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Water Is The New Gold: Our New Partner On The Inc. 500

Jul 25, 2020 7:36:38 PM

Insider Webinar Briefing of 23 July 2020

Helping You Thrive in the World's ONLY Vital, Scarce and Recession-Proof Market

Ivan Anz made it possible for families to own a home for the first time…and for investors to make double-digit returns in the process. Now they want to do the same in water, and they have teamed up with us…It’s called… WATER PHILANTHROINVESTING®!




What is a Water Philanthroinvestor?


Transcript from recording: 

WITNG Title slide


Riggs Eckelberry:

Welcome everyone. This is Water Is the New Gold, “Helping you thrive in the world's ONLY vital, scarce and recession-proof market.” Thursday, July 23rd, 2020.


2020716 WITNG Important Notices


Important Notices

I've got the usual disclaimers. They may be a bit fuzzy, because we are optimized for video thumbnails right now. But you know the drill. Basically that, we are not gods. We try hard to predict the future, but it's always, of course, the future is always exciting. Especially in 2020, right? It's a pretty amazing time. The other thing is, if we start talking about investment in the company, then of course the Securities Exchange Commission has not passed on the validity of these securities.


Sharkpreneur podcast ft



I wanted to mention something very, very cool. That is that, on Monday at 9:30 AM, Eastern Standard Time, we will be on a podcast with Kevin Harrington, the shark man himself. Seth Green interviewed me, and this is going to be a lot of fun. If you were to click over to the YouTube, you would see, starts in three days. I can't wait for that.

With that, I'm going to play a quick video and move on from there.



What is Water Philanthroinvesting?

Well, what the heck is WATER PHILANTHROINVESTING? Interesting. I wanted to bring in my two good friends, Ivan Anz and Arte Marin, who are going to pop on their videos and show us, here live from the PHILANTHROINVESTORS® boardroom and reception. Ivan, you've been on this show before, as a listener, tell us what happened, how'd that happen?


Ivan at PI HQ



Ivan: So thank you, Riggs, for having me here. Thank you everyone for being watching. It was literally a miracle, I can say Riggs, because I have something that I call inner philanthroinvestor, which is, has been awakened in me since I am seven years old. I was wondering, I am helping families live in their own happy homes with my Inc. 500 company, in the last six years. Then in 2019, Riggs, I said, I think the PHILANTHROINVESTORS brand is ready to expand to new horizons and to go in all industries and verticals in the world.

So I was looking to start helping clean the waters of the planet and to bring the planetary water, to return the planetary water to its the original form. Then, last year I found a company to actually license the PHILANTHROINVESTORS brand, and know-how, and it was not indicating, it was not exactly what I wanted.

Riggs: You made a water company? Literally?

Ivan: Yes. A water company.

Riggs: Oh my God. Not us clearly.


Arte Maren image


What Ivan Was Looking For

Ivan: No. Not you clearly. I found you on LinkedIn or Facebook ad or something like that. I say, "Oh my gosh, this is exactly what I've been wanting. This is exactly what I've been looking for." In order to actually license the PHILANTHROINVESTOR brand and know-how to actually help the world, in the water side.

Riggs: Then you mentioned me to Arte?

Ivan: Yes. I actually, I went to Arte because the chairman and CEO for my company. And I say, "Arte, look. Look what I found." Then he looks at it and he says, "Ivan, you must be joking?" No. I'm not joking Arte.

Riggs: Have long have you known me Arte?

Arte: Oh man. Let me start with the fact that I knew your mother in 1963.

Riggs: Oh God, please. But yes.

Arte: What Ivan may or may not know, is that we were actually for a short time, related. Your brother was married to my stepdaughter. I knew you before then. I don't know. Probably 1970, '71, so what's that? 50 years.

Riggs: We were very young.

Arte: Yes. That is true.


What is PI Image 2



Riggs: What I wanted to do, you guys are talking about PHILANTHROINVESTORS. You're talking about some licensing. I want to back up for our audience and just show who the heck we're talking about here. I'm going to go ahead and share the screen again, this time without video, because I want to show you guys a little bit about, what is PHILANTHROINVESTORS?

Well, the first thing that Ivan did, and he can tell you himself about his starting out with auto dealerships and moving on from there, is he built this amazing concept of helping people by acquiring foreclosed properties, buying homes in bulk. The investor purchases properties. Equity and Help becomes a trustee. They then get given to families that would not otherwise be able to own homes. That's the key part. The investor helps the families own their own homes for less than rent, and everybody wins.


