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The CEO Briefings

The Value of Water On Demand™ with Modular Technology

May 12, 2023 8:20:00 PM

We discussed how David Lynch, CEO of software company Klir, said the world's first trillionaire will be a water entrepreneur. Most of us probably thought it would be in fintech or IT or maybe some flashy Tech startup… Well, EVERYONE needs clean water! But how do we SCALE DOWN the technology that people need and make it widely available enough to get the job done? Find out in the replay!

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Looking Back to See What's Ahead

May 6, 2023 11:29:59 AM

The retrospective we watched on the company's journey demonstrated not just how far we've come but also how formidable our work truly is! When it seems everything in water is seeing increased support, from reduction of energy consumption to air harvesting water vapor, which of those innovations will make a strategic difference in people's access to clean water in the years ahead and why? And how does Water On Demand with Modular Technology fit into that picture? Find out in the replay!

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Integrating Finance and Technology for Water

Apr 28, 2023 6:19:00 PM

We've been evangelizing the vital necessity of decentralizing water treatment for years  and we were met with more than a few obstacles to actually doing it… The biggest being finance. But finance is meaningless without delivered results! So, the significance of our announcement last week that Modular Water and its assets had been transferred to Water On Demand can't be overstated… Why? Find out in the replay!

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Accelerating Adoption to Meet Demand

Apr 21, 2023 4:00:09 PM

With annual revenues up 250% it's crystal clear that the demand for our point of use solutions is growing! The real challenge is moving fast enough to leverage that demand… Can the new synergy of Water On Demand with Modular Water Systems do it? Find out in the replay!

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Segregating Businesses from Water Risks

Apr 14, 2023 4:20:00 PM

We saw how events like droughts and excessive rain are over-stressing water infrastructure to the breaking point, as if the situation with things like antiquated lead pipes in children's schools weren't already a big enough concern! So, the importance of our campaign to integrate water treatment systems into businesses away from municipal dependencies is even more real than ever… But how do we do it? Find out in the replay!

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Decentralized Water's Best-Kept Secrets

Apr 8, 2023 1:56:18 PM

With the increasing concern over failing infrastructure and forever chemicals in our water supplies, demand for clean water access is radically increasing. So, if YOU had a brilliant strategy and amazing solutions to the problem would you keep them a secret? Probably not and neither will we! In this briefing we break the cultural habit of sitting on the good news, and draw back the curtain on decentralized water's blossoming future… Interested? See it here in the replay!

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Steering the Course for Water's Future

Apr 1, 2023 1:25:32 PM

We heard the insider skinny on World Water Day conferences from a close friend who was there, and It cast the relationship between our Modular Water Systems™ and Water On Demand™ fintech in an interesting light… Is there a new way we can leverage America's regional rebirth and the developing shift to a commodity based economy? Find out in the replay!

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Responsibly Controlling Water Management

Mar 24, 2023 3:54:11 PM

When the UN's World Water Day talks focused on taking control of water resources, some understandably got concerned… They did get it right however, that creative ways should be developed to extend water financing and expand water portfolios! And you'll see just what we had to say about it from last week's media appearances and our World Water Day panel discussion. So where does that put Water On Demand™ on the solution adoption curve? Find out in the replay!

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Water Safety and Your Future

Mar 17, 2023 2:19:49 PM

When reports of failing infrastructure and water-related safety concerns start becoming the order of the day, you might begin to wonder… What can I do about it? As a professional water company, it's usually one of the first questions we get asked these days. The exciting news is that we believe there is a whole new era of growth just ahead for America and for water and for the first time ever it's an opportunity you can get in on! Find out how here in the replay.

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A New Day for Water?

Mar 10, 2023 4:24:00 PM

In this briefing we covered the limited preview crowdfunding we just launched on the Castle investing platform. Do you want to know how it could work for YOU? Water On Demand is paired with the totally advanced Modular Water technology and we were treated to a brilliant presentation by Dan Early and his technical team of a real-life installation, complete with video and 3D CAD drawings... We think it is all leading to a new and much better day for water… And on World Water Day we'll be bringing it to you and the rest of the world LIVE from New York! Get all the details here in the replay!

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