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Can we scale clean water distribution?

Feb 16, 2024 12:15:00 PM

Last night's briefing really demonstrated the importance of understanding that the basic common denominator of everything a successful business is built around is - PEOPLE!


2 CEOs pt 2

In these CEO briefings, we discuss numerous topics relating to our mission in water and often feature industry pros or guests from other comparative fields such as CEO Consumer Energy Solutions, Jim Mathers. The 2nd segment of the interview we filmed with Jim is featured in this briefing and you can view the first segment HERE.


Scaling clean water for all people

The real brilliance of Water On Demand is the combination of Modular Water's ability to scale technology DOWN to create compact, decentralized micro-utilities for businesses and other communities of people…

With an everyday investor Fintech model that possesses virtually unlimited capability to rapidly scale access to those micro-utilities UP!

How far up can it scale? 

Find out in the replay!


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