Riggs Eckelberry OriginClear CEO

Riggs Eckelberry

President & CEO
Chairman of the Board

Co-founder Riggs Eckelberry brings his veteran technology management skills to the Blue Technology sector and most recently has launched WaterChain, OriginClear’s prospective Initial Coin Offering (ICO). As President and COO of CyberDefender Corporation from 2005 to 2006, he was instrumental in building the company and its innovative product line, helping to achieve initial funding and a public company filing. From 2001 to mid-2005, he helped launch and turn around technology companies as founder and President of TechTransform, a technology consulting firm. In 2004, he was a key member of the team that commercialized YellowPages.com, resulting in its sale for $100 million to SBC/BellSouth. In 2003, he helped make Panda Software a key player in the US market as the General Manager of its US unit. During the high-tech boom of the 1990s, he was responsible for the global brand success of the software product, CleanSweep. Riggs also served as Chief Operating Officer of MicroHouse Technologies, where he helped to achieve a successful sale of the company to Earthweb; and he was a key member of the team that completed the sale of venture-backed TriVida to what is now a division of ValueClick (VCLK). The Business Rockstars network interviewed Riggs in 2017 to discuss his professional journey from an entrepreneur in New York in the early 80s to the founding of OriginClear. Riggs Eckelberry’s formation was in the non-profit sector and as a mariner; he holds an oceangoing master’s license (inactive).