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The Progressing Rise of Commodity Based Finance

Jan 5, 2024 1:21:00 PM

Infrastructure stress is already outstripping grid capacities and with growing populations will only get worse. Since funding isn't coming from the government demand is rising for alternative solutions… And that is opening the door to a new commodity based finance solution - water! How can water as an asset become a competitor to other asset classes? Find out in this video!


Covered in this video:


0:00 Short video clip: WEF at Davos on water.
2:52 Introduction: Water The Blue Gold weekly CEO Briefing


3:28 SELECTIONS FROM X: Why we cover them in the briefing and their relevance to water.
4:06 NEOM project in Saudi Arabia with excellent and informative video presentation.
18:44 The All In Podcast: 7 stocks account for most of the market growth.
19:41 Uber becomes profitable. Now let's London cabbies use their app.
20:01 Federal Debt: Now mushrooms to $34T.
20:47 Real Estate Warning signs: Grant Cardone predicts 2024 to have the greatest real estate correction of all time.
21:41 Grant Cardone: my biggest mistakes in 2023.
23:27 Financial Analyst John Sneisen on US economy: Weimer Republic hockey stick inflation and $ devaluation is now starting to take place.
23:49 Cautionary tale about how Blockbuster Video went out of business and was replaced by Netflix and streaming.
24:46 The border situation and mass migration of illegal aliens to the US.
25:15  Peter St. Onge: The rise of the "Welfare Industrial Complex."
25:56 The People's inflation: food prices going crazy.
27:15 Strawberry Case Study: What if farmers had to pay for groundwater use?
27:40 Centralized vs Decentralized: A graphic demonstration.
28:18 Susan Warren and her proposed bills.
28:44 Commentary on skeptics and adoption.
29:04 The NASDAQ recent trends.
29:29 Chinese property stocks crashing.
29:37 Housing prices are dropping.
29:43 Videos that play on @riggseck Twitter feed: Crypto and black money.


31:15 Podcast appearance: Money Club Mondays - Private Money Club: presentation on Water On Demand.
34:32 Money Club Mondays - Private Money Club: The state of wastewater in the US. and taking businesses off the grid.
37:56 Money Club Mondays - Private Money Club: Water On Demand merger, OriginClear's % of ownership and listing the company on the NASDAQ


40:47 Exec VP, Ken Berenger and VP of Marketing, AL Fikejs join the show for a stimulating look at what's inside and OUTSIDE the envelope for investors. Gain insight on current economic factors, what's happening inside OriginClear, market trends and why water as an investment is emerging as an exciting new asset class!


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