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The CEO Briefings

Water Is The New Gold: An Emerging Paradigm - Alternative Investments In High-Tech Water Systems

Jun 6, 2020 4:52:47 AM

Insider Briefing of 4 June 2020

Helping You Thrive in the World's ONLY Vital, Scarce and Recession-Proof Market

In this Insider Briefing OriginClear CEO Riggs Eckelberry is joined by Chief Operations Officer Tom Marchesello and VP Business Development Ken Berenger for an action packed Water is the New Gold episode that demonstrates the importance of high-tech water treatment systems and explores alternative "Outside the Stock Market" investments. This briefing includes essential insider information on Self-Directed IRA, Alternative Investments from Tom Parker of Millennium Trust.


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Water Is The New Gold: Trend Toward Water Autonomy

Mar 2, 2020 6:45:27 PM

Insider Briefing of 27 February, 2020

Helping You Thrive in the World's ONLY Vital, Scarce and Recession-Proof Market

In this week's Insider Briefing CEO Eckelberry covers how the coronavirus is impacting the global business world, and how this relates to already existing prevalent trends in numerous marketplaces. Find out in this briefing how this all relates to the steadily rising trend in point-of-use, self-reliant water treatment and end-user water autonomy.

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Team Performance & Acquisition Plans

Jan 13, 2020 1:04:58 AM

Transcript from recording:

Riggs: Okay everyone, it is now the 9th of January. Very happy to have you on board. As I'd said in today's CEO update, we have a massive upgrade happening to the CEO briefing. What we understood is that the CEO briefing is really, really a valuable piece of our communications, and is actually far more important than a great deal of other things.

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Water Industry Trends & Our Plans For 2020

Dec 19, 2019 10:21:00 PM

Transcript from recording:

Riggs: Hi everyone. This is Riggs Eckelberry. It is the last recording of the year, and so I thought I would take the opportunity to talk a little bit about what's in store, both at the highest levels, the largest scale and specifically resulting for our company.

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