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Eat This, Not That! | Ways You're Damaging Your Heart and Don't Even Know It

May 20, 2022 1:25:00 PM




by Heather Newgen

Water expert Riggs Eckelberry, reveals, "When it comes to heart health, what we consume can be a major factor in both preventing and causing disease. Normally, we think of high-sugar foods and saturated fats, but what's often overlooked is something very essential – the water you're consuming. And if you're consuming tap water, you may want to rethink that habit...

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Blue Gold: Why Water is This Century’s Most Important Investment Frontier

Nov 22, 2019 4:49:00 PM

Reliance on Central Networks

'Currently, about 90% of the U.S. population relies on centralized networks of pipes and huge “mega-facilities” for water treatment and distribution. But due to a lack of proper funding, a general deterioration of this water infrastructure has occurred at a rapid pace, nation-wide.

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