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As Sewers Break, Businesses Cope

Dec 30, 2019 2:35:03 AM

Good morning!

Timing can be an amazing thing. In my last CEO Briefing of the year, I said,

"The big centralized water systems, which are paid for by citizens, should be growing to meet the population demands and all this stuff I just talked about, but they are basically just trying to keep up with the degradation of their systems.
"So again, it's on us at the point of need. These are decentralized systems, which is exactly what we're doing." 


South Florida: central sewage is falling apart

And then came the news that the affluent town of Fort Lauderdale has been hit with not one, or two, but four water main breaks!

"Crews are working to make emergency repairs to another sewer main break in Fort Lauderdale. It’s the fourth one to impact the city this month...

"Residents have begun to complain online about the city’s ability to maintain and update its infrastructure following the breaks," reported the Miami Herald

Ft Lauderdale City Sewer Mains BreakFt Lauderdale copes with four water main breaks in a row.

And, back in July,

"...businesses left without water in a daylong outage...are suing Florida Power & Light for “gross negligence.”


But if you have to sue, the damage is done.

Businesses need uninterrupted service. 

That's why more and more businesses are doing their own water treatment. I write about this trend in Blue gold: why water is this century’s most important investment frontier:

"...moving from old-school reliance on public water networks to new-school resource self-management has become a life-or-death business decision. Adopt and embrace new processes, or be left high and dry by the centralized system — literally."


Decentralize or Die

The new trend toward "water treatment at the edge" was clear to us years ago. But as I said on 19 December

"I was a voice in the wilderness for a long time. 2016, I was already writing about decentralized water treatment and people were like, "Huh? What?" I mean, I even had backers that were saying, "What's the issue? I flush my toilet just fine." But it's becoming clear that there's a problem and that we are part of the solution with our Modular Water Systems™." 

This is the new thing in water treatment, and the mega-water companies are missing it. That's why, in 2018, we made a major investment in systems that can be positioned quickly at the place of business.

Modular Water Systems is now rolling. It directly serves businesses that must do their own treatment.

Which makes OriginClear a company with very good timing!


Big Briefing Thursday after next!

Thursday after next (not this week), join me live as I talk about this trend and how we are positioned for it. 

And I have some good news for you... but you have to tune in to hear it!

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Catch you Thursday 9 January, and here's to a great 2020 together!

Happy New Year.


Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)

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