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Discover Water Philanthroinvesting!

Jul 22, 2021 6:41:57 PM

Good afternoon!

It's my great pleasure to invite my good friends, and major strategic partner,  PhilanthroInvestors®!

Join me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern
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for the briefing and replays!

This team has been instrumental in helping us achieve liftoff for our Water On Demand™ program, by bringing in assets for investment in these new pay-per-gallon projects.


Invest With a Purpose

And, they have injected the all-important philosophy of "Invest With A Purpose" that has put their real estate venture on the Inc. 500 list for two years running...


Discover Water Philanthroinvesting


First, I will introduce Founder Ivan Anz. He will discuss how people can become Ambassadors.

Then Arte Maren will introduce himself as CEO and tell us about the purpose of this amazing organization.

Finally, Vendy Rios will chime in as VP of International Expansion and tell us how she is expanding our reach throughout the US and South America!

This will be fun and very revealing. Be there!


Crypto Updates

Lots is happening on the crypto front. I will give you the latest. Super exciting*.

So... Join me at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern
Just click here to register!

(And if you can't make it, you will get the replay automatically.)

Yours in Water,

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)

PS: our Thursday Briefing now features real-time Spanish interpretation, too!

* All crypto projects are in exploratory phase only, and may not be implemented.


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