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Stocks Fly To Safety - What Now?

Mar 11, 2020 2:05:29 PM

Flight to safety: that's the new phase of the market.

The trigger was the tumbling price of oil. But when you think of it, that's actually good for the consumer

So over time, this will benefit the economy. And, China is back to work.


Finding shelter from the storm

Investors are going to cash, or to stocks that don't follow the general market (like us).

Only one problem with cash? It doesn't earn anything.

Might even lose value ─ because the China shutdown affected supplies, therefore inflation.


What's the solution?

If you're an accredited investor, you need to be a secured lender.

Right now, we are offering an 8% return with a full repayment of your investment in two years, secured by our Manufacturing Division in Texas. 

And a stock grant for half your investment. With price protection!

As Ken Berenger put it today, "we're the antidote!"

And personally I think that our publicly traded stock is a great place to invest. But that's a personal ─ and very biased ─ opinion!

Talk to Ken Berenger now at 323-939-6645, extension 201... he will help you find shelter.

Or simply reply to this email. It comes straight to me.

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Algae Returns!

We love our strategic partner, Permionics in India! They have serious business traction in... algae.

Remember, that's what we started in. Our Electro Water Separation™ process started as a way to harvest algae.

But after the 2014 collapse in oil prices, we learned that algae wasn't a good market for biofuels. That's when we went into water "harvesting".

Here's the algae harvester model that we are sending to India.

You can read the product data sheet here


Algae HarvesterThe Smart Algae Harvester™ A25


Our Bill Charneski reports:

Today’s discussions are in two markets.  One customer produces animal feed additives, and the other customer needs an economical method to remove algae from large prawn operations.

The animal feed producer is currently using centrifuges to separate the feed from water and are looking for a more efficient process in terms of power and dewatering efficiency. They have [reportedly] committed to rental of an algae harvester pilot unit for testing. They were encouraged to proceed with testing when they received a proposal for $300,000 for commercial scale equipment for their Australian and Thailand operations.

Excellent update, and I expect to have more on this in my Thursday Insider Briefing...

And I will see you Thursday!

We're back to the weekly "Insider Briefing", which is very, very informative. It's just me.

Click here now to join me!

Don't miss it.


Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)

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