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The CEO Briefings

Launching the New Asset Class

Dec 9, 2023 8:39:07 AM

We detail in this briefing exactly how we intend to rapidly scale Water On Demand and YES! It's all about our acquisition strategy… But what about the market for water? Some time ago we predicted that because economies are shifting from currency based finance to commodity based finance assets like bitcoin and gold would start climbing market charts. But more importantly, we predicted water as an emerging asset class… What does that mean? Find out in the replay!

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The New Approach to Clean Water Access

Dec 1, 2023 5:56:54 PM

With centralized water districts allowing private actors to buy up water companies outrage over the control of virgin water sources is "boiling over"…And water rates in affected areas are soaring! But an even bigger concern is the accelerating disintegration of water infrastructure… Is it possible that central facilities could provide affordable, clean water to the people they serve by managing wastewater treatment of Industry and agriculture in a new way? Find out in the replay!

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$Trillion Industries and Water

Nov 17, 2023 4:08:00 PM

Any interview with COO Tom Marchesello is guaranteed to be interesting. In this interview his analysis was amazing. With the growing domination of digital applications, data center expansion is soaring. It's a $Trillion industry. But overheating is a huge problem… And for us, a mega opportunity. We already have big-name client data center projects, but next stage? Data centers are turning to liquid cooling with insulating fluid made with soy oil…Which means agriculture, another $Trillion industry we have been operating in for years. And all that requires properly treated water! With manufacturing being reshored to America, and accelerating adoption of decentralization, OriginClear and our Water On Demand are sitting right in the proverbial sweet spot. Why is that? Find out in the replay!

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Making Water an Investable Asset

Nov 10, 2023 5:00:07 PM

How could an investment in water be more liquid than real estate but carry the lower risk factor of structured products and equities? In this briefing we'll show you how Water On Demand does exactly that! But what may be even more awe-inspiring is the accelerating adoption, scalability and potential of its prefab, modular infrastructure and the promise it offers businesses and developing communities… How do those two integrate from an investors point of view? Hint: It's powerful... Find out why in the replay!

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How Water As An Asset is The New Thing

Nov 3, 2023 3:35:00 PM

In the pending merger, Water On Demand is valued at $32 million. What’s OriginClear’s share of this? How does that play out for OriginClear? In this briefing, our CEO answered that in detail, including how OCLN benefits through consolidation. What's that? Find out in the replay! We're making Water As An Asset work for the everyday investor, not the Ashton Kutchers of the world, who made 157,143% on his investment in AirBnb! Find out in this replay how OriginClear leads the new generation of retail-funded startups. Enjoy this amazing, informative and fun briefing!

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A Milestone for the People's Asset

Oct 27, 2023 3:40:01 PM

Why does our announcement of a Definitive Agreement to merge with a Nasdaq-listed blank-check company make us so irrepressibly optimistic? Well, if we hadn't just pulled off birthing the corporate equivalent of a hybrid, water super-hero — maybe we wouldn't be so cocky! But when you factor in the strength of Modular Water's ground-breaking technical solutions, Progressive Water's 25 year history of American heartland excellence with the aggressive acquisition program we have for software developers, veteran engineering and a localized service network… You'll see that the vision is actually taking shape. What impact will that have on water, people's well-being and the growth-path of the planet's most vital new asset class? Find out in the briefing replay!

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The Emerging Potential of Water

Oct 20, 2023 1:56:50 PM

Sam Altman pointed out that the number of 25 year old startup entrepreneurs is declining — is the risk too great or is some other factor shutting them out? And how does this apply to the water industry? Well with 7 million jobs becoming available due to the industry's "silver tsunami", job openings are plentiful… But not in centralized facilities — in the blossoming privatized water sector! That's one reason we're targeting aggressive acquisition of growing, independent companies to complete the Water On Demand strategy. What does this mean to investors considering the potential of an investment in water? Find out in the replay!

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Leading Water Innovation

Oct 13, 2023 1:39:50 PM

The headline says salt water intrusion is encroaching on New Orleans drinking water. It's the type of infrastructure related problem we are seeing more and more frequently — drinking the water not only endangers people's health but the salt water leaches lead from the old pipes into the water… In fact, our Progressive Water division is literally building a series of high-speed, reverse osmosis filtration systems for them right this minute to supply millions of gallons of clean drinking water. But what about a long-term remedy — is there a way to materialize a sophisticated, scalable and highly adaptive network that embraces today's water challenges? Yes, it's called the Water On Demand Network and you'll love where it's going! See it in the replay.

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Water — The Emerging Asset

Oct 6, 2023 2:32:00 PM

We periodically step back and take a broad look at the big picture — global economics, inflation and productivity, what's declining — what's arising. You know — proven, reliable indexes. Experienced investors may have their favored avenues of investment, but the wise ones keep a sharp eye out for emerging assets. So what did the data tell us about water as an investment? Well if it wasn't crystal clear from the review that water is a rising star, the CEO's presentation of our Series Y offering totally dispelled any doubts... Water is HOT! Why do we say that? Catch the details in this replay and you'll understand!

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Building a Water Powerhouse

Sep 29, 2023 3:01:00 PM

We went behind the scenes with our COO, Tom Marchesello, who gave us the scoop on the booming delivery at Progressive Water Treatment (PWT). After merging with Water On Demand, which already commands the innovative Modular Water technology, PWT was additionally spotlighted when it became the newly designated acquisition target of Fortune Rise Acquisition Corporation. It's no coincidence Progressive Water is slated to become the Flagship given their 25 year history of excellence and the demand for their services from major brand companies including power utilities. But what does all that mean for OriginClear shareholders and the future of water? Plenty! Get the details in the replay!

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