (view clip here). Let me set the stage. New York City's water supply system is among the finest in the world. New York barely needs...

News from India and the Sales Team

Good morning! JL is back! Our intrepid President of Technology is back from his trip to India, and he will be discussing the results on MoneyTV today. Not only are we getting astonishing bus...

A Pearl Of An Acquisition

Good morning! The "pearl" Last Thursday, Bill Charneski and I met with that great company in Texas. And it really is a pearl.  This company has an extensive international network and very so...

Mike's Big Mojo

Happy MLK Day! Important: the CEO Briefing scheduled for this Thursday is being rescheduled for the NEXT THURSDAY (the 31st). The reason is actually quite cool: I will be on my way back from...


Happy Thursday! Today's Topic: Integration Part of our plan to become THE disruptive company in the water industry involves experimentation. These days, new technology requires a lot of what...

Last Briefing of the Year

Happy Thursday! Join me TODAY at 5PM Pacific Time for your final CEO Briefing of the year! These briefings are a great way to discuss our business and our latest developments, in depth.  Tod...

Beer and That Other Thing

Happy Thursday! This week, Dan Early's Modular Water Systems signed up another micro-brewery. This one is in Southern California. What's amazing is that it took just three days from the firs...

Herding Cats and Dirty Water

Good morning! Remember the famous "Herding Cats" Super Bowl video? That's what this year has been like for Bill Charneski! I'm happy to tell you that he's managed to "herd cats", and that we...

Replacing 26 Million Septic Systems

Good morning! We're starting to understand the full potential for Modular Water Home™. Last week I talked about the terrible problem that rural communities have with "their own, private Flin...

Now, Modular In The Single Family Home

America’s voting this week, but this headline grabbed my attention on Saturday:

Find Out Now Why Elon Musk Was Right

Good morning… I love Elon Musk. He does exactly what he says and he doesn’t shrink from risk. He’s the most loved and most criticized businessman I know.

The Next Big Water Company

Good morning! For me these days, there is a sense that OriginClear could be the next big water company. The usual disclaimers apply(!), but I will tell you why I think so, in today’s briefin...

Now I Interview Dan Early

Good morning! In last week’s CEO Briefing, you got to ask your questions live! If you missed it, you can read the transcript here. What’s on for tomorrow?

Now, A New Company Emerges

Good morning! Did you catch my TV report on our growing momentum? Check it out here on Facebook. Our existing subsidiary in Texas doubled its revenues and quadrupled its profits! That’s huge...

Now We Really Are a Group

Good morning! Here's my report on the First Water Conference. On the show, I also reported on my trip last week to New York, in which we made progress in funding a new slate of acquisitions*...

The First Water Conference

Good morning! It's actually happening: we're about to hold our First Water Conference! How did this come about? Lots of long, patient work, that's how. For years now, veteran Bill Charneski ...

Insiders and a Water Coin

Good morning! Yes! We had our major event at our headquarters in the LA cleantech campus. We introduced WaterChain’s launch team… and of course, David Metzler, its appointed leader.

Too Late To The Crypto Party?

Good morning! It seems everyone’s talking about crypto. Consider these recent news items:

WaterChain in the News

Good morning! Last month, I spent an entire week in Puerto Rico, attending THREE crypto conferences in a row… and even got to present WaterChain™ at the last one, Coin Agenda.

Presenting WaterChain in Silicon Valley

Good morning! Last week, our WaterChain™ project team was in London with The Coin Lab, for two intensive days. My TV interview last Thursday included Skype comments by their CEO, Tim Marchan...

What's This WaterChain?

Good morning! Did you catch our announcement last Friday? Yes, after months of planning, it's official: we are building something called WaterChain™.

Raw manure... to clear water?

Good morning! Wasn't that a GREAT story last week about growing sugarcane in the desert sand? I'm super proud of our venture partner, Ennesys, who successfully proved their awesome technolog...

Technology Rock Stars

OriginClear Technologies is really starting to rock it. Revenue takes off From the second to the third quarter, Technologies revenue increased by more than five times, and its gross profits ...

What's your Roundup level?

  Good morning! These days, you can find foods that are certified to be free of GMOs.

Roundup and Breast Cancer

Good morning! You know it as Monsanto's Roundup. And it correlates closely with the explosion in breast and prostate cancers, among others.

A New iPhone Moment?

Good morning! What's 2580? Take a look at your phone keypad: "2580" is the only four-number combination that is in a straight line - straight up and down. Cool, huh?

We've hit a nerve - talk to me!

Dear shareholder, Wow. This micro-toxins issue has definitely hit a nerve with consumers. They are saying “I’ve been worrying about this for years!” It seems that we have discovered a new co...

In Memoriam: Avis Hope Eckelberry

Good morning. I have a personal reason for focusing on the chemical cocktail in our water: I lost my spouse to cancer of the colon. And a sister-in law, too, to a similar cancer.

The toxic water we all drink

Good morning! I have some bad news, and some good news. First, the bad news. There's a whole class of micro-toxins that cities just can't remove very easily. They are in your drinking water.

The ten-year overnight success

Good morning! This month, OriginClear celebrated its anniversary as the “ten-year overnight success”. And last week, we presented to Wall Street for the first time since 2011.

A fast-filling schedule

Good morning! OriginClear's water revolution is getting attention... Our schedule for speaking engagements is filling up fast.

Malaysia: breaking down the numbers

Good morning! Earlier this month, we received our first commercial-scale order! What does this mean? Simple: For the first time, our revolutionary water technology is going in BIG.

