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Be more water-conscious at home with these easy steps

Dec 29, 2022 1:58:00 PM

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by Barbara Bellisi Zito


While water conservation is a key focus in combating climate change, so is improving the quality of the water consumed. Globally, industry and agriculture combine for a whopping 88% of freshwater, while 12% is used for municipal purposes, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Riggs Eckelberry, founder and CEO of OriginClear, says, “We need to start looking at our [water usage] practices ourselves, but we also need to start holding industry and agriculture more accountable.”

29 Dec 2022 USA Today article

Right now, 43 out of 50 states reuse water, according to the International Water Association, but very little of it is potable. OriginClear works to help industry and agriculture do more of their own water recycling to combat what Eckelberry calls “extremely exploitative water practices.”

While residential water usage pales in comparison to that of industry and agriculture, that’s not to say that homeowners shouldn’t make their own efforts to minimize water use. 

Here are some tips on how to take a more mindful approach to water usage and water quality care in your home.



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