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News from India and the Sales Team

Feb 21, 2019 2:10:07 PM

Good morning!

JL is back!

Our intrepid President of Technology is back from his trip to India, and he will be discussing the results on MoneyTV today.

Not only are we getting astonishing business breakthroughs in India and elsewhere, but we are also developing new joint patents for field applications of our technology.
That's an integral piece of our new Intellectual Property strategy which is now dedicated to ramping up the commercial applications of our breakthrough technology.

This episode of MoneyTV will be available tomorrow morning, you will be able to preview it at on our Facebook page around 8am Pacific.

Sales, Sales, Sales

I'm sure you caught the last two announcements:

Meanwhile, Dan Early and his team at Modular Water Systems are continuing to execute on a plan that could multiply our business in the current year.

And that's WITHOUT the new manufacturer's reps that Bill Charneski is recruiting and training!

So it looks very good for consecutive quarters of growing revenue. When we look up from all the work, we are happy.

What about the acquisition?

Last Thursday, I discussed how the acquisition process is going. You can watch last week's show here

In short, we are right on track. I will discuss this in greater detail on today's briefing... join me at 5pm PST!

And if you would like a private briefing in the meantime, just call (323) 939-6645 ext 116 or email ceoasst@originclear.com. Devin will be happy to help, and he will schedule a call with me at the right time.

I love to talk with our investors, so don't be shy.

Have a great week!

Your CEO,


Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)

PS: there's a limit of 100 listeners, so sign up now...!


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