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Beer and That Other Thing

Dec 6, 2018 6:41:49 PM

Happy Thursday!

This week, Dan Early's Modular Water Systems signed up another micro-brewery. This one is in Southern California.

What's amazing is that it took just three days from the first contact to the client's final acceptance of the $70,000 proposal.

Three days. And water deals usually take months!
Why did the client choose us? Three reasons: "Quality of MWS, water savings and cost."

You can see our own notes right here:

47578992_2261211653903113_779104640837877760_o(The 20% penetration is theoretical, but it gives you an idea of the size of market.)

Craft brewing: a market on fire.

I'm told there are about a thousand "craft breweries" in the Southwest, 900 just in California. And here's what's amazing, 300 more are going through the permitting process!

That is a market on fire. And they need to save money on water.

Just reusing water for things like rinsing bottles, at least half of a brewery's water can be reused. That's a big deal in the Southwest, where water rates are extremely high.

That "other thing"? Cannabis.

Guess what... At an investor conference today, a prominent speaker said that the #1 issue for the USA cannabis industry is... WATER.

(I will tell you who it was on this afternoon's call! Sign up here.)

Beer and cannabis waste waters are both organic, very similar. And of course, the water must be very pure to start with.

To be clear, we are NOT in talks with any cannabis grower! But it's also clear that if we can clean brewery water, we can clean cannabis waste water too.

Now... it's not about being "for" or "against" cannabis. We have no position on that!

It's about cleaning the water. And that is our job, and our commercial opportunity.

For now, all our focus is on the craft breweries, and that appears to be accelerating.

If you have a personal connection to a craft brewery or cannabis grower, reply to this email, I get it right in my inbox and will get the team in touch. You can help us gain market share!

Join me on today's briefing!

I'll talk about this, and LOTS more this afternoon. Long list.

Did you know that water is "as hot as solar" right now for mergers and acquisitions? I will discuss that research.

And much more.

As always, today's call is at 5pm Pacific Time, 8pm New York time.

Just click here to book your spot. See you on the call!

Your CEO,


Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)

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