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Meet The General Manager

Oct 27, 2021 5:24:00 PM

Good morning!

Water On Demand™ gets a General Manager

It's so exciting: now we can help businesses do their own water treatment... with no capital up front. We are now banking the crucial capital to pay for the machines.

With the money flowing in, we needed a veteran executive and fund manager to drive the process and ensure success.

I'm happy to announce that we do have our General Manager, and you get to meet him this Thursday. He's actually been working with me personally for months, with great success.

Join me for an in-depth interview. Just click here to register for tomorrow's briefing.


Beer is serious business!

Breweries use water─a lot of water.

Take San Francisco's Anchor Brewing Company. As this article puts it,

Producing a 12-ounce can of beer can take a half gallon of water — generally a 1-to-6 beer-to-water-use ratio. The figure doesn’t include the water needed to grow the hops and barley. Considering how much beer people drink, reusing water in the brewing industry can offer a bundle of savings.

Reusing the water pays off, especially in California. Studies show that half of a brewery's waste water can be recycled, without even trying to reuse it for beer!


Anchor Brewing


San Francisco's Anchor Brewing had a water problem. And the innovative people at venture-funded Cambrian Innovations came along to solve it... Anchor didn't even have to come up with the capital.


That's the new trend.

Water as a Managed Service™: it's the wave of the future. And with our amazing investors, we can and are ramping up quickly.

Much to discuss!


Join me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern
Just click here to register.

(And if you can't make it, you will get the replay automatically.)


Yours in Water,


Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)




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