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Ricardo Garcia

Ricardo Garcia Advisor edit

OriginClear Advisor
Senior Program Manager Red Hat Inc.

Ricardo Fabiani Garcia is a veteran Technical Program Manager, experienced in managing complex technology products and services, and orchestrating dozens of team members all over the world. This skill set is very much needed as the company defines its cryptocurrency product and builds its team.

“I am excited for the potential to use blockchain technology to help manage payment systems on OriginClear’s outsourced water programs now being developed,” says Garcia. “I look forward to advising the management team as it sets up the roadmap and chooses the resources for the $H2O™ project.”

Garcia is currently a Senior Program Manager at Red Hat, developers of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In his 24-year career in high technology, he has also developed distributed data services, and built a large-scale global security, IT and Operations Management Center. A former U.S. Marine Sergeant, he earned a BS in Computer Engineering from Puerto Rico University and an MS in Systems Engineering from Walden University.

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