PI 8 steps image


Enabling Unqualified Families to Own a Home

The investor recovers his net worth and the family ends up over time, owning their own home. That is an amazing concept. In fact, it has landed you, hasn't it, directly on, I see you here, number 128 on the Inc. 5,000. So you're an Inc. 500 actually. Then in the 250 most successful companies in Florida, right here. 250 most successful companies in Florida, you're actually number three, having grown 3000% over the two-year period from 2016 to 2018.


PI #s are amazing


Numbers Are Amazing

And, it's not over! Even though these are very tough times in the real estate industry, your numbers are amazing. You're achieving a superb cap rate, that's when you divide the annual earnings by the investment. Basically, making very good return. I see that you've got 76% current and only 6.2% over 90 days and I'm sure even those will be paying. You're continuing to collect money. You have 228 counties in which you have investments. 30 US states, 278 cities. That's only in the US. Of course, you've got things going on in Europe and South America, right?

Ivan: Exactly. Yeah. So that's, Riggs, Equity and Help is my first real estate, my first philanthroinvesting baby, I will say.


The PhilanthroInvestor Within

We are a real estate wholesaler and property management firm. So, as you said, we have investors in certain countries of the world and they actually acquire properties from us. They select the properties themselves. So they are very hands on. And then, we become the property manager from there and they are in control. They are the CEO of their real estate portfolio with us. And if we can tell with the representation of real estate PHILANTHROINVESTORS, it has made it, as you said, in the Inc. 500.

And we are actually, very soon, I have a surprise. I cannot say yet, but very soon we will have the news on the second year on the Inc. 500, which I don't have the results yet. So, I cannot share exactly, but it's going really well. And so I say, "Okay, well now I want to actually..." And if you go to the philanthroinvestors.com website, you will be able to see, I am actually taking the concept or actually awakened the philanthro investor within, because I believe that inside all of us, there is actually a person of good will.


Making Wishes A Reality

There is actually a person that actually wants to make his most profound wishes for this planet, a reality. And that's philanthroinvestor.com coming in, and you will be able to see, Riggs, that not only we're helping families with the real estate philanthro investment concept, with the vision of across the globe, live in their own happy home but now we are going to bring water to its original form, as it was before human race came to earth. It's really going for an idealist scene in the world, which I really, highly believe is possible, if we align the vectors toward that direction in humanity.


Life of Investment - WITNG

Life of Investment

Riggs: We're going to visit that website shortly and Arte will be able to comment on it too, but I wanted to also, I'm going to show a slide, which is very, very interesting, which shows how robust the Equity and Help investing model is and why we're so interested. If you look at the life of the investment here, there is the investor, continues to make money, even though there are evictions. Right now, in the real estate industry, worldwide, and the U.S. rather, especially, but conventional real estate, if an eviction occurs, then there's all kinds of, basically, it falls back to a very discounted value of the asset. And we're seeing that happen all over the U.S. So, 2020 has been very tough for the real estate industry, but your model, Ivan and Arte, is really robust enough to be able to roll over the assets and still make the money.

And you've got this, if families make all payments, the house is owned the families and you've completed your investment, the investor's out. And this is only, of course, a 20-year life cycle, but there's money being made all along. And so the assets are performing very soon, as you can see. So this really attracted me to the model, and this is why we've actually gone into an alliance, because we believe that Investor Water™ can work very, very similarly. Arte, let's take a look at this website, philanthroinvestors.com, invest with a purpose. So Arte, what is philanthro investing?


PI website


Investing With A Purpose

Arte: Well, it's very steeped in the subject of help. And before you go anywhere with the website, I want to mention something that I've learned from working with Ivan over these years. And that is, when you talk about motivated investors, motivated homeowners, motivated...motivation itself, within the word motivation is the word motive. As in, why are you doing what you're doing? What is the purpose? There aren't too many, call them games, that I have seen where truly, everybody wins. I can't tell you the number of times, Ivan has been approached with offers of great wealth to change it, "You could do a different... You could make a lot more money this way. Why don't you get homes that are three... You could do... Apply this model to a $400,000 home and triple the revenue." And said, "No." One of the reasons why we have this stability, and one of the reasons it works is we're simply continuously modeling what works. We're fiendish on the subject of tracking what is working, reinforcing what's working.


