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Water PhilanthroInvesting and Our Purpose

Jul 24, 2021 12:12:05 AM

Insider Briefing of 22 July 2021

PhilanthroInvestors® Founder, Ivan Anz and CEO, Arte Maren, shared WHY they chose OriginClear...What makes that partnership and Water on Demand™ so strategically powerful? Can Water Ambassadorships enable planetary scale? Find out in the replay here and catch the latest on how the rapidly accelerating crypto play could be a GIGANTIC game changer!



Transcript from recording


Riggs Eckelberry:

Well, good evening everyone. And it is wonderful to have you with us. Some great guests coming on to discuss a very strategic activity and how that is contributing to how we're going to change, or we are changing the state of water in the world. So without further ado, I'm going to jump in to the usual.


20210722 WITNG title


And if you just want to make sure that you're in the right webinar, Water is the New Gold. And of course water is the new asset class. We're making it that way. We are the leader in that respect for water installations that are not these huge central ones that we know are in trouble. It is Thursday, the 22nd of July.

Oh my gosh. Labor Day fast arriving. And by the way, there's been discussion about our quarterly filing that remains on track now. More importantly, the second quarter filing, which I think will have some very good news in it, is on schedule for the third week of August. And so I think August ... we'll get past this July one, Prasad's work to make our processes work better will have paid off and we will be in a whole new scene.

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Okay, briefing number 120. Of course, as you know all you got to do is click on the globe on the bottom of the dialogue, choose Spanish and you're off and running.


Safe Harbor


Of course, the usual safe harbor statement about how there are uncertainties and risks, but we do our very best to tell you like it is. I'm going to start off by playing a quick video. And I'm very happy to see how many people are here. That's wonderful news. Welcome. And I hope that Heather is translating it properly for me. Anyway, let me go ahead and share screen with the video optimization. And here we go.


Start of video presentation


Ivan Anz Serial Entrepreneur
Arte Maren: Ivan Anz is an Inc. 500 serial entrepreneur who's enjoyed not one but two years in the Inc 500, now listed as 83rd of the fastest growing companies in the Inc 500 and headed for third year.


CapitAnz Family Office


He's the founder and CEO of CAPITANZ Family Office, which comprised three strong divisions, business development, investments, and philanthropy.


Arte Maren CEO PI


The business division is directed by the CEO and business strategist, Mr. Arte Maren, with more than 50 years of experience, ensuring Ivan's vision becomes a reality for the world.

Their mission is developing and maturing businesses that have the potential to prosper, and with all the important factors of enhancing the condition of humanity. His Toyota dealerships rank as the number one car dealership network in his state in Argentina and expands Realty, the international real estate broker firm of the family office is ensuring agents grow above and beyond financially and in their lives.

Philanthroinvestors Brand


Well known as the creator of the PhilanthroInvestor® brand identity along with his books, Ivan is constantly seeking to engage others towards the improvement of the world's most major social maladies. Housing problems successfully addressed using housing philanthro investing by Equity & Help, Inc. And now with its new startup Equity & Help Ventures, opening the doors to the institutional investor to enjoy what individual investors have been experiencing for the past seven years.


OC Water Philanthroinvesting


Serious water conditions and scarcity are being addressed by water financial investing with Origin Clear, the water company for the new economy and targeted to arrive in NASDAQ in 2022. Philanthro investor, golfer, and music lover and having never met a person he did not love, Mr. Ivan Anz.

End of presentation


Arte and Ivan


How Ivan Found OriginClear

Riggs: Well, and with that said, I would like to welcome Arte Maren and Ivan Anz. Welcome aboard gentlemen.

Ivan: Thank you Riggs.

Riggs: And Ivan, you're in Puerto Rico and Arte, you're just down the street in Clearwater, Florida.

Arte: Correct.

Riggs: I like your tie.

Arte: Thank you.

Riggs: Yeah, you got to have a good tie. These days ties are so unusual that you got to have a good tie, right? Anyway, so what I'm going to do here, first of all before we get into you guys individually I want to talk a little bit about what this means to us, the relationship, et cetera.

