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Daniel Early

Daniel Early Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer

Dan leads OriginClear's engineering activities through the design and development of the Modular Water™ (MWS) product line of prefabricated and prepackaged water treatment and conveyance systems utilizing Structurally Reinforced ThermoPlastics (SRTP) materials. SRTP manufacturing permits the ability to fabricate advanced heavy plastic infrastructure products in a factory setting where this unique approach overcomes inherent and significant limitations that have stymied the evolution and advancement of mission critical civil infrastructure technologies for decades.

SRTP manufacturing is truly a “game changer” relative to traditional custom engineered and field constructed systems built with concrete and steel. STRP materials substantially reduce initial capital product costs, but more importantly, offer system life cycles that are between 300% and 400% longer than conventional concrete and steel—-which offers the End User/Owner a substantial savings in Operations and Maintenance cost. MWS’s designs and manufacturing techniques are ideal for the decentralized and infrastructure requirements needed in today’s water and wastewater markets.

Dan has worked as either a professional Consulting Engineer or an Engineered Products Development Specialist throughout his career with the majority of his professional focus related to the water and environmental industry. He possesses a very strong understanding of the complex and interconnected disciplines, economies, and governmental regulation needed to develop and sustain modern civil infrastructure systems that reflect a balance of environmental stewardship, social expectations, and cultural requirements.

Since 2010, Dan has specialized in the research, development, and deployment of next generation water infrastructure technologies using heavy plastic manufacturing. His initiatives and innovations led to the granting of six patents issued in his name for various inventions related to these infrastructure products. His vision represents the basis of Modular Water’ product line.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Virginian Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech). He is also licensed as a Professional Engineer in Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Montana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Mexico and North Dakota. When not working for MWS, he spends his time with his wife, Tracy, and their two sons, Harrison and Ashton living in the picturesque mountains of Southwest Virginia.


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