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Skye Logan

Skye Logan, CEO Philanthroinvestors

OriginClear Advisor
CEO PhilanthroInvestors®

2x Inc 500 Executive / Serial Entrepreneur / Philanthropist / Husband & Father of Six

Since starting his work and business life at 12yrs old, Skye has had an overriding purpose for personal development, challenges, helping others and has a long history of volunteer and humanitarian work. Before his successful career in the real estate sector, Skye was instrumental in developing and managing a one-of-its-kind multilocation medically assisted holistic drug and alcohol detox and rehab program. As a 2x Inc. 500 Executive, his work has spanned many facets of the real estate industry, from residential sales to helping build a $ 50 million-plus housing philanthroinvesting portfolio. Skye is a devoted husband and father of six.

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