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Jean-Louis Kindler

Jean-Louis Kindler OriginClear Director


Jean-Louis (“JL”) Kindler is a longtime Director of the Company. As President of OriginClear Technologies, he led the commercialization of OriginClear’s breakthrough water treatment technology.

Today, he is the CEO of Clean Energy Enterprises Inc., established to commercialize the Blue Tower biomass-to-hydrogen system he helped develop two decades ago in Japan.

Mr. Kindler is a veteran of 25 years as both a top executive and engineer in environmental technologies. Before OriginClear, JL was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Ennesys, the company’s French joint venture, where he designed its patent-pending waste-to-energy system.

Earlier, as founding CEO of MHS Equipment, a French nanotechnologies equipment manufacturing firm (42 M€, 360 employees in 2008), he led the development of a breakthrough fuel cell process.

And earlier still, his twenty-year career in Japan gave him unique insight into fast-growing Asian markets. There, as principal of technology incubator Pacific Junction, Jean-Louis completed various assignments. These included technology sourcing for the French industrial group GEC-Altshom, building the first commercial unit of the Blue Tower (to which he has recently returned in its now-fourth generation), and market development for a fluids mixing technology that helped inspire early OriginClear inventions.

Jean-Louis holds a Master’s in Economics and Public Policy from the Institute of Political Science in Lyon, France, and an MBA in International Management in Paris.

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