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Where Water On Demand Meets the Infrastructure Crisis

Dec 29, 2023 2:35:28 PM

The year end review demonstrates our focus on delivery of last year's stellar sales. But the real "goose bump factor" is how it projects out over the next 3 years*, and where Water On Demand starts to really weigh in… What does that mean for OriginClear's future? Find out in the replay! 

*The projections for year 2023-2026 are estimates only. The 2023 estimate may not be achieved.


Covered in this video:


0:00 short video: How much income does it take to buy a house these days?
2:14 Introduction: Water - The Blue Gold weekly CEO Briefing
2:41 Interesting audience comment: "I was thinking about putting my shares in a trust with my life insurance for future generations of wealth. What do you think?"


3:31 Review of selected X (formerly Twitter) posts
3:44 Learning from mistakes
4:57 Ancient Roman aqueducts
7:27 All In Podcast: Funding moving away from venture capital to crowdfunding
9:52 FXHedgers: How the Fed broke the housing market
10:15 20% of the world's fresh water is in ONE single lake!
10:44 FinancialFox: How technology is transforming the sustainability landscape. A fascinating discussion on Fintech/Crypto/AI innovation.
14:23 More on how the Fed broke the housing market from Peter St. Onge.


15:12 OriginClear year ending review. How did we do in 2023?  
23:39 Podcast excerpt: How to Ride a Roller Coaster with David Ezell clip 1.
26:48 CEO commentary on Clayton Christensen's book Inside The Tornado and how it applies to achieve a tornado of adoption
28:40 How to Ride a Roller Coaster clip 2.
31:22 CEO commentary on on the importance of FOCUS and achieving wins.
32:22 How to Ride a Roller Coaster clip 3
35:34 CEO commentary on reshoring manufacturing to America and how it relates to OriginClear and water.


37:08 Exec VP, Ken Berenger joins the show for a stimulating look at what's inside and OUTSIDE the envelope for investors. Gain insight on current economic factors, what's happening inside OriginClear, market trends and why water as an investment is emerging as an exciting new asset class!

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