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The CEO Briefings

Tangibly Changing the State of Water

Sep 23, 2022 3:31:56 PM

Advisor, Ivan Anz, is truly special and the interview with him gave a peek behind the curtain at the full potential of Water on Demand™. If it and our Water4Us™ initiative can unburden the decaying network of national water treatment systems… And unlock the unrealized value of off-grid properties for business and human communities by spearheading self-reliant water, How valuable does that make them? Find out in the replay!

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Solving Water's Infrastructure Crisis

Sep 16, 2022 4:07:27 PM

The report from Jackson Mississippi wasn't pretty… But, learning what is really behind it and that it is happening all over the US was down right alarming! Our brilliant Dan Early put it all into perspective though, And blew away any slightest doubt that OriginClear is in the exact perfect position to benefit Water and achieve resounding success. Did we hear an 8-figure forecast for the booming pump station product line? Find out in the replay!

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The Accelerating Value of Water

Sep 9, 2022 4:22:35 PM

The incredible Manuel Suarez broadened our horizons on how to go about the business of changing the world! What he had to say about collaboration as a new currency really resonated… But we also took a hard look at what is going on with the world economy and the growing role commodities are playing. Considering that water is arguably the most precious, and rapidly becoming the most valuable puts us in a very powerful position… Find out about it in the replay!

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Optimizing the Value Proposition of Water

Sep 3, 2022 12:30:25 PM

Soaring water rates, entire cities out of water, polluted water supplies, ghastly volumes of water lost…And the problem is growing. Can we ease water's overburdened central infrastructure and rescue stranded end-users? Well, the cohort of investors joining to support our revolutionary strategy to handle water "at the edge" sure think so! And, we believe they've found the ultimate answer for investor uncertainty… What is it? Find out here in the replay!

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Creating Abundant Clean Water

Aug 27, 2022 11:46:00 AM

We saw how forever chemicals are invading our water systems… And got a sobering view of the dwindling state of six of the planet's major rivers and lakes — from outer space! But, the news was not all bad. Chief Engineer, Dan Early, showed us a parade of Modular Water and Progressive Water systems in production that totally solve those water purity concerns. And the Facebook Live show with Ivan Anz was LOADED with answers and then as a bonus we got a VERY exciting update from Water on Demand's general manager, Manuel Vianna! It's all here in the briefing video.

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The Disruption Gets Real!

Aug 20, 2022 12:14:05 PM

COO Tom Marchesello briefed us on what's driving sales and delivery to really take off… And no, it isn't by chance! And is seeing the beginnings we believe will become a tsunami of adoption that literally transforms the water industry. The real question is, can we scale fast enough to meet the demand? Find out in this video!

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Making Water an Income Bearing Asset

Aug 12, 2022 4:08:19 PM

The Command Your Brand segment with Jeremy Ryan Slate was quite enlightening. It lays out how we're opening the door to world changing technology by making water an income bearing asset and fostering autonomous, self-sufficient communities. With the Fed out of the water-funding business SOMEBODY had to solve failing infrastructure… Well guess what? The Clean Water Innovation Hub™ and our pure plays starting with Water on Demand™ are doing it! See how here in the replay!

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How We Can Revolutionize Decentralization

Aug 5, 2022 2:41:21 PM

Well Michael Burry (The Big Short) didn't figure out how to disrupt Big Water but we did! Hint: It involves a FinTech for Good, with a greater purpose than pure profit… And opens the door to water as an income bearing asset for the everyday investor. With investment banking giant, Castle Placement, as our exclusive placement agent for offerings, can we shift Water as an Asset™ from a government monopoly to the man on the street? Find out in the briefing!

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The Growing Awareness of Water Value

Jul 29, 2022 10:17:27 PM

With the economy progressively shifting to a commodity-based future, will anything out-value water? We doubt it! That's why we launched Water on Demand™… And are creating an investor-funded network of self-sufficient, pay-per-gallon businesses, human communities and other independent end-users, How do YOU fit into this vital movement to bring clean water access to all people? Find out in the briefing!

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The Advantages of Self-Sufficient Water

Jul 23, 2022 12:37:49 AM

Whether business or community, do-it-yourself water is IN DEMAND! We saw just how in demand when Water on Demand's G.M, Manuel Vianna, briefed us on the pilot… And long-time OriginClear and Water Industry veteran Bill Charneski confirmed the hot market segment for BIG growth potential. Can you guess what it is, and how it fits our WOD game plan? Find out in the briefing!

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