Bill Charneski OriginClear Group President

Bill Charneski

President, OriginClear Group

Bill leads the OriginClear Group™, which consists of expert and profitable companies serving corporate customers in industry and agriculture. These water users are increasingly outsourcing their water treatment needs as these become more challenging, due to regulation and water shortages.

Recently, Bill assumed the leadership of the Technologies Division, as part of its strategic integration within the group of companies. 

Beginning in 2012, Mr. Charneski played a key role in developing the company’s Electro Water Separation™ technology for the oil & gas industry, spanning product development, sales and licensing, manufacturing control and integration with other industry systems.

Prior to joining the company, Bill Charneski served as CEO of two startup firms, with a demonstrated track record of acquiring companies and creating sustained sales growth through the introduction of new products and process innovation.

As a chemical process engineer, plant supervisor and regional sales manager in his 15-year career at Dow Chemical, Bill gained extensive experience with process development and industrial equipment design and manufacturing, as well as a range of cross-functional knowledge and skills in marketing, sales, finance, operations, project management, team building, and quality control systems.

Bill holds an MBA degree from Central Michigan University, as well as a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois.