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Endpoint | Russia’s Cyberwar Targets Western Critical Infrastructure

May 19, 2022 5:57:44 PM

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by Christopher Null

Cyberattacks on power grids, communications networks, and water treatment plants are happening across the globe. The best defense? Better cyber hygiene...

Lowering cyber risk through better infrastructure

One ambitious solution is to rethink the way the world approaches infrastructure altogether. Riggs Eckelberry is CEO and founder of OriginClear, a technology startup that is looking to disrupt the water industry. OriginClear’s offering includes a futures market, an as-a-service platform, and small, prefabricated, modular water treatment systems for companies that want to ensure dedicated water supplies. Its goal is to make “do-it-yourself” water and liberate consumers from the aging, vulnerable utility grid.


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“There are major problems in the water industry,” says Eckelberry. “The old, centralized model is falling apart and is underfunded by the federal government. Cyber fragility is very real.”



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