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Aquatech: Where Water and Lots of Opportunities Meet!!

Dec 7, 2023 6:51:10 PM


by Jeff Ostroff

We all know that water is vital for all of us. But did you realize there are huge opportunities out there for those who, among other things, can help recycle water or remove the waste from it?  My guest expert, Riggs Eckelberry, discusses these opportunities and much more on this episode.

Lookinfg Forward article 1


On the episode, Riggs speaks about such things as (1) the challenges our present water infrastructure faces both in the U.S. and around the globe, (2) the "perfect storm" that's driving these challenges, and (3) who it is, by far, that demands the most water, and why that's "where the money is." Hint: This one may surprise you!

Riggs then explains how the use of water technology, or "aquatech," can help address some of the challenges he identifies. He sheds light on a wide array of opportunities that anyone from a job seeker to an entrepreneur to an investor can seize upon in tackling issues like water treatment and water recycling. Finally, Riggs provides tips and resources that will help you begin to capitalize on the many opportunities this relatively new world of water technology offers.


Full article here: Looking Forward 3


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