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Water Is The New Gold: Candidate Support For Manure Treatment!

Sep 28, 2020 12:40:22 AM

Insider Briefing of 24 September 2020

Helping you thrive in the world’s ONLY vital, scarce and recession-proof market

Joe Biden spoke on turning huge amounts of manure into fertilizer…and just in time, our Pondster got its first sale! Find out how to invest in our Unaccredited Offering through your IRA…And much more!




Transcript from recording:





Riggs Eckelberry:

We are at the 80th briefing on the 24th of September, and of course Water Is The New Gold™, and we believe we are the only recession-proof market. That's a for-sure. Of course our statements are the best we can make at the time. Of course, we're not prophets.




Now, what is going on in this economy? What does it mean for you?  Reduction in demand, right?



Shortage of Critical Commodities

People are working less, a lot of people out of work, a lot of businesses have been closed down, less demand for a lot, which is keeping inflation down. But at the same time, they've shut down, we've gone from 400 wells to 100 wells in the Permian, for example, and the farms are not producing as much, they're having to throw away food and so forth.

So over time, you end up with a shortage of critical commodities. That means what's called soft commodities, agricultural, oil, so forth, and water is on that list. As I showed you last week, there's been huge price rises in water and people are not protected against that. I do believe it's going to go on, we're trying our best to help with the water situation, but this is what you're part of, is this amazing evolving situation.




People Losing Their Jobs From COVID

I saw a pretty scary post on a group, about people knocking on people's doors, asking if they could mow the lawn. This is stuff that never happened before. This is in the Tampa area. Somebody pointed out, people are probably doing this, losing their jobs from COVID. That is happening right now. We want to do our very best to help people get busy again. With that in mind, I have a fantastic presentation from Ken Berenger that I wanted to play, which I think you'll enjoy. Without further ado, here it is.


Start of Presentation

Ken Berenger: Hi, my name is Ken Berenger, and I wanted to thank you for your time, and just spend about three minutes with you to describe to you how you can begin to earn immediate double-digit yields with unlimited long-term potential.

You can help us build a platform that puts tens of thousands of people back to work. At the same time, launch an Airbnb-style marketplace that'll accommodate millions of micro-utilities everywhere in the world that actually create a whole new asset class. Finally, we can disrupt a trillion-dollar water industry.


20200924 Alt investments

Dollar Crash is Inevitable

Here's how we do that. Since a dollar crash is already in process, the real question now is how solid are the usual inflation bunkers? Where can we put our money, not to just hang in there, but actually make money? Let's examine some examples, and you be the judge.

20200924 Gold


With inflation, your first thought is always gold. Gold is great, but even if it goes to the $3,000 an ounce they're touting, and we lose a third of the dollar's value, we didn't make any money.


20200924 Commercial RE


If we want to do bottom-fishing, there's commercial real estate. A huge hit recently, but not so much a buying opportunity. Between the retail ice age, mass exodus from major cities, we really don't have any idea of the type of impact it'll have on commercial real estate.

20200924 Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

Another favorite is oil and gas. Now, at minus $37 a barrel, oil and gas was a home run, but with long-term shutdowns, remote working, electric vehicles, renewables on the rise, traditional energy, just is too unpredictable in the near future.


20200924 TSLA

Stock Market

With prospects so dim, it makes us looking back to the market. We all want the next Tesla. Now, the problem is, up until maybe the last year or two, the only people who made money in Tesla consistently were the bond holders. Stock holders, not so much. As you can see here, most sold too soon because of that. Now, in hindsight, we know it was a huge winner, but the stockholders at that time could have lost it all.


20200924 Paid to Wait

Utility-Like Yields

How well would early equity investors in companies like Tesla have done if they got paid almost utility-like yields, until that day that stock took off? How many would not have sold too soon, because they were getting paid? We believe we've potentially created that scenario.


20200924 Investment Structure

Get Paid to Wait

OriginClear is a fully-reporting publicly-traded company, has a corporate bond that pays 12% annual yieldSo you get paid to wait, but once that stock outperforms the yield, you get to convert at 200% premium to your principle investment. We think it's the best of both worlds.


20200924 Model

Zero-Cost Basis

You can deploy $100,000 today in the early days, and simply collect your 12% utility-like yield. When you decide to convert, however, you can take the principal home. You'll hold a huge zero-cost basis position until we create a major disruption to a trillion-dollar legacy industry.

