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Meeting Booming Infrastructure Demand

Jan 12, 2024 3:56:36 PM

It became evident from the news items covered in this briefing that a number of major infrastructure demand drivers are creating a perfect storm. But what became even more evident is that our overall strategy correctly predicted it and is lining up with that demand… The new strategic fabrication partner we announced, a proven top drawer PR firm retained, tactical industry outreach and even a new water crypto with breathtaking potential. What does it all mean? Well, start with a hope for a clean water future, but the really exciting part? Find out in the replay!


Covered in this video:


0:00 Short video: $H2O - Water crypto and creating new markets.
0:52 Introduction: Water - The Blue Gold weekly CEO Briefing.


1:42 Selections from X (formerly Twitter)
1:51 Panama Canal mess - Water becomes geopolitical.
3:25 Housing - worst year ever for housing affordability.
5:14 Total System Leverage: From 0 in 1986 to $100 trillion today!
6:00 Job growth is really in government and health care sectors which don't increase national productivity.
6:38 Major US cities slashing budgets for essential services due to skyrocketing immigration.
7:10 Investing in coffee vs. just drinking it!
8:00 Water - Using Midwest groundwater for microchip manufacturing? What are the consequences?
8:42 Mass immigration and housing shortages
9:44 Red Sea blockage and its impact.
10:57 Alberta and its drought
11:23 Flood management: Why is it so important?
12:12 Housing affordability
12:36 Advanced Manufacturing - short video about its rapid growth.
13:32 Saudi company in AZ abusing ground water use loses its water rights.
13:48 Capital raising for real estate funds is declining.
14:16 11 new ETFs approved!
14:43 Inflation down but prices are not
15:10 About Private Money Club
15:27 A water fund open to retail investors
18:35 Who can participate, structure of the investment and pre-IPO aspect


21:12 Water On Demand News: new strategic partner announcement!
23:38 Modular Water Systems symposium hosted by partners AquaTech and Qua
26:21 OriginClear's new incubation: $H2O moves into development.
32:08 New PR Agency - mPR. Who they are and what they will do for us.


33:04 Exec VP, Ken Berenger and VP of Marketing, AL Fikejs join the show for a stimulating look at what's inside and OUTSIDE the envelope for investors. Gain insight on current economic factors, what's happening inside OriginClear, market trends and why water as an investment is emerging as an exciting new asset class! 

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