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Ken 14th Annual LD Micro 2

14th Annual Virtual LD Micro Main Event...

VP of Business Development, Ken Berenger will introduce the mission of the Company to disrupt the water industry

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21 Oct 21 CEO Briefing

Making Decentralized Water a Reality

Water Is The New Gold "Helping You Thrive in the World's Only Vital, Scarce and Recession-Proof Market"

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Innovative Lagoon Treatment

First Pondster-brand unit treats a mobile home...

"At the heart of the system is an innovative biofilm treatment process which holds promise as a core technology...

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Pondster 30k arial 3 hatches open-crop

Modular Water Systems

Our Modular Water Systems™ product line of prepackaged, containerized water management systems is a watershed breakthrough in the evolution of water treatment...

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200 GPM Nano Filter HP-0

Progressive Water

Our Texas Fabrication and Manufacturing group is a veteran team of experts with more than 100 years combined experience designing, building, and servicing advanced water purification systems...

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OriginClear Tech

OriginClear Tech creates and delivers breakthrough water clean-up technologies with active partnerships, joint ventures, & licensing programs to evolve proprietary technologies and applications...

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OriginClear leads the self-reliant water revolution, democratizing water investment by developing a marketplace to connect investors with water projects; and commercializing modular, prefabricated, filter-free advanced systems for faster sanitation worldwide.

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