Invest In Water Like Oil And Gas

Investors are flocking to Clean Water as they have for decades in Fossil Fuels.

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What is Water on Demand?
Find out here about the first-ever direct investment In water.


We Can Finally Invest Directlyin Water Programs

For the first time, everyday investors can invest directly in productive water projects. Water On Demand™ is like an oil and gas limited partnership, designed to throw off dividends for years… now we're doing it for water!

Water rates are soaring, while water quality gets worse. That's an opportunity for businesses to do their own water treatment.

Decentralized Treatment

Water rates are soaring, while water quality gets worse. That's an opportunity for businesses to do their own water treatment.

No Upfront Capital

Now, they can just “pay by the gallon” on multi-year service contracts – no upfront capital required!

Continuous Dividends

Investors in these private water plants can get dividends from a continuous income stream. Just like they do from Oil & Gas.

The Clean Water Innovation Hub™

OriginClear is a new kind of water company. We're bypassing the big, old, central water systems to put in portable, modular water systems right at the point of use. And we're financing the equipment so businesses can benefit from next-generation technology without an up-front capital expense.

Getting Hosed

What Americans pay for water and sewer service has increased much faster than inflation or the price of food.

Graph depecting water and sewer rates over time

How We Did It

We're using the same, highly successful oil field model: a package of water properties that can produce income for years . That's why we say that Water On Demand is like Oil & Gas For Water.

Strategic Acquisition

We acquired brilliant water engineers, Texas-based Progressive Water Systems. They're exploding now, with 32 projects in house, and 2021 sales at least triple 2020 sales.

Technology Patents

We licensed Daniel M. Early's five patents for durable, prefab, Modular Water Systems. And in 2021, sales took off there, too.

New Business & Profit

Nearly two years of intense development resulted in Water On Demand, the program that lets investors profit from decades of private water purification dividends.

Water Crypto Currency

Now in development, packaging those dividends as cryptocurrency, and creating a worldwide water community through crypto.

Wall of Fame

Water Like an Oil Well — Invest Today

CEO OriginClear, Riggs Eckelberry, talks about OriginClear's offering, Water Like an Oil Well

One in ten People in the World Live Without Clean Water

Wake Up America with Riggs Eckelberry — 5 Dec 2021.

Introducing Pondster™ — Another Water on Demand™ Solution to Transform the Water Market.

New Generation Lagoon & Pond Water TreatmentPondster — the "Pond Monster" is OriginClear's highly innovative lagoon and pond water treatment solution.

What is Water on Demand

OriginClear CEO, Riggs Eckelberry, introduces the company's visionary innovation, Water on Demand™, where everyday investors benefit by making clean and safe water available to millions of people.

Thirty Years 300+ Billion Dollars

Back in 1981, Apache Corporation first had the brilliant idea of combining 33 different oil and gas wells into one Master Limited Partnership, or MLP.

Currently, the fossil fuel industry has more than 90 MLPs, with a market capitalization of over $350 billion.

We've adapted that concept to water equipment financing. In thirty years, could we see the same market capitalization in water?

As it is, water services are already a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.


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