20200924 User Driven Landscape

Disrupting a $Trillion Industry

That disruption is the creation of potentially millions of self-contained micro-utilities treating trillions of gallons of water at every point of use. Asset-backed, high yields. These micro-utilities are resistant to recession and can do to water what cellular did to telecom.


20200924 Force Multiplier

A Force Multiplier

This in turn can help us launch a global Airbnb-type marketplace, independently-owned high-yield asset-backed water projects. Utilizing the power of e-commerce to replicate incredible disruptions recently like Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, and Lyft.

20200924 Do Good

Doing Good for the Planet

The happy consequence of changing the way water is treated throughout the globe isn't just financially rewarding, but you're doing great for the planet, and we think we can attract tremendous ESG and impact fund investment.


Important notices

Again, thanks so much for your time. Hopefully I've inspired some real questions. Please call me direct 1-800-445-7943, or just book on my calendar. That's oc.gold/callken. I hope to hear from you soon.

End of presentation


Political Outcomes

Riggs: Very cool. Very cool. I love these micro-utilities. Now, the next slide is going to introduce us to a whole different world which is, yes, we have an election happening, right? It's two different parties, and I'm going to present two different points of view here, the first one from one party, the other one from another. You'll see that we are actually working... we're benefiting no matter what the political outcomes. Both of them do things that matter to us. Let's take a look.

The first one is Joe Biden, who spoke very tellingly about what we do which is, now, you remember, our technology being used in Spain right now, and also being promoted in Wisconsin to turn manure into very beautiful organic fertilizer. Let's take a look at what he says.


Start of presentation


Support for Manure Treatment

Joe BidenIn the United States, in my state of Delaware, we have a $4 billion industry, chickens. Chicken and poultry, and all the manure, quite frankly, that is a consequence of chickens. It's polluting the Chesapeake Bay. But we found out, we've invested a lot of money, you can pelletize this and take out the methane, so you're in a position where you can use that fertilizer without the damage that was being done before. The same way with horse manure, and cow manure, and pig manure.

So we can create thousands of jobs in rural America as a consequence of setting up these small industries within communities. That's the way you'll be able to continue to farm without worrying about whether or not you're polluting, and being in a position where you're able to make money by what you do in the transition, as well as be able to grow.

End of presentation


Pondster Intro slide


Pondster - The Pond Monster

RiggsI wanted to let you know right now that in fact, today, we have made... you remember I was talking to you about that trailer park cleanup system called Pondster™, the pond monster, that also is used at the animal farm level. We just actually sold our project in Troy, Alabama, and you'll be hearing more about that as we move forward. The Pondster is very much part of the support of all parties as we move forward.


John Mappin

Okay. Now, on the other side of the spectrum, we have an old family friend, John Mappin, who is the founder of Camelot TV. He's a big Trump supporter in the UK, but more interestingly, he recently, he championed the whole trillion trees initiative. This also, the Trump administration got behind.



Commercializing Forestation

He's now acquired a Dutch public company to commercialize world forestation. Literally, making a commercial model out of doing something good, right? This is what we're doing here, with our Water As A Career™ and all of our projects, is doing good. Doing well while doing good.

Okay. So let's take a look at what John has to say. Now, if this is fuzzy, I apologize. It briefly says that John Mappin was one of the primary champions of the presidential trillion tree global reforestation initiative. That was announced while we could still be in front of each other on 21st January. He wanted to work on reforestation. Now this company represents, it's a financial instrument to help with global reforestation and make money doing it. Very interesting project. But John went ahead and he interviewed me about OriginClear. Let's see what he has to say.

Start of presentation


Why Invest

John: If I was to consider, why should I now invest in OriginClear?

Riggs: On a macro basis, water of course is a extraordinarily stable commodity. In fact, like most commodities, we think we're going to see shortages in it. Why? Because the entire world has gone through a downshift of production, 400 oil rigs became 100 oil rigs. Farms have reduced their production capacity. Migrant labor is hard to get. There's a variety of reasons why basic commodities are going to start seeing shortages. Not today, but in '22, '23, '24. That is something that we don't want to look ahead to.

