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Mike's Big Mojo

Jan 21, 2019 9:05:00 AM

Happy MLK Day!

Important: the CEO Briefing scheduled for this Thursday is being rescheduled for the NEXT THURSDAY (the 31st).

The reason is actually quite cool: I will be on my way back from a meeting to sign a letter of intent to acquire a great Texas-based water company.

No promises, but we believe we have the funding lined up, and the great owners appear to be in agreement.

This is an amazing, profitable company, and we would be proud to have them join the Group. I can say no more.
For any real disclosure, you will have to wait for the disclosable event! Until then, do not bank on it!

I discussed this potential acquisition on MondayTV last Thursday. Watch it here.

OK so what's this Big Mojo story?

Mike Jenkins is the star V.P. Sales at our Texan subsidiary, Progressive Water Treatment.

On the 10th, he wrote:
"Well gents, I thought I had received a Dear John email to my follow up email this morning on this project. But when I signed into the site, this is what I found! 

Image may contain: text

(Note: It's a large power plant project.)

"This is one we had absolutely no inside track. Here is a list of the other approved bidders:

[hiding the names here]

1. Big US water company that sells pumps and filters.
2. Huge European water company.
3. Massive water engineering company.
4. Another major industrial water treatment company.
5. And... yet another Big Ten water company.

Mike Jenkins
V.P. Sales
Progressive Water Treatment, Inc.

So what happened?

Back in August, one of PWT's reps got a new territory that included Colorado. He had been talking to a gentleman at the plant about a large RO (Reverse Osmosis) project coming up. The gentleman asked him if he knew any suppliers that he would recommend to bid it and he gave him Mike's contact info. The rest is history...

There are no coincidences, right? Just nonstop work on relationships, and great service.

More great surprises

That's far from the only great surprise we got in the first half of January. Marc and Mojo Mike and the whole PWT team are ON FIRE!!

OK - so that's the news for this morning.

Join me on January 31 at 5PM Pacific Time for the wrap up on the month.

Just click here to book your spot for January's SPECIAL BRIEFING.

And if you would like a private briefing in the meantime, just call (323) 939-6645 ext 116 or email ceoasst@originclear.com.

Have a great week!

Your CEO,


Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)

PS: there's a limit of 100 listeners, so sign up now...!

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