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May 13, 2024

Is Water the New Gold?

Could water truly be the new gold? In this compelling episode of "REady2Scale," host Jeannette Friedrich, Director of Investor Relations at Blue Lake Capital, engages with Riggs Eckelberry, President and CEO of OriginClear. Together, they explore the evolving significance of water as an indispensable resource and discuss its potential to be as valuable as gold ...

May 1, 2024

Water An Amazing Investment Opportunity with Riggs Eckelberry

Welcome to the Wealth Architect podcast, where we take your life to the next level. I'm your host, Mark Yegge, and today we have a special guest who's reshaping the landscape of the water industry. Riggs Eckelberry a visionary in technology and marketing, joins us to discuss his journey from the dot-com boom to pioneering decentralized water solutions. Riggs is ...

April 30, 2024

Is Water The Next Gold? Riggs Eckelberry’s Bold Claim!

Dive into this riveting episode of the Command Your Brand Show where Jeremy Slate uncovers Riggs Eckelberry’s provocative claim. As the CEO of OriginClear, Riggs brings a wealth of knowledge from the water industry and shares how this vital resource could become as valuable as gold. Discover his journey through entrepreneurship, the profound impact of education ...

March 12, 2024

Cracking the Bottleneck of Scaling a Business with Riggs Eckelberry

Riggs Eckelberry, CEO and Chairman of the Board of OriginClear is a seasoned disruptor in the tech industry who transitioned into the "green" space by co-founding OriginClear's predecessor in 2008 and taking it public.

March 8, 2024

Drowning in Ordinary Investments? Discover the Untapped Wealth of Water Investment Opportunities

I'm thrilled about today's discussion, Water Investment Opportunities, because we have the privilege of hosting Riggs Eckelberry, a seasoned expert whose upbringing as a corporate guy provided him with a unique, global perspective on the world. Together, we're embarking on a deep dive into the events unfolding in 2024, particularly honing in on the looming ...

March 5, 2024

Riggs Eckelberry on The Hrvoje Moric Show - 5 March 2024

TNT Radio Host, Hrvoje Moric interviews CEO OriginClear, Riggs Eckelberry, in depth on current water industry issues and trends in the US and world and how OriginClear's vision and unique fintech for water, Water On Demand, is disrupting not only the way water shortages and the water infrastructure crisis are being viewed but also the approach to solving these ...

February 28, 2024

Riding Investment Waves in the Water Industry with Riggs Eckelberry

As consumers, we don’t think enough about water. It's a resource we often take for granted, especially in North America where access to fresh water is incorporated into all facets of our daily lives. So when businesses or cities start facing water shortages or a lack of infrastructure - what are you supposed to do? Riggs Eckelberry, CEO of OriginClear joins us ...

January 3, 2024

Financing the Future of Water

Imagine a future where businesses not only meet their water needs sustainably but also play a crucial role in reshaping the landscape of water-scarce areas. Our guest Riggs Eckelberry returns to discuss the growing crisis in America's water infrastructure and how his company OriginClear is pioneering decentralized solutions to overhaul outdated systems. As ...

December 6, 2023

Cars Running on Water? Crypto Currency Backed by Water?

In this episode of Interviews with Entrepreneurs RJ Ahmed interviews nationally renowned entrepreneur Riggs Eckelberry who deploys the Break to Build process to help rebuild the water industry which has reached a critical breaking point in recent years despite being essential to the planet's survival.

November 29, 2023

Aquatech: Where Water and Lots of Opportunities...

We all know that water is vital for all of us. But did you realize there are huge opportunities out there for those who, among other things, can help recycle water or remove the waste from it?? My guest expert, Riggs Eckelberry, discusses these opportunities and much more on this episode.

November 27, 2023

Unlocking Creativity: How Imposing Limits Can Enhance Innovation

Do you want more creativity and innovation? Richard Matthews and eco-entrepreneur Riggs Eckelberry reveal how imposing limits can actually enhance creative thinking. Tune into this episode of The Hero Show as they discuss how constraints force us to dig deeper and approach problems in new ways. You’ll learn actionable strategies to spark creativity both ...

November 17, 2023

Guest Riggs Eckelberry discussing water filtration systems

The Best of Investing with host Edward Brown is a unique 1-hour talk show covering today’s TOP financial and investment topics!

November 14, 2023

Carl Gould Collective Riggs Eckelberry

Riggs Eckelberry is a nationally renowned entrepreneur dedicated to revolutionizing the water industry, which has reached a critical breaking point in recent years despite being essential to the planet's survival. As the founding CEO of OriginClear, Riggs has developed innovative solutions to help businesses face rising water bills by tapping into new investment ...

October 5, 2023

The State of Water with Riggs Eckelberry

The growing water supply problems make it clear: we can no longer rely on government and multinational corporations to take care of our water needs. So increasingly, local industry and large-scale communities are taking responsibility for the water they use. But they need compact on-site systems, water expertise, and a way to pay for all this. OriginClear’s ...

