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A Major Win in Animal Farming

Nov 25, 2019 12:24:06 AM

Good morning!

I'm writing this on a brilliantly sunny afternoon in Barcelona, on the way back from many tours of pig farms over two days, and an historic meeting in which we agreed to build a new relationship with our key partner in Europe, Depuporc S.L.

We're preparing a full announcement, and a full video report, for the week after the Thanksgiving break; but I wanted you to see this photo of an historic agreement with our Spanish and Romanian partners in the animal farm business.


Depuporc-Aqua D&P-handshake

In Spain's province of Aragon, the teams from OriginClear, Depuporc and Romania's Aqua D&P celebrate an historic commercial agreement.


Preliminary agreement on a major expansion

Yes, we did come to preliminary agreement on a major expansion of our work together, details to follow! 

One thing seems clear to me: our technology has really found its "tentpole" (or major application) in the animal farm business.

What my brother Nicholas first invented many years ago, is ideal to clarifying the flow of manure, without using filters, as these clog instantly.


Depuporc Presentation Aragon-Spain

Presentation to the OriginClear and Depuporc teams at a research farm in Spain's province of Aragon. Animal welfare is the number one method of increasing productivity in these amazingly well-run farms.


Concentrated Animal Farm Operations

Now, these are hardly farms; they are Concentrated Animal Farm Operations, or CAFO. 

We have learned two important things about these operations:

The Spaniards (and all the Europeans) are very focused on animal welfare. Why? Because it increases productivity. For example, with better conditions, piglet births can go from 30 to 34 per year, for each mother pig, or sow. 

The industry is limited by the output of manure. In other words, the farms are becoming far larger than the amount of land on which they can spread the manure. The lands are saturated! This means that in order to expand, they MUST treat the manure for fertilizer and clean water. And these farms are doubling and tripling in size.

The Europeans are leading with these animal welfare and water treatment technologies.

And while I was there, I learned that Depuporc's system, which incorporates ours, has been selected as one of 101 Spanish inventions to be presented at the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid!


New Licensee

The team from our new licensee, Aqua D&P Technologies in Romania, also accompanied us to tour the farms and participate in the meetings. They are very excited to get going in their markets.

But we have major opportunities, too, in North America and Asia. We're just getting started, and I'm absolutely enthusiastic about this...

great big thanks to our own Jean-Louis Kindler, who developed this relationship starting three years ago; and Bill Charneski, who has patiently brought us to this major win.

I'm very proud of our team. 


No CEO Briefing this week 

Because of Thanksgiving in the USA, no briefing this Thursday.  

So our next CEO Briefing is on 5 December. Join me for the full update on our trip! Limit of 100, so do sign up now.

Meanwhile, visit the Briefing page for transcripts of previous briefings.

Thank you for your amazing support, stay tuned for more!

Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLND)

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