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Control Your Own Water
Private Commercial & Industrial Business Owners Are Investing in OriginClear's Instant Infrastructure to Control Water Wealth

Commercial & Industrial Business Owners Are Investing in OriginClear's Instant Infrastructure to Control Their Own Water & Increase Property Asset Value

Key Features:

  • Fully engineered, prefabricated and packaged before delivery
  • Instant Infrastructure™ - Dropped off a truck and installed in days not weeks
  • Built-in remote monitoring and internet operation of key functions
  • 100-year-life-cycle products that create sustainability and independence
  • Helps system-owners become potential ESG investing targets

Privatizing Big Water

OriginClear Creates New Value for Land and Building Owners

Imagine a prefab, fully engineered pre-delivery, water system brought to the end-user at any location which enables complete water independence. We are positioned to privatize a major section of big water. Everything in the Commercial and Industrial space! Anyone who dominates a new category in water gets a piece of a multi-trillion dollar industry.

We have a patented innovation that will accelerate the shift of Publicly Owned Utilities to privately owned, onsite water treatment. Recycle, reuse and reclaim water dozens of times in a closed loop system. Picture a commercial property miles from any sewer. You can buy it for $1000/acre because it CAN'T be developed. Now place a closed loop system that makes it, its own micro municipality and you build an industrial park there. NOW, that PPA's worth? We're dramatically reducing the cost to develop very cheap commercial and industrial real estate. We're now positioned to begin mass producing of these modular products.

Everything we do supports the shift that’s already taking place. We think the ability to increase commercial and industrial Real Estate accelerates that shift. 

INVEST NOW in the Mega-trend Privatizing Big Water

View Closed-Loop Blackwater System Case Study

Instant Infrastructure Innovation
A long term leading provider of breakthrough water treatment technologies, OriginClear has blazed a trail for self-reliant, onsite water products and systems

A long term leading provider of breakthrough water treatment technologies, OriginClear is blazing a trail with self-reliant, onsite water products and systems

Key Facts:

  • Leading Provider of Breakthrough Water Treatment Technologies 
  • Innovator of Next-Generation Point-of-Use Water Infrastructure 
  • Leading the Self-Reliant Water Revolution

A Leader in the Self-Reliant Water Revolution

Creating Durable Assets & Water Independence

OriginClear leads the self-reliant water revolution, deploying advanced technologies at the point of use, with modular, prefabricated systems that create durable assets and water independence for industry, commerce and agriculture.

Failing infrastructure and the rising cost of water are driving businesses to treat their own water. OriginClear leads this megatrend with on-premise systems enabling very high purification and recycling levels that centralized systems cannot achieve.

Systems installed at the point of use become productive assets for businesses that also increase property values. And OriginClear helps corporations improve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) standings with world-class water management. 

INVEST NOW in the Self-Reliant Water Revolution

Instant Infrastructure and Increased Value
Automotive Dealer Closed Loop System Enabled Development of Inexpensive Land & Markedly Multiplied Real Estate Asset Value

Automotive Dealer Closed Loop System Enabled Development of Inexpensive Land & Markedly Multiplied Real Estate Asset Value

Key Advantages:

  • Increased Real Estate Asset Value as a Fundamental Capital Improvement
  • Instant Infrastructure Delivers Plug 'n Go Capability
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Closed Loop Systems Enable Water Independence

Boosting Real Estate Asset Value

Our Modular Water Treatment adds the Instant Infrastructure that a Business Needs Onsite.

From our Texas-based factory, we design and prefabricate an entire line of plug-n-play containerized units called Modular Water Systems™ that enable point-of-use water purification, recycling and wastewater management.

These onsite modular products provide clients with water independence through ownership and operational control over water quality, enabling them to increase productivity while reducing environmental, health and safety risks from pollution, contamination and corrosion. Modular water products are trusted to balance performance with cost-effectiveness, enabling business users to go well beyond municipal standards for water quality, therefore achieving high levels of satisfaction for their own customers, and improved sustainability for their properties.

OriginClear’s water treatment equipment can boost real estate asset value as a fundamental capital improvement, combined with long-lasting water savings for the corporate bottom line.

INVEST NOW in Creating Water Wealth

Enable ESG Conscious Water Independence
OriginClear is a Leader in Emerging Materials Innovation for Onsite Water Treatment Systems

OriginClear is Leader in Emerging Materials Innovation for Onsite Water Treatment Systems

Essential Aspects:

  • Self-Reliant Water Independence For Commercial & Industrial End-Users 
  • Facilitates Responsible Environmental Stewardship
  • Dramatically Improved Water Quality & Water Economy

Empowering Business Owners & Responsible Environmental Stewardship

Controlled Water Quality, Reduced Risks & ESG Ratings Gain

The statistics demonstrate that we can no longer rely on the efficiencies of giant, centralized water utilities to meet growing water treatment challenges. An increasing number of businesses are starting to take notice, instead conducting their own water treatment and recycling. Whether by choice or out of necessity, those businesses that do invest in onsite water systems get a tangible asset on their business and real estate, and can enjoy better water quality at a lower cost.

OriginClear is a key enabler of ESG water management for corporations that are increasingly responsible for what was once delegated to central utilities. For example, when a corporation manages its own water, and uses OriginClear’s proprietary hybrid treatment methods, it can significantly reduce both water use and nutrient footprints (carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus) in one compact package.

INVEST NOW in Responsible Environmental Stewardship

Join The Self-Reliant Water Revolution
Water is the new oil. Anyone who owns a category in the water space owns part of a multi-trillion dollar industry

Water is the new oil. Anyone who owns a category in the water space owns part of a multi-trillion dollar industry

Offer Benefits:

  • Preferred Stock
  • Bonus Stock Grant
  • Price Protection on Conversion

Invest In The Future of Water

Find Out About Our Secured Private Placement

We are offering a new type of preferred stock*. It offers an 8% annual dividend, and we will be required to redeem the shares by within two years of the closing of this private placement.

In other words, repayment of your principal is mandatory, you make 8% along the way, and it is secured by our patent portfolio.

Here’s the important part: you will also receive, as additional consideration for your purchase of the preferred shares, significant common stock under this offering.

Only accredited or foreign investors may participate.

Access Offering and Full Details HERE

An Environmental, Social, Governance Water Play
Institutional Investors Meeting Shortage Of Water Investment Targets

Institutional Investors Are Encountering a Shortage Of Water Investment Targets

Investing in Privatized Water

Leveraging Decentralized Water Treatment

OriginClear’s line of modular water products and systems is key to the self-reliant water treatment revolution as they create Instant Infrastructure™ – fully engineered, prefabricated and prepackaged systems that use durable, sophisticated materials for onsite closed-loop systems at commercial business locations. These point-of-use systems support and enable the rapidly growing megatrend and paradigm shift that is transferring water management and wealth from failing centralized systems to privately owned and operated interests.

Key Factors:

  • Failing infrastructure, stricter regulations and rising water costs are forcing commercial and industrial users to treat their own water
  • The rapid acceleration of ESG standards adoption in corporate and investment spaces
  • Private water asset ownership being enabled by technology advancements shifting water management

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