Motive & Mechanics

And, Riggs, you and I have talked about this before, and I think it's important for all the people watching this, that in human nature, when things aren't going well, everybody's really interested. We got to fix this, what's happening? What's going on? And then, when the numbers go up, when things get better, what occurs? Okay, all right, now we're on track. No investigation, no tenacity to discover why. In other words, there was a reason why it's going down, but there's still real reason it was going up, that was just karma. See, what I call management by karma. So, it's a very important point, I think that we understand the motive. And when you marry the motive, the right motive, with the mechanics, now you got something. And that brings us to OriginClear, because what attracted us to the company was A, it is a high purpose, water is gold, in that sense, it's a vital commodity and you've modeled it beautifully. So, I think there's a great future for it.

Riggs: Thank you. And what we've learned from you guys is that we have to focus, and I was having this conversation this afternoon with Ken. We don't need to do deals with people who've already got great credit and can do all the deals all day long. In fact, we were just doing a deal where we're like, we're trying to apply the Investor Water model. And these people were perfectly capable of just buying the darn thing. And so, we sold the darn thing to them. Because, of course, we have a water company in Texas, but Investor Water really is about getting people, solving the water problems people have, that they don't have the ability to handle. And you guys are putting tens of thousands of families into homes that they otherwise would never be into. And the other super important thing is you're getting investors away from speculative investments.


Water Is Stable

You and I, we all know that the stock market is kind of crazy right now. It's kind of wacky. You always know that there's bad times when the cab driver gives you stock tips, right? That was the 1929 story. Well, we have that going on right now, where your hairdresser's giving you stock tips. If she's allowed to cut your hair, she's giving you stock tips. But, what is better? Again, a couple Thursdays ago, I did a whole presentation with Roger James Hamilton telling us, "Get into cash generating assets." And that's for the investor, philanthro investing is fantastic because it's stable and then water is beyond stable. We don't, we wouldn't have a crash of water because water demand is not going to change, unlike oil, unlike real estate.


Getting Away From Speculation

Arte: You hit on a very good point there. When you talk about what is important and speculation, Ivan didn't wake up one morning and I don't want to speak for him, he'll tell you, I'm sure. But he didn't wake up one morning and think "I'm anti-speculation, now." There are a few feelings for anybody who's out there, when you lose a lot of money. There's a kind of a, I don't know, whether it's a terror or a gnawing feeling that doesn't go away because you don't have it anymore. But Ivan, I think it would be good to let them know what spawned this entire, "Let's move away from speculation and use our money to help people."

Ivan: Yes, Arte, you're totally right on that. What happen is that being an entrepreneur and a successful entrepreneur and actually getting my companies to the point that do not depend on me on the day-to-day operation, I say, "Now I need to become good at investing my money that I made." And so being an entrepreneur has something, which is very unique that we say high-level purpose, living life. So being in that line and then all of a sudden being behind the computer, actually getting into the line of just training and being behind a screen.


Importance Of Purpose

It was actually something that it was not good for me because what happened, Arte and Riggs, is that I started losing purpose, which is very important for a person. And then when I was in one point, I started seeing, losing this money and going up and down and I say, "What has happened?" I started going to being depressed and fighting with my wife and my parents. And I say, "What's going on?" And my wife asked me a very unique question. And she says, "Ivan, what happened with your purpose? What happened with your dreams?" And that question itself was exactly what awakened my philantroinvestor within. Because in that point, I say, "I need this, it's true, investors and entrepreneurs cannot believe in this anymore. Cannot be thinking that they are investing when they're really getting another job behind the computer for that."

Riggs: There's nothing like losing money on speculative investments to make you think about, maybe I should do something less speculative.

Arte: Not only that, in Ivan's book on Philanthro Investing, he also talks about, are you really free, in that you go on vacation and you're stuck with your stocks or bonds or whatever you're doing, and if things get rough, you're stuck with it. It's just a hundred reasons and we've avoided it all


Leaving A Legacy

Ivan: Yeah and the good point, Riggs, on this is that when you look about to the financial freedom - what is really financial freedom, what is the true financial freedom? So how I define it in philantroinvesting, what I think that with OriginClear and everything we are you going to create it will actually allow to, if in order to have that freedom, you need to have knowledge first. You need to have purpose. You need to feel in control and you need to decide to be in control. You need to have gratification or fulfilling, but not get cash, but get fulfilling cash. And you need to be able to leave a legacy knowing that you're leaving a legacy. You see?

Riggs: Thank you.


So, what is your hope from the alliance with OriginClear?


