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Why isn't this the Spanish Flu?

May 21, 2020 6:36:37 AM

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Good morning! I hope you are safe and well.

Here's a "virus" question.

The Spanish Flu killed 50 million people in 1918. Now, the new coronavirus is very serious, but no one expects it to kill 50 million people.

Why not?


One word: sanitation.

In 1918, flushing toilets were still for the well-to-do.

Meanwhile, the disease incubated in the stinking trenches of World War I. Infected soldiers went home and the flu spread like wildfire.

So yes, we’re much better off today, but conditions in many parts of the world are still awful. We can do a better job of sanitation.

And that will keep us safer from viruses.

After all, only one-fifth of the raw sewage is treated at all. And less than one third of the industrial waste.

That's not right.

Don't know about you, but I don't want waves of infections in our future.

We have got to improve sanitation.

Tuesday, I discussed this on Coach David Schuman's Success For Life Podcast.

You can find him on Apple podcasts. You can watch him here too!

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

Riggs Eckelberry:

If you look at a 1918, the virus incubated in the trenches, these horrible unsanitary trenches, and it went from there and it just exploded across the world.

We'll never have that problem today, but we can do a better job against all viruses, not just corona, if we continue to improve sanitation...

But there's no easy financing.

As a water company, we've lived through the multi-month process of getting these deals done. Meanwhile, the world needs more sanitation. We think we found a solution.

Schuman Podcast image

David Schuman:

Obviously, disease is going to be an ongoing concern going forward.

As we start to improve here in a coronavirus, whether we get a vaccine or not, all these different things that happen, people are now much more conscious of disinfecting things, making sure things are going to be cleaner.

So, tell me a little bit about some of the solutions that you guys have.

Riggs Eckelberry:


Well, let's take Airbnb as an analogy, right?

So prior to Airbnb, there were hotels and then small crafty B&Bs with little lace curtains. And that was kind of the state of the art. Airbnb came along and industrialized the B&B space.

Well, the first thing that Airbnb did was that they practiced it themselves. The founders of Airbnb went and did it for their own first couple apartments in San Francisco themselves. So they did proof of concept... 

We're doing these experiments.

Now let's say you move beyond that. You'll be dealing with early adopters. Airbnb was a kind of a cool thing, kind of an insider thing for a long time. And then it exploded, right?

This has got to be a marketplace that has great quality and solves problems quickly and we're there to make that happen. We're in the testing phase right now.

Ken and I will discuss the marketplace model!

You need to see this.
You need to see how well AirBnB did, and how we are working to follow in their footsteps.

Full disclaimer: I'm not promising AirBnB! 

But I feel sure that a marketplace is the right path to help improve sanitation in the world.

That feels very, very good.

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Yours in water,

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)

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