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How can we gain security over water risks

Sep 15, 2023 1:30:27 PM

In this week's briefing we delved into why you don't really want to be totally dependent on the government for clean water.

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Scaling to a Global Market

Sep 8, 2023 5:49:45 PM

We've known for years that what water needed was to decentralize infrastructure — something we know exactly how to do.

But what about scaling it fast enough?

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Solving water's infrastructure crisis

Sep 1, 2023 3:25:00 PM

It's Official — Modular Water is on fire! Why?

True, its killer combination of durability and affordability give it a competitive advantage, and Dan Early's clever use of continued education for water industry engineers has built MWS a booming defacto sales force…

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The Modular Water advantage

Aug 25, 2023 1:06:55 PM

The depth of the Modular Water Systems™ (MWS) competitive analysis really demonstrates its product's advantages with authority, and the phenomenal growth potential because of its perfect market position.

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How fast must we scale water?

Aug 18, 2023 6:52:38 PM

We opened this week's briefing with a hard look at how everyday Americans are being impacted by inflation and the cost of living…

What they're saying about it is dire, but what does that have to do with water? EVERYTHING!

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The inescapable shift to water

Aug 12, 2023 12:20:26 AM

We covered in the briefing how college tuition is no longer our #1 inflating item… Then what is?

As it turns out, studies show the most rapidly inflating expense in America is now — WATER!

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Scaling water strategically

Aug 4, 2023 3:13:48 AM

There's always something new on the show, and last night we showed a clip on how reverse osmosis works!

But the real focus was on key issues and solutions related to bringing more people clean water…

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Evolving decentralized water

Jul 28, 2023 4:23:00 PM

HEADLINE: "Old failing infrastructure is flooding Florida beaches with sewage..."

That's Sarasota, Daytona Beach, Boca Raton — NOT some unknown backwater, and it's becoming typical throughout the US today! Can we do anything about it?

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Does regionalization benefit water?

Jul 21, 2023 2:40:51 AM

What does the leading realist in the geopolitical establishment, Peter Zeihan, say about water in the coming decades?

Well, the dominating trend Zeihan singles out ─ the reshoring of industry and manufacturing to North America ─ including Mexico ─ heavily depends on…WATER!

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Can we accelerate clean water accessibility?

Jul 14, 2023 2:20:22 PM

We looked at what's behind the massive fish die-offs and there are several reasons. Can you guess the main one?

As for our tease that we finally have a handle on it — Well, you'll actually see what we're talking about in the briefing!

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Scaling water self-reliance

Jul 7, 2023 2:06:45 PM

We're seeing more legislation passed than ever to solve water issues!

So, we analyzed one of the 200 Florida laws that were just passed in Tallahassee. They're trying to aggressively address lack of sewage infrastructure.

Will they succeed? And how do we support their efforts to improve sanitation?

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Why water professionals are testifying

Jun 30, 2023 2:00:42 PM

"It's just like a miracle — that's how it works!" said Jimmy Moon, Consulting Engineer from Denison Texas. Naturally, Jimmy was praising the Modular Water System that Dan Early and his team just installed at a growing Munson Point development Jimmy is consulting, so we aired his interview in last night's show.

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Rave reviews and the big self-treatment trend

Jun 23, 2023 7:07:43 PM

The rave Water Pro interview I aired last night says it all — Modular Water solves problems others don't, whether residential or big Industry… And you'll see the projects in this briefing that prove it!

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Radical water decentralization

Feb 16, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Happy Thursday!

Once again, it was my pleasure to be interviewed by the wonderful Jane King at the Nasdaq MarketSite on Times Square...

I am told this sponsored show will be featured on NewsMax, Fox Business, Bloomberg. (The NewsMax spot will appear at 3:30pm this Saturday.)

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Disrupting water: is that even possible?

Feb 9, 2023 12:51:13 PM

Happy Thursday!

Disruption: how do you do it? In a slow-moving space like WATER?

Yesterday, Andrew Frazier Jr. interviewed me on that very subject. (Andrew has the show "Leadership Live at 8:05 — Talking Small Business").

I will play the first clip from the interview, but here is what he posted last night about our discussion:

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Check out our updated forecast!

Feb 2, 2023 2:40:24 PM

Happy Thursday!

Our Strategic Presentation is now updated with new forecast numbers.

The most important measure of performance in a public company is Revenues, also known as Recognized Revenues. This is when sales are actually "earned" by meeting delivery milestones.

Well, check out how our Revenue jumps in the 2022 forecast!

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Watch us get heated on camera!

Jan 26, 2023 3:02:58 PM

Happy Thursday!

And.... Action! You can see from this screenshot that we got very passionate in our New To The Street interview!

Well, tune in tonight to get the First Look at this interview.

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OriginClear goes to New York

Jan 19, 2023 5:40:30 PM

Happy Thursday!

Ken Berenger and I traveled this week to NYC for an interview by anchorperson Jane King, for the program New To The Street.

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First Look: the Estrella Nouri Interview

Jan 12, 2023 2:53:32 PM

Happy Thursday

An Amazing Interview

Actress and Guess model Estrella Nouri is not only very beautiful, she is funny — and sharp as a tack.

So when I sat down with her for an in-depth interview at my brother's stunning Topanga Canyon home over the holidays, she quickly drilled down on our "pretty geeky story" to make what we do, understandable by every audience.

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How can we kickstart innovation?

Jan 5, 2023 5:34:30 PM

Happy Thursday!

Is Innovation Dying Off?

This is one crazy graph. All my tech career I've taken it for granted that innovation was speeding up.

And yet, here we are with science taking a safer and safer (and less innovative) path.

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