The other, second problem is that there's quality issues. It's sometimes astonishing for people to realize how bad the water is primarily, because the post-war giant central water systems that were built for us were not stewarded right. Starting in 1960, degradation set in and we've seen a gradual dismantling of our water infrastructures. The odd thing John is, is that my money's being thrown around like water, but it's not being dedicated to real things.

It's being put into banks. It's being thrown around as money, but it's not being put to work. What it means is self-reliance. People relying on themselves to take care of the water. That means that there's potentially entrepreneurs who can service those people.


Entrepreneurial Opportunity

John: Now, you've got this opportunity and somebody hears about OriginClear, and basically they have an opportunity to create a business.

Riggs: They have to be entrepreneurial, really. The tech, we'll teach them the technical side. 

John: It's not so complicated.

Riggs: It's not. It's not.

John: It's not something, you know me, Riggs, I'm not the world's greatest technical person, but I could probably understand how to do it in a couple of days?

Riggs: Yeah, absolutely.

John: Right. There's a lot of investments out there that always seemed to me because, they're just for the super rich. You hear about these deals and basically you got to be a billionaire in order to participate. I think it's nice that you've opened it up for everybody.

Riggs: It was the thing that people complained about the most throughout the years, was that they could not get the good deals I was giving to accredited investors. Finally, the Jobs Act, as we call it, freed that up. Today, we offer them in parallel. We've got the high net worth and the everyone. Everyone literally, it accepts credit cards. It's super simple. It's online. It's like doing Amazon.


"Water Is The New Oil"

John: One thing that I have noticed, is that water is not getting any cleaner and our need for clean water is not reducing.

Riggs: It's rising, absolutely.

John: Rising. I've heard even people from Saudi Arabia, they say, "John, water is the new oil." I take, my hat is off to you. I think you're doing, I have been monitoring and thank you so much for sending the newsletters through to Camelot. It is fantastic. My granny used to always say to me, she lived through two World Wars. She said, "When things get rough, go for the fundamental products and the fundamental commodities." Good luck to you.

Riggs: John, as I say, from your lips to God's ears, I appreciate your time. Keep up the wonderful work. I'm very proud of you, my friend.

End of presentation



There we are with that one. Now I was briefly, well, yesterday actually, I was on a live podcast called Discussions of Truth. I'm going to give you a very short insight into this one. Then I'll be giving you some brand new news. So standby.


20200924 Ian Trottier

Billions Without Clean Water

Ian: You can correct me if I'm wrong. We've got seven billion people on the planet. There are well over one billion of those folks that do not have access to clean water. Is that true? Is that accurate?

Riggs: It's more like 2.6 billion. It's ridiculous. Yeah. It's terrible. You went into the clutter of the water industry, which is a very strong industry, but it doesn't change fast. It's very monolithic. It's huge. It's a trillion dollars in services alone by now.

Yet, it's only treating 20% of the water in the world, which means it should be a $5 trillion industry by services. That's a tremendous missed opportunity. As we covered in the beginning of the call, it's also hurting people's health. There's more people that die from water, than war, in this world, which is scary.


OriginClear Tech & Algae

Ian: Wow. You have a background in software and you mentioned the algae software brought you into the formation of OriginClear. I want to get into the steps of purification, and the technology, the patents that you have, that purify this water.

Riggs: We learned how to use electrical pulses to clump up the algae. We use electrical pulses to clump up the sewage. We're not playing with algae directly, but it's interesting, because we turned away from algae and now we're starting to get people wanting, "No, no, no, no. I really want your machine to pull the algae out of a lake." Pull it out of any body of water. We have that capability. Almost treating algae as a pollutant, right? Which it is.

Ian: Sure. Yeah.

Riggs: Now, you can be pulling algae out, just because you got to get rid of it. The algae blooms here in Florida are terrible. There's the lagoons in Lake Okeechobee and so forth. Okay. There's that. The second part is, algae as a potential fertilizer, what we would call soil conditioners. We have a joint venture, a French joint venture that proved in the UAE with a year long program, that they could turn waste water into algae energy and fertilizer to flower the desert.

Ian: Wow.

Riggs: That is very, very exciting.

Ian: Operations in LA, Texas, Virginia, and China, I understand, ladies and gentlemen, Riggs Eckelberry, water is the new gold, folks. Water Is The New Gold. Riggs, some closing comments here for listeners, please?