And ... I sure am blue. I think I look very blue today, but I'll go with it. I'm going with blue. But the thing that happened last year around May was that our business model was, through incredibly hard work by Ken Berenger and myself, Tom Marchesello, we were moving towards this, water is a service and the investor Water model and so forth.

And by May we really had made this major transformation so that when Ivan, who was attracted to an ad of ours, ended up in a CEO briefing, we were the company he was looking for to apply the same successful sort of principles that he had applied for Equity & Help, and he goes to Arte, he goes, "There's this guy Riggs ...." And of course Arte says, "Yeah, I know this guy, I know this guy."


PhilanthroInvestors is Key

So it's from that point on. Now, here's what's important about this, very strategic and the reason why it's more than three guys in a room here, and that is that as a CEO of a public company, I can't say anything that I'm not actually doing because otherwise I'd probably have to move out of the country.

So in this case, we knew that we needed to move towards this pre-funding of water systems. And so that companies would be paying on the meter, by the gallon. But the reality of it was that we didn't have that capability. And that's really what Philanthroinvestors has brought to us because they leveraged their existing real estate audience who are accustomed to large investments and so forth. And with that, we've been able to make our way towards raising capital for these water systems as opposed to merely selling them.

Now, the irony of it is that now a year after that, the selling of systems has taken off, which is good news, but we feel that it's very strategic what we're doing here, this Water on Demand. And I have to say that Philanthroinvestor's is key to having been able to say that legitimately.


Ivan Anz Founder


Trend in Non-Profits

So without further ado, I am going to share screen here once again, and Ivan, you are the first guy who got to know us, and this is your little one sheet for your podcasting. Tell us a little bit about how you got here, what you learned about real estate and how it's applying to what you're doing now.

Ivan: Yes of course. So Riggs, everything started with the dream because I was observing that I was just investing money for money and I was already well financially, but I was feeling that the money that I was making, it was going toward just being a number behind of a screen and watching a number and a graph grow or go down, or go up and go down.

So when I start to see the speculative investment world, and it's time to fill my emptiness inside, I realized I need to find a way to, not only for myself, but for others to invest with a purpose.

And one day I was in the shower. And then this concept came to me about philanthro investing, and it was kind of a revelation. And these are these revelations show me that there is a trend coming in the world as you see the non-profits trend for many years that 50 years ago were very little amount of non-profits. And now that it's more than one or more. So there is a trend in the world of the consciousness level of help for the humanity raising. So that was one trend.


ivan interview


The Results Being Created

But then I see this in the future where investors were going to care more about their money, and they were going to care more about what they do with their resources. And it was not going to be only what the money creates for them, and what if I can buy more watches or more cars, or more homes, or better suits and so on, it was going to be more in the direction of what the effect the money is creating in the world, where the money's going, and what is the result that this money is creating.

And that was the whole revelation around 2009. So I started this moment of how is Philanthroinvesting down in Argentina. And when I start seeing the families change their life, it touched my heart.

So then my wife tells me, "Ivan, if we move this to the United States, everything that happens in the US, the world will copy." The good and the bad, right Riggs?

Riggs: Sure, absolutely.


More Than 50% of Americans

Ivan: Exactly. So I came to the US and I  started investigating more and more, and I realized... I thought that the U.S. was the country of the American dream? And that everybody can own their home, 100% of the people own their home in the U.S. And when I realized that more than 50% of Americans do not own their home, I was blown away.

Riggs: Yeah, it's a terrible piece of history because it used to be 75% back in the 50s, and then over time, it degraded. And it's funny because we keep talking about charity and places like Africa, but we really need to take care of America.

Ivan: Exactly, and that's what I thought, "Hey, this is the country that has been working for years to be the example for the world. And this is the country where almost everybody in the world wants to live in and wants to invest in and wants to support."

And I say, wait, "But 50% of Americans do not own their home." So I researched more and more, I went to different real estate seminars and so on. And then that's why I launched Equity & Help because I wanted to solve that problem and connect Philanthroinvestors with the problem housing.


Ivan's Inspirations

So my first, I will say that my inspirations in my journey, Philanthroinvestors journey, my number one inspiration was when I first helped families in Argentina. My second inspiration was when I realized that I can help families in the U.S. And then I say, well, "I arrived to the U.S. In 2012, and I do not speak a word of English at most." I was learning as I speak.