September 14, 2023

Liquid Gold: Making Waves with Riggs Eckelberry

The Eric Mueller Show: Episode 73 Water, often referred to as "liquid gold," is an indispensable resource for our planet's survival. Yet, the water industry has reached a critical breaking point. Today, I’m joined by Riggs Eckelberry, the founding CEO of OriginClear, to explore his innovative solutions that are helping businesses confront the challenges of ...

September 6, 2023

"Apprenticeship: Smart Business Start" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Riggs Eckelberry

Learning through apprenticeship can yield significant benefits. Consider the illustration of initiating an Amazon business. It's crucial not to hastily dive in and commence placing orders from China, as this can lead to predicaments. Numerous instances of such missteps have been recounted. There are essentially two prudent approaches: acquiring knowledge from a ...

August 29, 2023

High-tech on the Low ft. Riggs Eckelberry — Water as a Service

What's the problem with the US water infrastructure? Beyond legacy systems and red tape, there's no universal fix. Riggs Eckelberry, CEO and co-Founder of OriginClear, is trying to solve the tricky water landscape by combining tech and financial solutions, addressing a range of water challenges. OriginClear's ingenious approach is paving the way for the private ...

August 22, 2023

Prosper Project: Water is the New Gold

Riggs Eckelberry is a nationally renowned entrepreneur revolutionizing the water industry, which has reached a critical breaking point in recent years despite being essential to the planet's survival. As the founding CEO of OriginClear, Riggs has developed innovative solutions to help businesses face rising water bills by tapping into new investment markets.

August 16, 2023

Transforming the Water Industry — with Riggs Eckelberry of OriginClear

Riggs Eckelberry - Founder & CEO of OriginClear / Season 3, Episode 6 The mission at OriginClear is to launch amazing new ventures that transform the water industry and improve our most precious asset: life-giving water. Listen as CEO, Riggs Eckelberry talks about how OriginClear is doing this, one startup at a time.

August 1, 2023

You Need To Clean Up Your Water! Here Are The Steps To Take. With Riggs Eckelberry

Riggs Eckelberry is a nationally-renowned entrepreneur dedicated to revolutionizing the water industry, which has reached a critical breaking point in recent years despite being essential to the planet's survival. As the founding CEO of a public company, Riggs has developed innovative solutions to help businesses face rising water bills by tapping into new ...

July 31, 2023

How OriginClear is Empowering Local Communities with Riggs Eckelberry

1186 Today, we have a visionary guest who is revolutionizing the water industry with innovative solutions for clean and abundant water everywhere. He's the CEO and Chairman of OriginClear, a true disruptor who has transitioned from the tech world to become a leader in the 'green' space. Join us as we explore his journey, from driving tech successes to empowering ...

July 26, 2023

Riggs Eckelberry: A Worldwide Water Market is Being Born & H2O Eventually Tokenized

Riggs Eckelberry discusses all the problems related to water today (e.g. freshwater shortage, soaring costs, unsafe public systems, failing infrastructure). The government has stopped investing in water infrastructure and is only maintaining the systems built many decades ago. He describes the decentralized modular water-on-demand solutions OriginClear is ...

June 15, 2023

Riggs Eckelberry on The Hrvoje Morić Show

On today's show, water industry disrupter Riggs Eckelberry has a conversation about all things related to H2O, including some of the unique and revolutionary water-related projects he is working on.

May 28, 2023

Leading the Water On Demand Revolution with Riggs Eckelberry

The WowFactor Podcast with Samuel Kamugisha In this 35th episode of the WowFactor Podcast, I feature Riggs Eckelberry. He joins the WowFactor discussion to dive deeper into Leading the Water On Demand Revolution. Riggs is a nationally-renowned entrepreneur dedicated to revolutionising the water industry, which has reached a critical breaking point in recent ...

May 10, 2023

How to Disrupt a Slow Moving Industry

Talking Small Business with Riggs Eckelberry The only constant is change and those that don't change tend to get disrupted. To keep up you must be proactive, creative, and flexible since it's better to be the disruptor rather than the disrupted. I'll be talking with Riggs Eckelberry about How to Disrupt a Slow-Moving Industry.

April 21, 2023

Innovation is blazing the future-Riggs Eckelberry

What is Innovation? The newest episode of the "What is Innovation?" podcast is now live! In this episode, we dive into the ways that experience teaches us lessons and how podcasts impact innovation. Our guest, Riggs Eckelberry, CEO & Founder of OriginClear Inc., shares his insights on keeping innovation fresh and taking lessons from transformative technology.

March 17, 2023

Cut Your Phone Calls, Liquidity Events in the Dot Com Bubble, and Tales from an Adventurer with Riggs Eckelberry

Water makes up 60% of the human body and we can’t go more than 3 days without it. It’s essential for life, yet how we access, process and filter water is based on old (and aging) infrastructure. This infrastructure represents a $trillion$ dollar problem that Riggs sets out to solve with OriginClear! We talk about what OriginClear is doing to solve the problem, ...

