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Arte Maren

Arte Maren | OriginClear Advisor

OriginClear Advisor
CEO PhilanthroInvestors®

Arte Maren is an international executive trainer and strategic advisor whose clients have weathered some of the toughest economies over his 50 years in business. He has delivered personal training and consulting to top-ranking Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and trade associations, including Nestle, Chrysler, IBM, Bank of America, Del Taco, medical and professional services companies. He has lectured in 30 countries and has been interviewed by Larry King and Voice of America. Mr. Maren is a published author on management, sales, and public speaking.

In 2019, after decades of advising ultra-high net worth business leaders, Mr. Maren assumed the challenge of leading Philanthroinvestors, Inc. as its CEO. The company aims to combine traditional venture capital financing with philanthropic principles to achieve social impact while returning profits for its Philanthroinvestors®. Mr. Maren is delighted to engage the company’s Water Philanthroinvestors® in support of OriginClear’s Water Like an Oil Well™ program, Water on Demand™.

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