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Will the decline of young entrepreneurs affect water?

Oct 20, 2023 1:18:31 PM

Sam Altman pointed out that the number of 25 year old startup entrepreneurs is declining — is the risk too great or is some other factor shutting them out?

And how does this apply to the water industry?


Sam A on Joe R show ftSam Altman appeared on the Joe Rogan show and spoke about AI and why the decline of mid-twenties innovators and start-up risk-takers in not healthy for the business community.


Well with 7 million jobs becoming available due to the industry's "silver tsunami", job openings are plentiful…

But not in centralized facilities — in the blossoming privatized water sector!

That's one reason we're targeting aggressive acquisition of growing, independent companies to complete the Water On Demand strategy.

What does this mean to investors considering the potential of an investment in water?

You'll find that out in Thursday's briefing  replay!

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