March 13, 2023

“Water On Demand” : A Regulation A+ Crowdfunding Example

In our last podcast, we highlighted the Regulation A crowdfunding process from a theoretical basis. On this podcast, OriginClear’s CEO Riggs Eckelberry explains how his company is actually using Reg.A for real with his “water on demand” opportunity. Learn how his company is making water an investable asset! … and how his company just went live with their new ...

November 21, 2022

Is America's Water Infrastructure Falling Apart?

Riggs Eckelberry is the Founder and CEO of the innovative water technology company, OriginClear, which is delivering water solutions for industrial customers worldwide. And now, industrial users can treat their water right where they use it, using prepackaged “point of use” water treatment systems that have an amazing life cycle of up to 100 years or more. ...

November 16, 2022

Smart Water Solutions with Riggs Eckelberry

Investing is oxygen for water techs. One can invest in assets such as oil and gas and real state, but how about investing in water? Apparently, there is not enough financial infrastructure to invest in water beyond a handful of large water OEM’s (Origin Equipment Manufacturing or a company that builds water treatment systems) and few big chemical firms which ...

November 8, 2022

Water is the Future - Riggs Eckelberry Founder & CEO of OriginClear

Long a disruptive tech marketer and executive, Riggs Eckelberry became involved in the early “green” space when he co-founded the company that eventually became OriginClear, taking it public in 2008. Beginning in 2014, he and his team developed a series of transformative businesses which OriginClear manages in its role as the Clean Water Innovation Hub™.

June 29, 2022

Mama Earth Talk | How Decentralization is Impacting Water with Riggs Eckelberry

In this episode, we talk to Riggs Eckelberry. He is the founder and CEO of the innovative water technology company, OriginClear. We take a look at the importance of industries and agriculture treating water, the processes that OriginClear uses to make that possible as well as how a financial decentralization of water can impact water as we know it.

June 22, 2022

The FI Show | Disrupting the Water Industry as a CEO and How You Can Invest in Water

Today, there is a growing need for water independence as central infrastructure fails and populations migrate to secondary cities. Origin Clear answers that call with their Water On Demand initiative which allows everyday investors to invest directly in productive water projects, thereby enabling businesses and communities to pay for only the water they use with ...

June 14, 2022

Keepin it Real With Carmel | The over the phone conversation with Riggs Eckelberry

OriginClear CEO Riggs and I spoke about Inflation and other important topics such as 1. Where is inflation going & what are the threats? 2. Is Water the New Gold? 3.Why is it that investors cannot invest directly in water projects? 4. What is Water On Demand, and how could it transform the water industry? 5. What does it take to disrupt a slow-moving ...

April 7, 2022

Building Your Network | 746: Riggs Eckelberry | Water on Demand: Decentralizing Water to Save the World

What if I told you investing in water could be as lucrative as investing in oil while solving the world’s water crisis? Riggs Eckelberry is the CEO and founder of the innovative water technology company, OriginClear. He is a disruptor of the Big Water industry, which has fallen behind the times and is affecting the health of millions. Riggs achieves this by ...

April 7, 2022

The Millionaire Choice | Make More Money. Help More People.

Riggs Eckelberry, CEO/Co-Founder of OriginClear Water. This week on The Millionaire Choice Podcast, Tony talks with Riggs Eckelberry, CEO and co-founder of OriginClear Water. Tony and Riggs discuss his time working at a non-profit and how to use wealth to help benefit the world.

April 4, 2022

Awesome Earthkind Energy | Transitioning Towards a High Tech Future: Treating Our Own Water and Making It Reusable

Take a step towards saving humanity’s future as we work towards an environment of smart energy, water, and everything else - and where we think about how even water can be reused! Riggs Eckelberry is the CEO of OriginClear. Riggs is uniquely qualified to ride the wave of do-it-yourself water treatment that is transforming the water industry and combating the ...

March 10, 2022

@SustainabilityChampions | Interview with Sustainability Champion RIggs Eckelberry

@sustainabilitychampion's Daniel Hartz discusses with Riggs Eckelberry what OriginClear does, what the term “Water On Demand” means, and why investors are so interested in water. Americans drink more than a billion glasses of tap water per day and as water scarcity increases because of climate change, this can pose some big challenges in the future. OriginClear ...

February 15, 2022

Edge Podcast | How a Former Tech Exec is Making Water Better

Listen to Riggs story how he went from tech exec to CEO of a small public company disrupting the water industry and lessons you can learn to help your business. Riggs was once a happy tech executive. Riggs ended up as CEO of a small public company working to disrupt industrial water, a huge, but slow-moving trillion- dollar global market.

February 9, 2022

Young Entrepreneurs | Lessons with the CEO of OriginClear

Young Entrepreneurs, The Green Roof Team's Nelson Fernandez, interviews the CEO OriginClear, Riggs Eckelberry, who shares lessons from his life and running a successful business with an innovative business model.

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