The challenge of expanding at scale

Dec 1, 2022 12:26:55 AM

Good morning!

Elon Musk said it well: "scaling production of new technology is ... 1000% to 10,000% harder than making a few prototypes."

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The bright side of water problems

Nov 23, 2022 11:16:23 AM

Good morning!

As I stated in the industry publication WaterWorld, “Simply put, water in this world is in trouble, and it is growing more and more scarce and more and more polluted."

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We tripled our revenues...

Nov 17, 2022 10:45:09 AM

Good morning!

A Whole New Company.

You saw the announcement: OriginClear Third Quarter Revenue Tripled Over Last Year.

How did this happen? Well as we announced in our annual report, we booked orders for more than $12 million in 2021, while revenue was about $4 million, about the same as the year before.

All those orders? We had a chance to at least double our revenues by delivering on those orders.

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Good times with Kelly Cardenas!

Nov 10, 2022 11:08:29 AM

Good Morning!

Good times with Kelly Cardenas!

Kelly's podcast is among the top one percent of all podcasts. Thanks to a recommendation by OriginClear advisor Ivan Anz, Kelly interviewed me.

What followed was an amazing experience indeed. I will play selections from the interview over the next few briefings.

I know you will love the first episode, TONIGHT....

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Water and your personal health

Nov 3, 2022 11:39:16 AM

Good morning!

Water and Personal Health

A well known podcaster in personal health became fascinated with the water situation ─ and how it is affecting us all.

Tonight, you will watch the highlights of my discussion with this podcaster. We looked at the water problem from the point of view of human well-being ─ which is the only real point of view!

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Even South America is in trouble

Oct 27, 2022 1:07:20 AM

Good morning!

Ivan Anz reports on his South America tour.

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What does this graph tell us?

Oct 19, 2022 12:30:25 PM

Good afternoon!

This graph demonstrates an important correlation that will directly affect YOUR financial survival.

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Should I go to cash?

Oct 13, 2022 12:58:13 PM

Good afternoon!

Do you think it is smart to have a year's supply of cash on hand to weather any financial storm? Just wondering.

That's what shareholder Eric asked me this morning. I answered, "Ideally, sure".

It's hard to take that much money out of circulation against the rainy day. Especially with inflation soaring above official numbers.

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So NOW what do I invest in?

Oct 6, 2022 11:17:21 AM

Good morning!

We were blessed when hurricane Ian swerved away from us. Our thoughts are with those to the south of us who took a shocking hit.

How should I invest?

Stocks, bonds, currency, real estate... If you're invested in these you may be wondering where it is all going.

Tonight, I will review how you might rescue your existing investments with a founder's investment in water.

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Who Knew... Water Features?

Sep 27, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Happy Tuesday!

I see that we are directly in the path of hurricane Ian, so I'm emailing this early in the week. The show will go on this Thursday, if necessary with Ken hosting from Pennsylvania.

What's the big news this week?

It's Modular Water Systems, again, as MWS President and OriginClear Chief Engineer Dan Early discovers a new market: water features.

Would you believe that water features are a wide-open market?

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The new trend to off-grid housing

Sep 21, 2022 1:45:00 PM

Good afternoon,

This morning we announced a collaboration with the brilliant creator of PhilanthroInvestors®, Ivan Anz.

Ivan is already a strategic advisor to the company and has contributed greatly to the development of Water On Demand, and much else.

And now, we're working with him on off-grid housing.

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Brown Tapwater in Jackson, MS

Sep 15, 2022 11:59:30 AM

Happy Thursday!

They bathe in dirt water. (Laughter) Oh, I'm sorry. Because that's what it tastes like - dirt. Like it's coming out of a dirty pipe or something.

That's a Jackson, Mississippi resident, speaking to a reporter.

Here's what that water looks like:

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Tonight - the Marketing Ninja!

Sep 8, 2022 12:39:13 PM

Happy Thursday!

Manuel Suarez is the amazing owner of Attention Grabbing Media, one of the top digital marketing agencies in the world.

He and his team helped us build our public image, our impact, and this very weekly CEO Briefing... this week's will be our 177th!

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How do we invest our money now?

Sep 1, 2022 1:45:35 PM

Good morning...!

Here's an astonishing graph: demand for new homes has dropped... by 60%. That's the biggest drop, I'm told, since 2008.

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How a major partner helps us expand

Aug 24, 2022 3:39:09 PM

Good afternoon!

I just completed our first Facebook Live with OriginClear Advisor, founder of PhilanthroInvestors™... Ivan Anz! We expect this will be a monthly event.

For nearly 40 minutes, we discussed how "Water is in a perfect storm", and what we are doing about it.

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The legendary quarterly report

Aug 18, 2022 10:57:22 AM

Happy Thursday...!

This Monday we reported a 240% Revenue increase in the Second Quarter of 2022 ─ over the same quarter in 2021!

Logically, double the Sales should double the Revenue.

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Tick, Tock...

Aug 11, 2022 5:00:46 PM

Happy Thursday...!

On the eve of our quarterly filing (yes ─ due next week!), the brilliant Jeremy Ryan Slate of Command Your Brand Media catches up with me for our third annual recap.

Jeremy has interviewed nearly a thousand people... including former CIA Directors, Founders, Business Influencers, Best Selling Authors, NBA, NFL & MLB Hall of Famers... and so he's really seen it all.

So... what did he ask? What did he find out for you?

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What about the Big Short?

Aug 4, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Didn't Michael Burry make water his next venture?

Good morning!

Remember The Big Short, the movie that told the story about how Michael Burry made millions after predicting the US housing crisis of 2008?

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Can we say... I told you so?

Jul 28, 2022 12:15:00 AM

Now, cities are mandating recycling

Good Morning,

As the American West runs dry (look at that Rio Grande), America still recycles only one percent of its water!

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The Water On Demand Pilot

Jul 20, 2022 1:40:25 AM

Happy Wednesday!

We're all focused now on the commercial pilot program for Water On Demand™. A functioning "water as an asset" project is of critical planning importance.

So, where do we stand?

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