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Why are alternative investments growing?

Jun 4, 2020 4:50:22 AM

Good morning! 

I hope you and your family are well.

Are you tired of trying to beat the stock market?

If yes, then you are one of the growing number of investors who are looking for alternative investments.

Alternative investments are growing fast.

Yesterday, I interviewed Ted Parker of the Millennium Trust Company.


Ted Parker Millennium Interview


Millennium was founded just twenty years ago to help people make alternative investments through their IRAs.

More than half their 1.5 million accounts contain alternative investments. That is very smart.

Ted told me that not every company gets approved for Millennium accounts. OriginClear is!

Catch his interview tonight, in my CEO Briefing! 

That's at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TODAY. Just click here to register.

Tom Marchesello running the revenue centers

Tom is a rock star. His bio is amazing and we are privileged to have him.

Tom has been working super hard on vital corporate matters such as a company-wide CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

But last Friday, I asked him to focus 100% on working with our manufacturing division, Progressive Water Treatment (PWT).

We felt that his total attention was needed to take this division to a whole new level. That’s especially true now that Modular Water Systems is 100% integrated into PWT.

Yesterday, he came up with a major Action Plan.

Tom will be on the briefing tonight. You must hear what he has to say!

Join me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TODAY. Just click here to register.


Viruses are very tough on populations and on the world economy.

Why isn’t it far worse? (Remember how the Spanish Flu of 1918 killed up to 100 million!)

Waste Pipes image


Unlike 1918, clean water and flushing toilets keep us safer. But we’re far from ideal.

The United Nations reports that 1.2 billion people drink unsafe water, and 2.6 billion do not have decent sanitation.

And here in the USA, we get virus infections from our own 26 million septic tanks.


We need better sanitation, to avoid more waves of illness.

OK so imagine you had unlimited funds, you could do something about it, right?

So, where to get the money?

And then we had an idea: why not help regular investors invest in water systems themselves?

That way we could speed things up without having to do it all ourselves.

Call it crowdfunding for a safer world.

Important: there is no guarantee we will succeed!

Key regulatory work must be completed to enable any transactions.

So it’s still very early and we are doing test transactions only.

But with hard work... we could have an early-stage marketplace in just a few months.

And if we can get that far, we can really make change happen with sanitation in the world. And make millions healthier and safer.

That’s a cause worth working toward.

I will discuss our progress and play a short clip on today's Briefing.

So... you must join us!

Join me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern TODAY. Just click here to register.

Yours in water,

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)

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