The Supermajor Pilot Project

Good morning! "JL" Kindler just came back from Asia with a half dozen big wins in the bag, including joining a pilot program for a "supermajor" oil company...

What Drought?

Good morning! They call them "Atmospheric Rivers", essentially rivers in the sky that carry vast amounts of moisture. Like a fire hose, they have bombarded central and northern California, r...

The United States of Water

Good morning! Four years ago, the Water Resources Group presented a report to the World Economic Forum, at Davos, Switzerland. It tells the whole story: water is the game.

LA Times: OriginClear and China

Good morning! The good news continues to pour in from Bakersfield, as two potential licensees bid for our business. That's a direct result of our documented success in America's most product...

President Trump and Clean Water

Good morning! We've had a big win in Kern County. This is the biggest single county in the USA for oil production. These are big oil producers. They are even BIGGER water producers! They bri...

Mayor launches clean tech campus

Good afternoon! Last Friday, Eric Garcetti, LA's dynamic young mayor, launched the amazing La Kretz Innovation Campus, where we now have our headquarters! Here's the full story.

How We're Like a Major Beer Company

Good Afternoon! If you're in the US, I hope you've been having a relaxing Labor Day weekend... How are we like a major beer company? That answer, in a moment. First, this: The Water Revoluti...

Commercial Breakthrough in Bakersfield

Hi again! It's been an exciting summer. Recently I toured the USA with Bill Charneski to visit potential acquisitions, and we are deep in discussions... Meanwhile, our Technology team has re...

Malaysia Takes Off!

Good morning! We thought China happened fast... Malaysia is even faster! Noxious palm effluent It's about the palm oil.

The New Energy Innovation Pioneer

Good morning! "JL" Kindler, President of OriginClear Technologies, is in Houston this week to speak at one of the oil industry's key events of the year, Cambridge Research Associates Week (C...

Revenue Takes Off

Good morning! What a pleasure, forecasting real cash flows for 2016. That's because revenues are really happening at OriginClear. Big Sales in Texas

A New Era Begins

Good morning! The last two weeks have been amazing. First Acquisition Closed!! Back in April, we created our database of target companies. It had just twelve companies (now it's nearly 100).

The One Water Network

Good morning! Acquisition Update We remain on track to close as planned. I'm very happy with the team's performance on our first prospective closing.

Owning The Water Customer

Good morning! The latest on our acquisitions... Yesterday, our Bill Charneski took off for Texas, where he will be making sure that our acquisition of Progressive Water Treatment wraps up qu...

Learning from Solar3D’s Success

Good morning! OriginClear in the LA Business Journal! Our home town business magazine's Matt Pressberg did an in-depth article on our new acquisition strategy... Click on the photo for a lin...

Water Skyrockets As a Commodity

Good morning! Scarcities Make Booms Back in 1973, oil took off through the roof. Scarcity. Later, we had precious metals ramp up. Scarcity. So what does this headline make you think of?

The Perfect Storm for Water

Good morning! Too much water, too fast? California is eagerly awaiting the heavy rains of a record El Niño ocean warming "event" this winter. This could lead to record rains.

The Family of OriginClear Companies

Good morning! Here's Texas entrepreneur Marc Stevens, on the day we first shook hands on a deal to acquire his company.

A Cool New Animation

Good morning!

Nominated - Technology Company of the Year!

Good morning!

OriginClear on Bloomberg News

Good morning!

An Unexpected Award

Good morning!  

We've Changed Our Name!

Good morning!

A Gallon of Water for One Almond?

Good morning!

The Internet of Industrial Things

Good morning!

What's Up With Gas Prices?

Good morning!

Bakersfield Site Slammed!

Good morning!

The Top 100 Poll!

Good afternoon!

The Produced Water Tsunami

Good morning!

As Oil Falls, Biofuels Take Off?

Good morning!

Our California Research Center

Good morning!

Show 'n Tell on Al Jazeera America

Good morning!

FLASH! OriginOil on Al Jazeera

Good morning!

The Week Everything Changed

Good morning!

GEN 2... DONE!

Good morning!

Blue Gold in West Texas!

Good morning!

Trinidad's Waste Oil Problem

Good morning!

When Is Natural Gas Good?

Good morning!

The Horrendous California Drought

Good morning!

On Stage With T. Boone Pickens

Good morning!

GEN 2 Lands in LA

Good morning!

GEN 2 Leaked!

Good morning!

Processing California's Frack Water

Good morning!


Good morning!

The President Votes for Fracking

Good morning!

A Roadshow Video Worth Watching

Good morning!

What's This About Acquisitions?

Good morning!

You Did It!

Good morning!

How One Award Could Become Two

Good morning!

Welcome TransTech Alert Investors!

Good morning!

The Money Matrix

Good morning!

Fracking Banned in LA?

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Now Open for Business in Houston!

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"No Oil Shortage: Get Over It"

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Fracking and California's Historic Drought

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Frack Water Cleanup Showcase!

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He Gets Revenue Done

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Fracking Goes Global

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Algae To Crude in 30 Minutes

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Showcase Success!

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Our Ribbon-Cutting This Week

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An Over-Performing Algae Harvester

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Forbes Interviews OriginOil on Water Shortages

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Can We Help Make Sour Crude Sweet?

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French President Visits OriginOil Joint Venture

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Report From The Algae Summit

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A FIVE TRILLION Dollar Investment?

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University Research... and the Algae Biomass Summit!

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Ray Dolby, 1933-2013

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Aquaculture Showcase Update, New Analyst Coverage

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Report From AREDAY: Climate Change and Water

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Major Revenue for our Paris Joint Venture

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Meet Me at AREDAY in Aspen

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