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Predicting Water Infrastructure Demand

Dec 15, 2023 1:55:53 PM

We cover in this briefing how layoffs of highly paid professionals are hampering real estate and other values, but meanwhile advanced manufacturing is on a tear. But what does that mean for water? As it turns out, the explosion of AI, sophisticated robotics and automation all have a common denominator… They require clean water infrastructure! Does that mean Water On Demand is also an infrastructure play??? Find out in the replay! 


Covered in this video:


0:00 short video: Water infrastructure with a 100 year life cycle.
0:52 Introduction: Water - The Blue Gold weekly CEO briefing.


1:18 Tweets from @riggseck. A new approach!
2:02 Learning from mistakes - Break To Build.
3:47 Inflation since 1990 - getting into assets that inflate against the $.
4:07 Will cars ever run on water?
4:32 Crypto and black money.
6:12 How water could  be backed as an asset and where $H2O comes into the picture.
7:01 Housing dropping because of high % rates.
7:34 China - Crashing stock values. Asset contraction pandemic.
7:55 Crypto crackdowns - Elizabeth Warren's crypto regulation bill.
8:51 The Administration falsely claiming that we're economically stronger than ever!
9:16 Layoffs of highly paid professionals in Real Estate and reshoring of American Industry.
9:59 Advanced manufacturing up 258%! That means water and energy infrastructure.
11:17 Buying a home is now 52% more expensive than renting!
11:43 Real asset fundraising is in trouble but Natural Resources fundraising is booming.
12:18 PhilanthroInvestors covers a podcast clip.
12:45 Rate cut - What does it mean?
13:36 Audience questions and comments.


15:08 Decentralization of water and its advantages.
20:29 Inventing opportunities for everyday investors  to invest in assets.
26:55 Water On Demand - Is it also an infrastructure play?
32:22 Quarterly results and future projections.


34:49 Exec VP, Ken Berenger and VP Marketing, AJ Fikejs, join the show for a stimulating look at what's inside and OUTSIDE the envelope for investors. Gain insight on current economic factors, what's happening inside OriginClear, market trends and why water as an investment is emerging as an exciting new asset class!


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