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Spain's Manure Treatment Breakthrough

Nov 20, 2019 5:01:52 AM

Good morning!

We are on our way to Barcelona, where our Spanish partner, Depuporc, will showcase its manure treatment pilot system, which fully integrates our Electro Water Separation™ and Advanced Oxidation (AOx™) technologies!


Depuporc schematic of EWS+AOx system

Detail of Depuporc's proprietary commercial waste treatment pilot system, showing the EWS+AOx technologies at work.


Fast-expanding pork production

Spain is the fourth largest pork producer in the world, after China, Germany and the USA.

And it's expanding at a record rate: according to an industry group, "the sector has experienced “extraordinary growth” over the last five years, having increased exports by 47% in volume and 36% in value between 2014 and 2018."


Growing environmental problems

Fast-growing pork production means fast-growing... manure lagoons. These lagoons are useful as an initial treatment, but the lagoons are an environmental threat. CAFO, or Concentrated Animal Factory Operations, generate much more manure than can be easily spread on nearby fields. 

And in the US, flooding of lagoons in the mid-Atlantic is a recurring problem, when hurricanes hit. Check out this photo of the same farm before, and during 2016's Hurricane Matthew:


Pig farm lagoons overflow

An aerial view of a hog farm in North Carolina. The shot on the right shows a flooded manure lagoon after Hurricane Matthew.
Google Earth (left)/Waterkeeper Alliance/EWG (right)

The solution to storing manure in lagoons is to produce pressed "cake" and clean water—a "zero-waste" solution that is both environmentally responsible and potentially financially useful to the farm operator.

Without our technology, it is extremely difficult to deal with the high solids content of manure effluent, which clogs filters and membranes easily.


A long road

Depurpoc's management learned that the road to acceptance of a new technology can be long. Production of a commercial pilot became absolutely essential to prove to pork producers that the technology works.

But, they persisted.

Now, we are going to witness a mobile treatment system that can travel to the hundreds of farms in Spain and process their lagoons into profitable and "clean" manure cake and clean water for use in cleaning and other farming chores. Coming back with lots of photos and videos!

And... perhaps a new strategic relationship, but we shall see—stay tuned!


No CEO Briefing this week or next

Because of the time zone difference, we will not have our weekly briefing this week, and next Thursday is Thanksgiving in the USA. 

So our next CEO Briefing is on 5 December. Join me for the full update on our trip! Limit of 100, so do sign up now.

Meanwhile, visit the Briefing page for last week's transcript.

Thank you for your amazing support, stay tuned for more!

Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLND)

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