Riggs: Yeah, like every immigrant.

Ivan: Exactly! Then I say, well, "I am a missionary so I need to build a team that speak English, and understand the U.S. law, right? So with that in place, I read the thing that now is led by Mr. Jaime Gomez amazingly well done as a CEO for Equity & Help.

And in 2019 after the company made it to the Inc 500 for first time in position 128, and now number 83 in the year 2020, then I had the third inspiration for the Philanthroinvestor journey. Was this revelation that I had, which was, wait a minute, Philanthroinvestors is not only created to solve one issue of the planet, which is housing, and it started them in the U.S. But they discovered that 8% of the population is living in places with bad air quality. Sorry, with good air quality, only 8% of the population.

Riggs: Oh my God.


Water is Most Important

Ivan: Yes, 8%! And then I went beyond then I discover, 6,000 kids are dying every single day of water related diseases.

Riggs: Yeah.

Ivan: And we will be... It's not the problem... And I started researching more. And it's not the problem with the amount of water that we have in the planet, because it comes from the rain and so on, the problem is the quality of the water.

Riggs: And we are being terrible, terrible stewards of that water.

Ivan: Yes.

Riggs: Our responsibility is very, very low. So what I, understand is that you took the successful Equity & Help concept, and now you are replicating it in these other domains.

Ivan: Yes, and then I went through different areas and I say, "Wait a minute, water is the most important one that I want to tackle next?" So Philanthroinvestors, helping the water increase the quality in the world. And I came to you through your ad in Facebook, I think these machines that we have in our hands, I feel that they are listening to us. I was talking about water all the time, right? And then your ad comes to my cell phone, and water.

Riggs: Well Facebook works for me.

Ivan: Yes, exactly!

Riggs: Facebook works for me, just so you know.

Ivan: Exactly, exactly! And I like it because he understands what I want, so can he give it to me, you know?

Riggs: That's funny.


Taking the World a Positive Direction

Ivan: So, then I go through that and I say, "Well, the success of the expansion on taking the world to a more positive direction"

Riggs: Yes.

Ivan: "And allowing people, that is, not knowing what to do with the money, so they gamble, to come in a space for them to, not only get cash flow, but fulfilling cash flow is the place that we started to create more and more."


PhilanthroInvestor Ambassadors

And we... The expansion the   have had over the years, it came from a single, very important person in our universal for the companies, which is called the Philanthroinvestor Ambassador. So we have this theme on 16 countries of the world that a lot of people that understand our vision and mission, and they get briefed on it and they may have the money and they philanthro invest in one of the companies and they may not, so they philanthro invest with their time.

Because what is a Philanthroinvestor? It's someone that invests their money or time engaging emotionally to promote human welfare, while earning a financial return. So the ambassador gets a reward for his time that is developed over the improvement of the area that Philanthroinvestor is touching.

And that's what we've been doing with Equity & Care. That's how we expanded housing philanthropy investing. And now we are bringing these water Philanthroinvestors products to allow anybody in the world, across the globe, to just say, "Hey, I want help the world with my time." Okay, and become a Philanthroinvestor Ambassador, I am getting reward, but plus fulfilling that indirectly, "I am changing the planet to a more positive direction."

Riggs: Well, in fact, we're going to be able to talk about this further because, although Vendi Rios is not able to be here tonight, we will be covering her job, which is to work with that. I'm going to take this opportunity now and thank you very much, Ivan. And I'm so proud and happy that you, you clicked on that ad.

Arte Maren CEO


Becoming CEO

Here is Mr. Arte Maren who... Tell us a little bit how you got dragged into this, because apparently you didn't say yes right away.

Arte Maren: No, no, as far as becoming a CEO? No, I had been lecturing around the world on various aspects of management, Europe, about four months, a year or more. And Ivan found out about my work and he called me and he said, "Well, you should..." "Ivan, I'm busy." And finally, one day he said... Because he is as, you know Riggs, fairly persistent. And he said, "Look, why don't you come up and let's have dinner, you can meet my wife." And I thought, "Okay, fine." So I went over, he was living in Clearwater.