Breaking the Big Water Paradigm

Riggs: What I love about what we're doing right now, is we feel like how Airbnb broke the hotel paradigm and Uber broke the taxi paradigm. We believe we're breaking the central water, the big water paradigm. We believe in being able to take your own fate in your own hands. That's what the future of water is, and I'm privileged to be in it.

So I'm super excited. I would love to have people visit originclear.com. I'm grateful for the chance. It's so much fun talking about it with you, Ian. It's a real pleasure.

Ian: Well, thank you. I appreciate it as well. I appreciate equally you joining the program, Discuss the Truth. I look forward to keeping in touch with you, sir.

End of presentation




Interviewed by JV Crum

Riggs: Well, that's it for the recordings, but I wanted to let you know, one little piece of news here. Today, I was interviewed on a huge podcast. One of the very top podcasts in the world, called The Conscious Millionaire. JV Crum, who's very famous, decided that my theme for the podcast was disruption as a source of entrepreneurial liberation. Wow. We had an amazing podcast. Just to give you an idea of what this podcast is. 12 million listeners, 190 countries, 2000 episodes. Amazing. He's got a one number one book on Amazon. JV Crum was an amazing chat.

We will know in a couple of weeks when it comes out, but here is a snapshot of today's, it was literally this afternoon and it was a lot of fun.




I'm going to now stop sharing, because there's a couple pieces of news that I wanted to share. Participating in our future, what does that mean?




Breaking News

Millennium and Strata trust, which are basically IRA trustee funds, right?



Self-Direct Your Investments

You can put your money in there and you can then self-direct your investments with both Millennium and Strata, they have approved our new regulation A offering. Remember what regulation A is? It's where anybody can invest. You don't have to be accredited, quote unquote. Well, now you can invest from within your IRA into our regulation A offering. And this means that investors can look forward to 10% dividends, and there're all kinds of small print on that.

Just go to OC.gold/offering to see the offering circular, and we at our discretion can repay you. When we decide to repay you, we repay you 150%. So you put in $1000, we give you back $1500 and you made 10% along the way. Only a $500 minimum. Now think about doing that inside an IRA with tax deferred gains. That is very exciting. So well done to Devin for having taken care of that with friends at both Millennium and Strats, they're wonderful people.




12% Yield and Double at Redemption

Okay. I'm not going to cover this next slide too much because you heard Ken talk about it earlier, but you will not find a 12% annual yield anywhere that's not super speculative. And remember that we give you 25% of your investment right off the bat as convertible stock, and you redeem for double at a later price.


Huge Cap Rate

Somebody told me, and I think this is correct, that basically it's a cap rate. Capital rate of 37%. That means you're dividing your current one year earnings by your investment. 37% is huge. And normally you only get that, as I said, for speculative.

I have to tell you that, that right now I have been completely... I've gone to cash. The only stock that I own today is OriginClear stock. And I'm just extremely paranoid about the stock market. Now, why do I only own OriginClear stock? Well, of course, because I love OriginClear, but in addition, OriginClear stock does not go with the market. It has its own dynamic. It's always been that way. So I'm not really concerned about the stock and I'm happy to hold, but everything else I'm out.

I'm going to tell you, you people are going to laugh, but I've been buying junk silver, dimes, quarters, half dollars. That's what I'm doing. But that doesn't doesn't make you money, right? It's like, okay, you stick it in the safe. And if down the road, you have to pay for bread with silver dimes, at least you have that, but God forbid we should come to that. Really, what this is about is making real money from your money.


Water As A Career

Okay. So let's take a look here. Why are you investing? Because remember that as a COVID hit workforce of 80,000 businesses that need new entrepreneurial opportunities. Water As A Career? You are creating revenue and assets from these financed water equipment systems. And remember those assets are intended eventually to get us onto the NASDAQ. That's my personal hope. And we have this vision for it down the road, building this Airbnb for water, where there can be a passive investment in water equipment. "You get paid to wait," as Ken likes to say.



