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USA Today | Supporting Safety: Corps, FEMA Establish National Levee Program

Jun 14, 2022 2:12:00 AM




by Adam Stone

Nearly two-thirds of Americans live in counties that rely on levee- systems to help manage flooding. In New Orleans, Bruce Thompson still remembers the catastrophic damage that occurred in 2005 when levees failed during Hurricane Katrina. The levee system "has to be managed well," says Thompson, who serves on the flood protection task force at the Business Council of New Orleans & the River Region. "We should have people who are knowledgeable. We should have people who are smart. We should have people who are technical."


 Supporting Safety insert

Riggs Eckelberry, President and CEO of OriginClear, a Florida-based firm that seeks to connect investors with water projects, says the National Levee Safety Program "is a great example of a coordinated effort to improve the conditions of one sector of the water industry, and I hope to see more like it."



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