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The national water debate heats up

Dec 7, 2021 2:11:29 PM

Good afternoon!

Our water crisis is now national news, and we are part of the conversation!

We have the solution: give the nation's investors a chance to pitch in, with Water On Demand™, the first-ever direct investment in water systems!

And the royalties flow...*


Water Like An Oil Well™, as we like to say...

And Newsmax loved it. Here's my interview on their Sunday morning show, Wake Up America: video here

Newsmax image - water shortage-1280


What coverage did we get?

Newsmax gets about 100,000 viewers on that show, live. Then through streaming services and so on, they get another estimated 2 million views.

Not bad!

But that's not the only TV interview we did. Last week we did a Newsy interview and you'll get a chance to watch an excerpt of what's coming on this Thursday's briefing.


What about the infrastructure bill?

On the Briefing, I'll be doing a deep dive into the new infrastructure bill.

  • Does it help?
  • Where does it leave us after all those trillions?

It's grim. But you know, when people hear about our solution, their jaws drop. It's brilliant. You deserve to hear about it!

So join me... at 5pm Pacific, 8pm EasternTHIS THURSDAY 9 DECEMBERJust click here to register!

(And if you can't make it, you will get the replay automatically.)


Yours in Water,

Riggs EckelberryPresident & CEOOriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)Total Outsourced Water™

* Water On Demand is in pilot phase and it may not continue in its present form. Please request our investment terms from invest@originclear.com. Rely on our quarterly and annual disclosures for all investment analysis.




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