Contact Us

So this is a wonderful model. And I'm going to give you the contact information here. Please join Ken Berenger, easiest way is putting it into your browser, OC.gold/ken. And he will be happy to talk to you about this. Ken is not a fundraiser. He's VP of business development, first of all. But secondly, he is a co-strategist with me. He has been developing the entire model, hand-in-hand with me, of investor marketplaces, investor water, the whole Airbnb for water concept, as well as Water's As A Career. We've been doing this for months now, literally syncing up, mind-melding, and he is an amazing guy. So talk to him. He's just fantastic.




So of course, we have to tell you that I've been talking about regulation D offerings with these accredited investors, and these are not registered offerings.



Next Week

Now, I want you to join me next week, and here's why. I'm going to ask Tom Marchesello to come on board. We've had some big wins and things are going very well in Texas. He's going to be updating us on that. He's going to be telling us about this Pondster. The Pondster is now going to go live. And this is going to be a huge... The Pondster is such a unique technology. The market just doesn't have it. Just putting this little unit next to a pond of any kind and it just runs through the water, and before you know it it's crystal clear. Amazing.

He'll also tell us more about that hotel deal and how we're following up on that with the whole hotel water purification, lots of fun. So please do join. It's going to be lots of fun.


Part of a Movement

it's been a good briefing. I hope you enjoyed it. As you can tell, the fame is spreading about what we're doing here. The word is getting out and you are part of a movement. We will look back on this as the time we were building this opportunity to change the water industry.



Paul Fetcher says, "Thanks, Riggs." Paul is probably the,  well, there's not a lot of people that I've known as long as I've known Paul. Paul and I met when I arrived in New York in 1982, and we became fast friends. And Paul has strong opinions on the commercial RE market. Well, you know what, Paul? Why don't we interview you?

He's actually a major investor in OriginClear. He's been one of our strong supporters. We should interview you because he is just an amazing guy. And he sure knows commercial real estate for restaurants. And I'm very keenly interested in what's going to happen there. So we'll bring you in. And Ken Berenger says, "My former LB pal, Paul Fetcher."

And Bob Roos says, "I'm very encouraged. Keep up the good work." Bob Roos has an amazing video, I've played it before, testimonial video. We appreciate that. He's another one of the huge players,


Use of Investment Proceeds

Okay. "What is the money being used for? Are the operations cash flow positive?" Yes. Our operations in Texas are cashflow positive. In fact, they always have been. What's been an expense, is these developments, developing new markets and stuff like that. And the money that you invest will be used of course, to pay for these lab activities. No question. But also to fund demand for machines that I have right now. I can put out machines on rental and start putting people into business right now. So that is where it's at.

Water Futures

Mary says, "Did you see the article in today's wall street journal about how NASDAQ is going to start having water futures tied to the water market in California?" Wow. That is huge. In fact, a good friend of mine is Rave' Mehta has a company called Water Ledger, that is going to benefit from this because they resell excess water rights. So the farmer usually he just uses up the water because he doesn't want to lose it next year. Well, now he doesn't have to, he can sell it and still get the same allocation next year. That is great news. Thank you, Mary, for having told us that.

How to Invest in the Regulation A

"So, double checking the site for the non-accredited investor, offering.originclear.com, which will take me to the 10% annual?" Exactly, Kevin. So go to offering.originclear.com and you will get your 10% annual. You can use a credit card. It's super simple. You won't have to talk to anybody. $500 minimum.

And when the time comes, at our discretion, but of course it's going to happen, but you know we say when, you get 150% back, it's beautiful. It's simple. And we do plan eventually to list this regulation A, well it's actually called the series M, bond on the stock market to trade once this offering is closed.


20200924 Contact Devin

How to Invest From Your IRA

I have a couple of people asking you how to do it from your IRA. Very simple, contact Devin. We previously gave you Devin's number, he's also emailable at invest@originclear.com. Devin is at 877-440-4603 extension 116 and he will tell you all about it. He's an expert at working with Millennium and Strata. He's really got it nailed down, so that's fantastic.

That's it. I think we've covered it. I'm loving the chats. I'm glad you guys and girls started to speak up because I was feeling lonely here, but it was excellent. Paul Fetcher we're going to bring you on, can't wait. Tom Marchesello next week. We'll cover the news out of Texas. I guarantee you it's going to be a good show. Do come back. Everyone have a great weekend. It's been a fun show. Catch you next week. Cheers now.


Thank You!

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