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Dec 12, 2012 12:17:04 PM

Good morning!

Urban Algae Rocks

What a contrast between the climate change talks in Doha (disappointing) and our initiative in Paris (exciting).

The Chicago Tribune wrote:

While governments discuss new environmental policies at the Doha Climate Change Conference, private industry is also looking to the future with new technologies to produce clean, inexpensive power. American company OriginOil has joined forces with French firm Ennesys to develop a process that converts wastewater from commercial buildings into energy.

If you missed the slideshow, it's here. And here is the Reuters video. What a great launch.

Thank you to the Ennesys team for a job well done!

Biofuels Digest’s Top 100 People in Bioenergy

It's the last week for voting in this interesting industry survey. Please vote!

You'll be voting for Jose Sanchez, our brilliant algae technical manager, and for me.

You must be a subscriber to vote. If you are, then you will find the link to vote in your daily newsletter. Please find your copy and do this now!

I'm in Section 5, and Jose is in Section 10. Be sure to vote for our other friends, such as Barry Cohen of the National Algae Association...

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And thank you for voting for us!

More News On The Way

We're all getting ready for the holidays, but we're not done with important developments in what has been an amazing year so far.

So... stay tuned.

And stay warm, stay relaxed, and enjoy your family and friends in this season of love.

Happy Holidays!!


Riggs and team

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President & CEO
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