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How Is Water On Demand Like Oil & Gas?

Nov 9, 2021 5:11:00 PM

Good evening!

Water On Demand™* is ramping up!

Expect to hear shortly how many more investors have now come into the new water asset offering.

Water On Demand and Oil & Gas

What does this have to do with Oil and Gas?  It's called Master Limited Partnerships.

In 1981, Apache Corporation created the first MLP, Apache Petroleum Company (APC). By combining the interests of 33 disparate oil and gas programs into one, APC was able to operate them more efficiently. (MLP 101)

Many oil and gas firms will actually issue MLPs instead of shares of stock! That's how attractive they are. It's how individual investors can profit directly from the exploration and production of energy.

The water industry doesn't have these. In fact, by law, MLPs are only available to investors in energy portfolios!

So how do people invest in water projects?

That's what we had to solve; and we worked on this, nonstop, for the past year and a half.

Now, investors in our water asset offering get generous stock, plus option leverage. And a profit share from the pay-per-gallon programs operated by Water On Demand.

In other words, a lot like oil and gas production!


Our conventional business... now straight up and vertical.

If you've been following my weekly CEO Briefings, you know that we have been blowing up.

Here's a graph of our booked sales through October.  



That's a grand total of $10,915,702 for both Progressive Water and Modular Water, with two months to go in the year.

Whew! That's huge!

In fact, our Texas HQ has a record 32 projects on the shop floor.

Why so much business? What does this have to do with Water On Demand?

Find out all about it on this week's Briefing.



Join me... at 5pm Pacific, 8pm EasternTHIS THURSDAYJust click here to register!

(And if you can't make it, you will get the replay automatically.)

Yours in Water,

Riggs EckelberryPresident & CEOOriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)Total Outsourced Water™

* Water On Demand is in pilot phase and it may not continue in its present form. Please request our investment terms from invest@originclear.com. Rely on our quarterly and annual disclosures for all investment analysis.


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