Riggs: Famous last words.

Arte: Yeah. And I suddenly got the real picture, it wasn't just real estate. No, it was help, and it was effective, and that really got my interest. And even then he said, "Well, you know, chairman of the board..." And I said, "Let me just consult a little bit, just let me." And that's how we started.


Arte interview


The Key Points

And then it kind of kept growing and growing, and we really connected up a lot more. And I'm going to tell you why, is a few key points that Ivan brought up there. One, he said, "Well, I came to America, I didn't speak English." You know, he... The power of what he was doing was powered by purpose. Imagine coming to America, not a word of English, you got to make a living, you got a family. And that was driven by this purpose, and the purpose was a carry over from what he did in Argentina.

And I tell you the moment, he helped some of this... He was selling this real estate and this person could not afford to buy it. "Ivan, I can't afford it." He had his little girl with him. She... "Daddy, daddy, we could live here!" "No, no, I'm sorry." She got this frown and Ivan thought, "No, okay, I'm going to give you the land, we're going to build a house on it, you're going to have it. You pay me, practically whatever you could afford."

And at that moment, the smile on that person's face is what lit up and created millions and millions of dollars in housing investment with Equity & Help and all of our Philanthroinvestor companies. So that's the first thing I wanted to say.

Secondly, he made a comment, he said, "Fulfilling cashflow." When have you ever heard of that? It's fulfilling cashflow. And Ivan often says, "I don't want money for money!" And what he's saying there, and it's actually pretty good English, is that it's just not fulfilling. But if you can put money in and make it be a fulfilling activity, that means something in this short amount of time that we have on planet earth.


Finding Water — OriginClear

Okay, so that's enough of that. I'm involved in the mechanics, my purpose in my job is to bring these concepts, helping people is a concept, but making them a reality. And I'll never forget the moment that Ivan said, "I found the water... that we had been looking for it." He said, "Water is our next one. We've got to have water."

Okay, I don't know how long, five days, seven days. "I've found the water!" "Really? What is it?" "Oh it's a company called OriginClear ." I wasn't familiar with the name. "There's a company called OriginClear, and they're doing these great things. and they kind of think like us." I said, "Really, who's the CEO?"

Figuring, oh, maybe from my travels around the world, I'd know him. And he said, "Riggs Eckelberry." Ladies and gentlemen, Riggs Eckelberry at one time was a relation of mine. His brother was married to my daughter, I don't know what that is. Somebody could tell me, is that like a nephew-in-law?

Riggs: I think we're cousins.

Arte: Right, all right, so we're cousins. And I said, "Ivan, I've known this guy for 25 years, his mother. Was a friend of mine. We went to parties, we went to every Sunday I was at his house." Remember the Sunday's?

Riggs: Sure, the brunches.

Arte: The big Sunday things in California. So it was great. And of course you know how things are ladies and gentlemen. You know when it's kind of right it's really right. Our first meeting it just took off from there. But let me go into OC just a little bit more.


Constant Evidence of Trust

What was it that attracted her attention? What was it that got us really more deeply involved and kind of all in? And as you know, we're investors. Ivan's an investor. The indicators. And what do I mean by indicators? When you've been working with companies as I have for half a century, you see certain things because you've had so many experiences that you create a library.

These are all the things to look for. And one of them was not just the sales, not just the money but also the intensity of help. The intensity of final product. Our first meetings with Riggs, he didn't talk about the return and the thing.

No, he talked about water. He talked about the necessity for doing something about water in this planet backed up by statistics. Much of which I had no clue. That became a desire on our part to do what we could do.

And because our investors are philanthro investors, we knew that once we brought them Water on Demand, Water as the New Gold. The fact that they could help, it was going to be instant recognition. And it was.

So it was that, it was the technical rendition, and by that I mean the work they had been doing on water on demand. The level of sophistication, the drive. We've met now I don't know, probably most of the crew. And the drive for it, and Ken Berenger, who if you haven't met, it's worth on it's own, nevermind the investment returns you might well get. But Ken is incredibly knowledgeable. He's been in the industry decades.