The Alliance

Ivan: My hope with the alliance with OriginClear is that we will actually give you our know-how and the power, the vision of the water philanthroinvestor to actually get really, really, really with our connections and everything that we have learned so far, put all the direction of the company, helping you Riggs and all the team to go even faster and expand to the direction of worldwide vision and expand the horizons and arrive to the point where we really feel that we are in the direction of bringing the world into it's original form in the planet, and expand the horizons basically.

Arte: I want to say something about that, too, Riggs. I don't want people watching to get the idea that it's all ethereal. I mean, we're talking about some big concepts, we’re all “purpose, big game..” There's mechanics that go into it. What has made Equity and Help, an INC 500 company and likely again for the second year, and our other projects have been, again, this combination of high-purpose and sound mechanics. And when you combine them, you get a lot of power. And again, that's what I think is happening with Origin water.


Focusing On The 99%

Riggs: Thank you. I'm going to paste something that Ken typed just now, which is really interesting. I'm going to put that in the chat for everyone. Ken says, what he's saying, basically, is our model and Equity - Helps model are identical in the sense that the Equity and Help homeowners would be people that wouldn't even think about trying to buy a home right now, because they're just not capable. It's easy to sell homes to people that can buy them. It's wonderful to be able to provide a home to people that will work to stay in them. So, think about this, in 10 years, they get to own it while the investor does incredibly well.

Our model for Investor Water is the same. We're going to be able to tap into the 99% locations that desperately need water, but couldn't even consider buying them right now. Now they don't have to buy it to utilize it and benefit from it while the water investor also does extremely well. Of course, we'll still sell to the guys who want to buy, that's the 1%. But we can now focus on the 99%, truly have-life altering impact on our world water and on our business utilizing this unique, world's first marketplace.


A New Class Of Investment

So, what really intrigues me because many people in our audience have been faithfully listening to every webinar. And they've watched us develop this concept. Ken has been deeply involved, which is why I pasted his comment. We're more and more veering towards the model of PHILANTHROINVESTORS, because we want to do this as something that does good. Yes, A, we want to create a new class of an investment, which is water investment, for sure. Just what the video said at the beginning. But also we'd like to focus it on the people that can't get financing. Because what does that do? It allows for high returns, right? So A, you're helping people who could never have it otherwise. B, the investor makes good money. So it's a combination that's very strong. That's what I see you've done with Equity and Help, right?

Arte: Exactly.

Riggs: I love it. What I'm going to do now, because we're doing a great job of staying within our time, and I'm also seeing that Ken says, "The philosophy of doing well by doing good by accommodating the often overlooked."


Quick Update

Quickly I wanted to give an update as to where we stand with all these efforts, right? So it's been hot and heavy down in Troy, Alabama with our project down there. And we have just an amazing investor, who's willing to do all kinds of things to accommodate the model. What we're learning down in the Troy, Alabama project is that the owners there are actually very well off. They have very good credit, and now they're starting to go, "Well, why don't I just buy it?" And this is defining, this is why we have a lab. We're learning how these things work out right there in the lab, which is, hmm, we don't need to work with people who essentially don't need the help, right? Today, for example, we built a financing page on OriginClear, and we have a branded page with a leasing company so that if people want conventional leasing, they can get it. So, we're not trying to step into the leasing companies world. What we want to do is create a whole new marketplace. So now quickly I wanted to show the water PHILANTHROINVESTORS website.


Water Philanthroinvesting

The Water Space

Here we go. The PHILANTHROINVESTORS website, here it is, and this is brand new. So if you go to philanthroinvestors.com, you'll see what goes on here and it covers various industries, and sure enough, it will show us what's going on in real estate already with Equity and Help, but it will also show us what's going on in other spaces like water.


PI OriginClear


And sure enough, you will see that they have decided to honor us
with a position here where we are actually listed


Water Book - Game


A New Book & A Game

And we are collaborating with Ivan on a book and also what's very cool is a game, and so the book and game are available for pre-order on philanthroinvestors.com and we're going to go ahead and create this book together. Ivan knows very well how to write a book and we know a lot about the water industry. So working together, we'll be able to get through this. How soon do we plan to get this out the door, Ivan?

Ivan: I am planning to get the book, the WATER PHILANTHROINVESTORS book. We should have it out the door before Christmas. That's my target.


Water Book

: Fantastic. So by the holidays. That's good, because it'll give me time to actually work on it in my crazy week, because I definitely want to help you, so that's fantastic.


