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Why did Kevin Harrington become an OriginClear advisor?

Mar 8, 2024 4:52:00 PM

Can we really double the amount of domestic freshwater available?

Actually, if we can speed-spread business related wastewater recycling - Yes!

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Is investor funded water the solution?

Feb 23, 2024 5:09:55 PM

With centralized water facilities straining under capacity loads, an increase in aging infrastructure failures, mushrooming suburban sprawl and a boom in ex-urban development, the demand for decentralized water treatment is out the roof!

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Can we scale clean water distribution?

Feb 16, 2024 12:15:00 PM

Last night's briefing really demonstrated the importance of understanding that the basic common denominator of everything a successful business is built around is - PEOPLE!

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Is ours a proven model for success?

Feb 9, 2024 3:27:26 PM

Every CEO Briefing should be as fun as last night's!

We watched a video interview  with Consumer Energy Solutions CEO, Jim Mathers (who then joined us LIVE!) all about why onsite, modular, decentralized energy solutions are the best answer for corporate sustainability,

And how they relate to water.

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Can one solution span the demands for decentralized water?

Feb 2, 2024 1:23:25 PM

Once in a very rare while we encounter an innovation or development that is just breathtakingly brilliant.

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How to scale "Water as a Managed Service" micro-utilities

Jan 26, 2024 3:56:00 PM

We teased the CEO briefing as 'how to build resiliency through distributed water management systems', and the scoop on how that initiative is developing is exciting.

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How we can conquer water's infrastructure crisis

Jan 19, 2024 12:07:00 PM

You'll see from the news items in last night's briefing that infrastructure stress and failures are becoming increasingly common place, and resultantly, demand for workable technology and solutions is at an all-time high.

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Can we meet booming infrastructure demand?

Jan 12, 2024 1:02:33 PM

It became evident from the news items covered in last night's briefing that a number of major infrastructure demand drivers are creating a perfect storm.

But what became even more evident is that our overall strategy correctly predicted it and is lining up with that demand…

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The Progressing Rise of Commodity Based Finance

Jan 5, 2024 3:34:36 PM

Infrastructure stress is already outstripping grid capacities and with growing populations will only get worse.

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Where does Water On Demand meet the infrastructure crisis?

Dec 29, 2023 12:42:32 PM

Good Morning!

Last night's  year end review demonstrates our focus on delivery of last year's stellar sales.

But the real "goose bump factor" is how it projects out over the next 3 years*, and where Water On Demand starts to really weigh in…

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Can we predict water infrastructre demand?

Dec 15, 2023 12:11:41 PM

We covered in last night's briefing how layoffs of highly paid professionals are hampering real estate and other values, but meanwhile advanced manufacturing is on a tear.

But what does that mean for water?

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How we are launching the new asset class

Dec 8, 2023 2:20:35 PM

We detailed in last night's briefing exactly how we intend to rapidly scale Water On Demand and YES! It's all about our acquisition strategy…

But what about the market for water?

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The New Approach to Clean Water Access

Dec 1, 2023 4:02:35 PM

With centralized water districts allowing private actors to buy up water companies outrage over the control of virgin water sources is "boiling over."

And water rates in affected areas are soaring!

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$Trillion industries and water

Nov 21, 2023 2:58:00 PM

Any interview with COO Tom Marchesello is guaranteed to be interesting! In this interview his analysis was amazing.

With the growing domination of digital applications, data center expansion is soaring. It's a $Trillion industry. But overheating is a huge problem…

And for us, a mega opportunity.

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Can we make water an investable asset?

Nov 10, 2023 3:30:24 PM

How could an investment in water be more liquid than real estate but carry the lower risk factor of structured products and equities?

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A milestone for water — The People's Asset

Oct 27, 2023 2:55:34 PM

Why does our announcement of a Definitive Agreement to merge with a Nasdaq-listed blank-check company make us so irrepressibly optimistic?

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Will the decline of young entrepreneurs affect water?

Oct 20, 2023 1:18:31 PM

Sam Altman pointed out that the number of 25 year old startup entrepreneurs is declining — is the risk too great or is some other factor shutting them out?

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Leading water innovation

Oct 13, 2023 1:04:19 PM

The headline says, "Salt water intrusion is encroaching on New Orleans drinking water."

It's the type of infrastructure related problem we are seeing more and more frequently — drinking the water not only endangers people's health but the salt water leaches lead from the old pipes into the water…

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Why water is the emerging asset

Oct 6, 2023 1:38:00 PM

We periodically step back and take a broad look at the big picture — global economics, inflation and productivity, what's declining — what's arising.

You know — proven, reliable indexes.

Experienced investors may have their favored avenues of investment, but the wise ones keep a sharp eye out for emerging assets.

So what did the data tell us about water as an investment?

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Building a water powerhouse

Sep 29, 2023 10:35:00 PM

We went behind the scenes with our COO, Tom Marchesello, who gave us the scoop on the booming delivery at Progressive Water Treatment (PWT).

After merging with Water On Demand, which already commands the innovative Modular Water technology, PWT was additionally spotlighted when it became the newly designated acquisition target of Fortune Rise Acquisition Corporation.

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