And I guess it's the trust. That's what permeated all of our connections, as just this constant evidence of trust and the fact that we could trust that when we brought the people we knew to be introduced to Ken and to Riggs that they were going to get the whole story. And they will tell you, incredibly transparent. This is the way it is up front. Here's all the problems, here's this, here's that. So that was a very big factor.


Changing Water Fast Enough

And now as I've mentioned, ambassadorships. And that's all about replication. If you know enough of a business, you know when something works you replicate it. And since everything we've been doing is working very well, we're not going to change water in this planet fast enough unless we scale up.

It's not just whom Ivan and I know. No, no, no. It's got to scale up. Well who's going to do that? The people who know the value of what we're doing. And that means our investors and people who get it. This is in the main people who have been investing, or are investors but do not have fulfilling work.

And yes, investing in OC is fulfilling in itself because you know that your money is going to something of value for now in the future, but it also puts you in a position to be an ambassador to what? Get the word out to other people as to what's happening and what we're doing. I mean who better than those who understand what we're doing to help get the word out to others. And we have a system, call it a replication system that allows where we can do that. And that's kind of what we're doing. If you pull up the next slide, I want to introduce everybody to Vendi.


Vendi slide

Riggs: Absolutely. And I think that Vendi was not able to be here tonight, but-

Arte: Yeah, I spoke to her about an hour ago. Her child is ill and it's intangible to be on. But here's Vendi who's originally from the Czech Republic. Wonderful lady, very, very smart. And she is the Vice President of Expansion internationally. And part of what she does is introduce both likely investors and very important lady, ambassadorship. That is to say somebody who's sincerely interested in helping us get the word out. And we have a program that allows them to do that and it in itself is fulfilling.

Welcome Ambassadors



So they're all investors who can't do the investment right now for whatever reason. Okay, but they love what we're doing. Fair enough. Let's talk about ambassadorship. Let's explain to you how it works, but we're not talking about getting on the phone and doing cold calling. We're not talking about putting ads in newspapers. It's just that here's the point: everybody knows somebody who should be playing this game. And that's all we're talking about.

So those who are interested, you can certainly contact us or contact Vendi, and we can set that up for you in one way or another.

Riggs: Wow, well that was amazing and I appreciate you jumping into the ambassador thing because you're right. One company, one group cannot change everything. You have to create a movement in a way and I think that's what you're talking about. While you've been talking,


Harmonization and Evolving Organically 

Michael Hartison said, "Trust the intangible asset of Origin Clear." Amazing. And then Keith Roeten, "This is why we invested." So I think you have become a, you've hit a nerve here because our investors I believe, and Keith did not come through Philanthroinvestors, but this is where I think there was an immediate harmonization between the two organizations that Ivan and us sensed each other.

And Sharon Skinetsky says, "Great info." This is to me, we will not have five or ten partners like PhilanthroInvestors. It's not going to happen because you're really organically part of what we do. And through osmosis and through technology transfer, we've adopted so much of what you've got. And then of course we're pioneering things like crypto, which I think that you guys should adopt but that's a whole other story.

But Vendi is extremely diligent. She's going to, she's got great tender, loving care, TLC. So if anybody's interested in getting involved with PhilanthroInvesting, and that doesn't just include water. It also could include doing things for equity and help. Then simply email Vendi at expansion@philanthroinvestors.com.

So this has been a really good moment to talk. And Ivan, to your point earlier, we know that in the world, charity has gotten a bad name? Why? Because it can actually reduce, you feel great. You gave a lot of money and I've done good things for the world. The recipient is often not benefited by that. And we have these examples. For example, in the Ivory Coast a 40 foot container of clothes shows up in Abidjan and all of the sudden the local garment industry is dead. And so that is very bad.

So PhilanthroInvesting doesn't mean just wealthy people creating this, but it also means being able to create entrepreneurial movements everywhere where we're doing good at the same time doing well. So I think that's going to become something that over time charity itself will become philanthro investing I think.