Saving Water & Lives

Ivan: Yes, and that's what the book is all about, Riggs, is that you can grow your capital while saving planetary water and people's lives, you see? Instead of throwing away money in betting, in different areas of the world. There is right now $450 billion going to the gambling industry every year, $450 billion. And from there, $130 billions are in the US. Almost 25% of gambling, that money's going... You know, why we don't direct $450 billions and we come up to another level in this society as humanity, awareness of help, and we direct it towards fixing, taking responsibility for the planet and fixing the problems that the planet has while you get a return, and while you are in control of your investment. You see what I mean?

Riggs: Completely.


Not A Moral Statement

Arte: And we're not making a moral statement about gambling, we're making a rational statement. It's a rational view.

Riggs: It's a lot of money and you could spend it better.

Ivan: Exactly, yeah.

Riggs: Whenever I gamble, I was once in Vegas for six months on a work assignment and I'd gambled exactly 25 cents. If I ever gamble, I get this horrible feeling that my life is draining away. So I know exactly what you're talking about. So, our life will not drain away and I'm not making a pun either. But just to tell our audience, what is the relationship, we've gone ahead and licensed the WATER PHILANTHROINVESTORS brand. And we've also agreed, the philanthroinvestors.com has agreed to help us. They have the people who've been in securities law for decades. And we really want to make sure that this works from a regulatory point of view and they also plan to help us. And we've made them advisors to the company. So thank you for coming on board guys. It's really fantastic.


Kevin Harrington


The Podcast

I'm going to go ahead and pull up a very important slide, which is not the one I thought Kevin Harrington, by the way... Ivan, you know Kevin Harrington.

Ivan: Of course, he's my friend.

Riggs: He's on your advisory board.

Ivan: He's my friend and we are in our talks for him to be one of my “advisor family” right now, we met once, in three months and I consult with him. But he actually wrote a very good recommendation in my book. And he's also in my website in PHILANTHROINVESTORS. When you go to the Founder page, you will see Kevin's recommendation with his relation with me.

Riggs: Well, not only is Kevin a brilliant guy, but he's got a nice little pocket handkerchief there, very nice. Man's got style.

Ivan: Yes.


How You Can Participate

Riggs: That's very important. Okay, so with that I'm going to go to the next slide, how you can participate. So PHILANTHROINVESTORS, Equity and Help, these are all private companies, but OriginClear is a public company. And even though you currently cannot yourself invest in water projects, we're doing everything inside the lab because this is why PHILANTHROINVESTORS is involved, so they can help us with regulatory aspects as part of this partnership.


Current PPM

You can participate by investing in OriginClear, and not only is this going to be a yield-bearing asset, you will get excellent double digit yields. But in addition, you will help build this quote-unquote, "Air B&B for water." So, here's the deal, it's preferred, it's a corporate bond and we've made 30 months of dividends payments. So we're very, very good with that, 12% dividends, you get to redeem your principal. You get what you invested back in stock whenever you want to, at 200%. So, you could, a year out, two years out, whatever and when you do it, it's priced at the time. So, you don't have to worry about the price in the meantime, and you also get a free stock grant of 25% of your investment, which is also, can be redeemed at the price of the conversion at that time.

So it's a very generous offering. Why is it so generous? Because I have to tell you that we can be generous to an amazing degree with our friends because they won't destroy us, but we can get a quote-unquote, "Great deal from Wall Street." And they will destroy us. We've learned this in 13 years of being in this company. In fact, June 7th, 2007 was our launch. So literally a little bit more than a month ago, we had our anniversary.

Contact Us


Contact Us

Please talk to the amazing Ken Berenger, he's our VP of Business Development, but he's also with me, the co-author of this whole investor water concept. He's brilliant, he understands business, in fact, there's an interview of him that's appearing on Florida radio shows all weekend long. So, he's extremely passionate. Simply make an appointment with him, just click on oc.gold/ken.

Email, invest in originclear.com. If you dial Devin Angus at extension 116, you will get not only Devin, but potentially access to me. And I see that Devin has done that. Thank you. And there's also a link to investing, but really what you should do is have a conversation with Ken, because he will explain how important this is. Gentlemen, I wanted to thank you for coming on board. It's the beginning of a wonderful thing. I'm so honored that you have chosen to partner with us. We think it's a marriage made in heaven. So, thank you.

Arte: Great. Thank you.

Ivan: Thank you, Riggs, we're really happy also, and I think we will actually great effect, protect humanity together.

Riggs: Thank you from your lips to God's ears, as they say. Thank you all. Have a wonderful weekend. See you next Thursday. There'll be more. This is becoming more and more exciting. Be with us on this incredible journey. Thank you all. And goodnight.


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