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About OriginClear


The Clean Water Innovation Hub™


Once a government monopoly, clean water is going private. Local industries and communities are now treating and recycling their own water, helping to reduce the burden on municipal systems and save on fast-rising water rates while also responding to the challenge of climate change. That’s good for business and good for sustainability. Now, the innovative fintech, Water On Demand™, is enabling clean water to become an investable asset, open to main street investors, with the potential for generational royalties. OriginClear® is the Clean Water Innovation Hub™ for both Water On Demand and Modular Water Systems™ – a leader in onsite, prefabricated systems made with sophisticated materials that can last decades. Get live weekly updates every Thursday by signing up at www.originclear.com/ceo


Based in the USA, OriginClear is revolutionizing the trillion-dollar, global water industry by solving the capital problems stagnating it. Our Water On Demand™ initiative allows everyday investors to invest directly in productive water projects, thereby enabling businesses and communities to pay for only the water they use with no upfront capital required. End-users simply sign a long-term service contract, with regional water companies providing expert support. Innovative OriginClear modular systems are licensed to builders to standardize the fleet, leaving zero “new technology” risk as only proven technologies, systems, and methods are implemented.

The parent company of renowned Modular Water Systems™ and Progressive Water Treatment™, OriginClear has several decades of combined experience and an impressive history of projects. Our next-generation, drop-in-place systems brilliantly enable waste water treatment and water filtration for remote locations such as housing developments and businesses cut off by cities. We call this initiative Water4Us™, which aims to bring clean water access to everyone who needs it—all powered by Water On Demand.


With real estate vulnerable to fast-rising interest rates, the stock market overheated and turning “bear"—often taking Bitcoin with it—and commodities priced high, opportunities are scarce. Even high-priced precious metals don’t generate income…

Water On Demand is Water Like An Oil Well™, modeled on Oil and Gas Master Limited Partnerships, a $300 billion+ market. Everyday investors earn generational royalties from private clean water systems.

A highly adaptable 14-year small public company with a hyper-loyal investor base, proven ability to raise capital from everyday investors, fast-growing production facilities with outstanding reputations, high-speed development of new asset ventures, and experience in technology, licensing, crowdfunding, and crypto, OriginClear is leading the charge to transform the water industry.


Corporate HQ - Clearwater FL-2OriginClear's recently relocated Corporate Headquarters in Clearwater, Florida



OriginClear Manu & Fab imageManufacturing and Fabrications Division - Home of the company's Progressive Water Treatment™
and Modular Water Systems™  Texas Strong - Texas Proud! 


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