Combining Philanthropy and Investing

Ivan: Yes, I agree. You're totally right about what you're saying and brings me to the point that I will use and say as a closing for you, which is that when you have these millionaires or billionaires that come to the level that they can do charity, but then you have the guy that has hundred thousand dollars in savings, or two hundred thousand and then if he gives a huge amount to charity on the level that he wants, then he cannot do that level that the philanthropist does. So philanthropy is just putting your money towards, or time, towards the improvement of humanity but just getting in return that you are improving humanity.

Investing on the other side is putting your money to get a return. So if you combine both of them, that's combining both of them, that's the power of the creation of PhilanthroInvesting and allows everybody. And the reason for PhilanthroInvestors rates is everybody in the world will have an app in the future. You will come to the app, PhilanthroInvestors and you would select OriginClear and you will be able to do five thousand, one thousand. We would have these open to the world in the future. And that's the vision.


True Financial Freedom

But let me tell you something else, which is the fact that when you are a PhilanthroInvestor, you are connected to something very special, which is true financial freedom. And what I mean by that, we have this word that has been promoted all over the world. This phrase "financial freedom and passive income."

And both of them are connected. From my viewpoint, it's not correct because the word freedom is more connected with purpose. Like when you say, "Hey, let's get this freedom for this country,  Everybody has a purpose, everybody is alert of their environment. Everybody has engagement. Everybody receives the fulfilling coming back.

So that's true financial freedom, not the other way of, "Hey, I give you the money and I do nothing," and they just receive money. Because it is not involvement. There is no life, it's just receiving money. So what I love about the OriginClear platform is that we have the Trusted Investor Conference.  Why we have that?

Because once a quarter, Very well laid out, aligned with the Philanthroinvestor mission, you put all the investors that are supporter for OriginClear to meet once a quarter, and they are able to also give you input and control the direction of the company somehow. So they feel they are creating the future for OriginClear. So it's not just their money. And that's what a Philanthroinvestor is.


PhilanthroInvestor Definition

Arte: You know, Ivan, could you repeat the definition of the Philanthroinvestor again? Because I'm not sure that that very crucial point really got across. And I want to emphasize it. Could you repeat it again? And I'm going to make a comment on it.

Ivan: Yes. Philanthroinvestor is someone who has spent his time and money engaging emotionally, while earning a financial return.

Arte: Okay. And it's the engaging emotionally that I wanted to put in there because the fulfillment comes from that. Not just from the money, but the constant upgrade of, your information you know where it's going and you hear about the utilization.

I mentioned earlier that when we started, it was all about what we kept seeing as results, and that's the intangible results to trust as well as the real results. And it's just very fulfilling. But anyway, I wanted to make sure, because I thought that part when I first read it, that they are emotionally engaged, that's where the return on investment really lies.

Riggs: Wow. And Chris Worth says, "Very good. Now, understanding philanthro investing, can't wait to circulate this OriginClear CEO meeting." So you've definitely hit a chord. Thank you very much. And I'm not going to, because we've already spent almost 40 minutes and has not been one boring minute. So thank you very, very much for this.

Arte: Welcome.

Riggs: I'm going to go ahead and give the group an update on what's happening on the crypto front. And thank you, Ivan and Arte, you guys are great. And I would thank Vendie, if she'd been here. It's been really fantastic.

Arte: Thanks.


Crypto News


Two Coins

Riggs: All right. Let me talk a little bit about the crypto situation. This is evolving very, very fast. Let me just check, somebody made a chat. And what we've got here... Let me go on to speaker view because somehow I still have... There we go.

So what we have here is crypto works well when it is a complete functionality. And what we're starting to figure out is we need two coins. One is a, this network of a community of people who are interested in helping with water and who want to direct projects and vote, et cetera.

And the other one is, well, where does the money come from? And so then on the other side, you have investors and they get another network and those two interact. And the middle, you have to have a trustee, right? A trustee function.


Trustee Function

So what's evolving is like a binary system, kind of like the two, binary stars, two stars that circle around each other. But in the middle, you have this very, very important fulcrum. Now $H2O is the security token that we've been talking about and it's pure money. It's only for accredited investors. And it is when people invest, they get a percentage back over the life of the equipment, as we've been talking about, and that's going to be fleshed out.

You're going to, next week, I promise you a very, very clear and well put diagramming of all this as it develops. It's we're still going back and forth with our partners. And on the other side is this community network that basically recruits everyone.

