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WaterTech has the power to transform the water industry in America

Jun 8, 2023 6:59:52 PM

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The inequitable water crisis in the United States continues to demand nationwide attention. As America’s infrastructure spending falls behind, water companies are helping to launch new ventures that transform the water industry for its people and improve our most precious asset – water.


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OriginClear (OCLN), a Florida-based water company with manufacturing operations in Texas leads the self-reliant water revolution by democratizing water investment and commercializing advanced systems to help users take charge of their own water needs. Emerging from high tech that fostered disruption, innovation, and speed, CEO and Founder, Riggs Eckelberry used these processes to influence the company known as The Clean Water Innovation Hub™.

“When I came to the water industry, I found that it was this slow-moving giant that took forever to adopt new technology,” he says. This inspired water treatment solutions to enact much-needed change among water shortages, skyrocketing rates, and aging infrastructure. “When we successfully incubated Water On Demand™, that’s when we realized that becoming an innovation hub was the best way to make innovation in the water industry happen – and not take a decade.”



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