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How a major partner helps us expand

Aug 24, 2022 6:39:09 PM

Good afternoon!

I just completed our first Facebook Live with OriginClear Advisor, founder of PhilanthroInvestors™... Ivan Anz! We expect this will be a monthly event.

For nearly 40 minutes, we discussed how "Water is in a perfect storm", and what we are doing about it.

We covered these topics:

  1. We are hearing of many water problems, even disasters like the Colorado river drying up. What can we do about these problems?
  2. There's a great deal of concern about "Forever Chemicals" - how is OriginClear helping?
  3. Is water an investable asset? How does it work?
  4. The Philanthroinvesting story of expansion into Water
  5. The future of the OriginClear & Philanthroinvestors Partnership

That's vital! But... you may not have 40 minutes to spare. No worries, you'll get the highlights tomorrow on my CEO Briefing!

Ivan & Riggs

What about those Forever Chemicals?

The world is quickly becoming aware of these chemicals, which are in all the water ─ even rainwater!

According to an article in NBC News, these were once used in the manufacture of consumer products. They were invented in the 1930s and used in nonstick and waterproof coatings for consumer goods starting in the 1940s and 50s. They are no longer used... but they persist in the environment.

We're active in filtering out these chemicals. I will show you video on this, tomorrow night.

That and so much more... including that briefing from an actual management meeting about the progress of Water On Demand™ pilot projects.

So join me...

...at 5pm Pacific, 8pm EasternTOMORROW ─ Thursday 25 August 2022Just click here to register!

Note: if you registered recently, you don't need to again. Zoom will always email your unique link one day before, and again one hour before… each briefing! Check spam if needed.

(And if you can't make it, you will get the replay automatically.)

Yours in Water,

Riggs EckelberryPresident & CEOOriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)The Clean Water Innovation Hub™


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