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Bringing Water Into the Digital Age

Apr 1, 2020 12:38:02 AM / by Riggs Eckelberry posted in Riggs Eckelberry, CEO Briefings, CEO, Trillion, Disruption, Promotion, Updates, Investing, Water Independence, Regulation A

Good Morning!

Water In The Digital Age

How do we make digital marketing VASTLY EXPAND industrial water? Manuel Suarez will show us how it's DONE!

Join us Thursday (tomorrow) on my monthly webinar at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern. Just click here to register.

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What's the new safe haven from virus fallout?

Mar 18, 2020 1:13:05 AM / by Riggs Eckelberry posted in CEO Updates, Riggs Eckelberry, CEO Briefings, Updates, Investing, Microtoxins, Property Value


First of all, I hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe. I’m not going to add to everyone else talking about COVID-19!

Instead, I’m going to cover what you can do as an investor.

I will discuss all of this and more on my Insider Briefing call this Thursday. 

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Stocks Fly To Safety - What Now?

Mar 11, 2020 11:05:29 AM / by Riggs Eckelberry posted in Algae, CEO Updates, CEO Briefings, India, Updates, Investing

Flight to safety: that's the new phase of the market.

The trigger was the tumbling price of oil. But when you think of it, that's actually good for the consumer

So over time, this will benefit the economy. And, China is back to work.

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Stocks snap back. Now what?

Mar 2, 2020 8:51:29 PM / by OriginClear Staff posted in Riggs Eckelberry, Modular Water Systems, Commercial Applications, Decentralization, Investing, Water Independence, Dan Early, Filtration

Good morning!

Global stocks snapped back yesterday after central banks pledged to intervene sharply.

So the economic situation may well work itself out.

But there will be winners and losers, and the Chinese economy is probably the biggest loser.

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As the economy cools, water...

Feb 19, 2020 5:31:06 PM / by Riggs Eckelberry posted in Riggs Eckelberry, Retrofit, Updates, Investing

Make sure you're signed up for my weekly Insider Briefing tomorrow

Thursday! 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern, Sign up now! 

Good evening!

I'm sending you this quick flash on a fast-moving situation.

You know the economy is cooling. It was, even before Coronavirus.

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Investors Find Shortage of Water Companies

Oct 28, 2019 11:00:42 AM / by OriginClear Staff posted in CEO Updates, Water Treatment, OCLN, Update, Water Company, ESG, Updates, Investing

Good morning!

This was last week's headline on CNBC:


Yes, it seems there's a shortage of publicly traded water companies in which to invest. These utilities are popular with funds that focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG).

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