Now there's a big problem with democracy, too many people, right? When, when you have like a mob, then in a way nobody's speaking. You have to have what we have in America, which is a representative democracy. The people elect the people that represent them. And then those people in turn have the responsibility of deciding things and voting, et cetera.

And that's called a, it was designed by Dan Larimer. It worked very well for a coin called EOS, another one called Steamit, another one called BitShares. And what you have with all those cryptos, is you have people who are called witnesses or delegates, and these people make sure that everything works properly. So it's not entirely just crypto smart contracts. It's also people.


Community Token

And that I think is going to be a key thing to make all this work. So to summarize, and I'm going to come back tomorrow with, be there tomorrow. I mean, next week, be there next Thursday, because you will see this visually as I develop it. We're going to have this network that grows, what's called a Utility Token. That is, it's not a security. Anybody can own it.

And it's, because the minute it's a security, then it has to be treated like a stock and there's all kinds of rules. And usually it's on the accredited investors. So this one here is, and we just trademarked it, but I won't discuss it just now today and keep that for next week. And this particular community token has this hierarchy of elected representatives who then take, "Oh, there's a problem in Abidjan. How do we solve it?"

Fine. Now there's funds over here on the $H2O coin, where people make money and the two interact very dynamically. And in the middle, as I said, we have this trustee function. That's as much as I can get into today. It's very, very promising. I'm super excited about it because it's starting to click.

And you know that when something starts to become simpler, it means it's becoming better. And that's what's happening here. So without further ado, I'm going to be wrapping it up. And I appreciate... Oh, my God, so many people have been extremely loyal. And Jerry W. Says, ""Very good. Thank you for the info."


Series U


Participating - Accredited Investors

And there's two ways you can participate in our future. One is with what we call the Series U, which is a 100,000 investment, but you can do less if you're accredited or non-US. And by the way we learned this week, that a non-US investor can invest US funds as long as they are a non-US investor, meaning living abroad. And this very, very high leverage. You would not believe some of the numbers this thing generates if we do even just keep going, this is amazing. But if we, as I expect, if we really take off and end up on the Nasdaq, the returns are stupendous.


Series V


Funding Water on Demand

And then the other one is this idea of the Water On Demand program, which is about funding equipment. And this is going to co-exist with the new token thing. They're not going to wipe each other out. Why? Because it's going to take a little while for the crypto to happen. Weeks or months, so we don't want to say when, but meanwhile, this thing is going to get us going and it's, we've already closed some deals on it and are probably receiving our first funds very, very shortly.


Call Ken


Call Ken

And that'll be a piece of news that you'll be getting. So continuing here, Ken Berenger. He really is the guy who, as I already said, he's got this ability to brainstorm very, very fast. And so we're able to just ping pong things back and forth, and it's been incredibly productive and we've changed the company dramatically during, frankly, really during COVID it's really when it started happening. So that's what we need to do.


Thank You


And finally, of course, we were going to see you next week because we are going to have coverage of this crypto thing. Sonia, [foreign language]. And Tom says, "Thank you so much. I appreciate everything. And all the visit, people who visited." And Steven Davis, "Thank you, Riggs. Adios."


Simple Vision

Guys, next week is going to be huge. Be there, pass the word. It's going to be amazing. You will see the vision, simple vision, totally complementing what we're doing already. Remember it's stacked, right? The base layer is all of this hardware we're selling successfully. And as you know, the numbers have taken off. You'll hear more about that. And the next level is this Water on Demand, where it's Outsourced Water Treatment. And then this final level is this thing working with crypto.

They all interact. We're not going to make one thing the red haired stepchild. And I hope that translates okay, Heather. But the red hair stepchild, meaning the person who is neglected. We're not going to collect any because they worked together very synergistically.

And then combined with the PhilanthroInvestor Ambassador program, which gets the word out through a human network, I think we're going to have an amazing, amazing three, four or five years, and I believe they'll be historic. I think we're going to change the water industry in ways that only just now are becoming apparent.

So thank you, everyone. It's been great having you again, just the best. Let's talk soon. I'll see you next week. Okay?

Arte: Good night, everybody.


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