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Tom Marchesello

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Chief Operating Officer

'"Make Water Great Again."

Tom Marchesello joined OriginClear after a successful transformation of the early Modular Water Systems group into a streamlined operational model with manufacturing of a branded modular water treatment product lineup.  Tom has been a leading voice for innovative companies with strong ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) based business.  OriginClear and the Modular Water Treatment business is a triple bottom line win for our company, our clients, and the community while helping investors actually measure the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a company that is doing good while driving innovation from current operations and being positive about future financial value and performance.  

He is charged with scaling up the assembly-line modularized water treatment model, presenting Modular Water Systems as the flagship branded product line, supported by the existing service and technology divisions, and integrating acquisitions as they occur to help create The Next Great Water Company™.

Tom began his career in the U.S. Air Force leading in aerospace operations and strategy at Air Force Space Command Headquarters, leaving the service as a Captain. He then headed eCommerce Operations at Sony Electronics, where he built eCommerce sales and distribution channels for Digital Devices, growing the business unit to 400 people and helping to invent multiple patents. He was the Director of consumer data analytics that sold to Thompson Reuters and the Director that managed over 200 corporate brands including NBC, Hard Rock Hotels, ESPN, Sony, Live Nation, San Diego Zoo, Jaguar, Toyota, Surefire, and others.  

Tom then joined Bainbridge Investment Banking Group as Director of M&A Investments, where, as head trendspotter he led the buyside team in middle market transactions with PE Funds & Corporate acquisition groups. By targeting industrial manufacturing and distribution companies, he increased banking revenue 400% over two years with over $1Billion in Acquisitions & Investments.

Some of his leading edge FinTech investment work with CME Group set the foundation for the entire Secure Messaging & Blockchain Industry, and positioned the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a leading force in the cryptocurrency futures and securities markets. 

It was this cryptocurrency experience that first brought OriginClear and Tom Marchesello together on the Waterchain project. Tom was attracted to the market initiative to design and transform the funding of decentralized water projects throughout the world. As OriginClear invested in developing answers to the packaged water systems megatrend, it was logical to apply Tom’s skills to that business as well.

Tom holds a BS in Finance from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from San Diego State University and holds US PATENT #7,613,634, for performing Electronic Retailing. He received two Air Force Achievement Medals, two Air Force Commendation Medals, and a Gulf War Service Medal. He currently advises a number of finance, real estate, and industrial groups on ESG strategy and business growth.

On 13 June 2019, OriginClear named Tom Marchesello Chief Operating Officer. Leading up to this, the Company streamlined its functional organization at a strategic meeting, held at the headquarters of Progressive Water Treatment (see photos and videos)

“I welcome Tom Marchesello to help operate our growing company,” said Riggs Eckelberry, OriginClear President and CEO. “His rapid intervention is now driving major reaches from business users that have to deal with their own water treatment problems, and are attracted to the advantages of a Water System In A Box™.”

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